Untitled - Headfall - You Sometimes Feel Dissatisfied With Everything (Cassette)

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Given the advent of technology, gentrification, or some of the push towards urban areas, I imagine it's a bit easier to kind of fall into that. Von Till: I just can't imagine life any different, really.

I've always had this deep existential longing for some sort of connection. Whether it's the connection to the ancient past, maybe what our ancestors or indigenous people would have thought of how they saw the universe or a deeper connection to seasons and to the cycles of nature and of life and death.

We get so divorced in our modern world from real connection. When I lived in the city, it was longing. I never became an adventurer because of that longing. I never spent months backpacking mountain terrain or anything, but eventually, I realized in order to find peace, I had to find space. I had to choose my career as a teacher and being in a DIY music lifestyle, which is very busy.

In order for me to be more connected to nature, I had to get the hell out of the city so that I can live in it.

I need to be able to walk out the door and see nature on a daily basis because if it involves scheduling time to go visit nature, it's not going to happen often enough.

I need to be where the weather dictates my day a little bit more and we're in a place long enough to recognize how the natural cycles of things affect what wildflowers are growing next in the cycle of the year or what the indicators are that autumn is coming or what cycle of the moon is happening right now.

I've seen so many more sunrises and sunsets living out here than I ever saw in an urban environment, you know? I think that alone is huge. It sounds like you have this oneness with things now that you find yourself out in Idaho compared to what you were dealing with in the city. Going back to what you mentioned about being in Germany with your wife and kids. The megalithic history of old-world Germany and then comparing it to where you're at in Idaho.

How does that vibe that you pick up in Germany—where that spawned a lot of this early material for this new record—compare to being at home in Idaho? Von Till: The land has a different energy. Humans haven't manipulated the landscape here because they absolutely have, but it's different. We've only been here for a couple of hundred years. You can think you're in the middle of nowhere and come across an old logging road somewhere or a mine shaft in the middle of nowhere and realize that people have been crawling all around here looking for ways to earn a dollar.

It is just rawer, rougher, wilder, you know, at least for North America. I think it's some of the more wild territory we still have left. So, that brings with it a different energy. I am now. Von Till: It's still the Wild West.

We're not rooted here, and that energy is very much here as well. The human energy is still that kind of Wild West thing, but the natural energy is a little wilder. Grizzly bears and wolves command a certain amount of respect. There aren't those centuries and centuries—except for the native people whose ancestors are from here. They probably pick up on a deeper connection that is not available to me. I can empathize with it. I can long for wanting that type of connection, but I'll never have it.

That kind of raw is more recent in that regard too. I'm originally from North Carolina and when I moved west I found you do still get this feeling of the Wild West as you find your way out here. Also, being in Colorado for a while, you do have these remnants, these visible ghosts of life in the West. Von Till: Even the way the land seems.

That earth can just crumble through your hands because it's been plowed and tilled and plowed and tilled and cleared and plowed.

Yeah, that's very true. I think maybe because partly I've never been to Europe, I don't really have a good grasp of what it looks like there. But definitely from East Coast US to the Pacific Northwest, there's a lot more of being in touch with indigenous tribes and First Nations—the roots and the soil that kind of built this part of the country.

I can see your draw to get into nature, especially where you're at. Von Till: It was definitely the right move for me. How long have you been there now? Von Till: Fifteen years. I have been here officially 15 months. Do you get out in Washington a lot? Von Till: You know, one thing that I have not done as I have not explored the Olympics and that's on my bucket list—to get out there a bit.

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Do you have any heroes or heroines? Who are they? Feel free to add anything that makes them stand out. So many Too many. What would you like to have on your epitaph? Or what is your favourite quote? My first wife said that if I died, it should say on my grave stone "At least he wasn't boring". Perhaps if I chose an epitaph for myself it. Posted by Arvo at AM. Labels: interview , Val Denham. No comments:. View All Images. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

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SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE A MOTHERLESS CHILD KE ca early Columbia Recording Studio, 34 Music Sq. East, Nashville, TN - Charlie Rich (Producer: Billy Sherrill) AMERICA, THE BEAUTIFUL /KE ca. November Columbia Recording Studio, 34 Music Sq. East, Nashville, TN - Charlie Rich and Janie Fricke (Producer: Billy Sherrill).

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  3. And that's what you are, a sad plastic fucking mess Don't come to me with how your tired, used up and just barely getting by Because I would walk on by and not even, Not even kick you when you're down, Though you would deserve it because you are lower than the lowest dog But this is the part where I say goodbye And let the sands of time blow.
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  5. Val Denham has been active since at least the early 70s, as a visual artist and musician. Her artwork has graced the covers of albums by Marc Almond, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Black Sun Productions, Cyclobe, and Merzbow, but my favorite of her cover art is probably If You Can't Please Yourself, You Can't Please Your Soul, a classic compilation featuring Foetus, Coil, Einsturzende.
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  8. I don't even care what you think your game is I don't even care what your name is And I can tell by your face You're all over the place Let me inside your place Move over for a Damage Case Submit Corrections. Writer(s): Ian Kilmister, Philip John Taylor, Edward Alan Clarke, Mick Farren. AZLyrics. M. Motorhead Lyrics.

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