The 1979 Foundation For The Black Arts Presents Audioasis - Sigh Of The Zephyr (Vinyl)

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Health and Fertility. Narrative presented in registers of bands. Sumerian temple base. The Ziggurat at Ur can best be described as a:. Palette of Narmer. Which is likely commemorates the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt? Fresco Secco. Tomb paintings were created in which of the following techniques? The God who is symbolic of the River Nile and who dies and is reborn each year. Provided access for the Ka. Larger than life representation of pharaoh. A magnificent mortuary temple was built at Deir el Bahri for which of the following pharaohs?

Tomb interiors. Which of the following describes a building technique commonly used in Egyptian temples? Palette of King Narmer.

The "old" Stone Age, during which humankind produced the first sculptures. In addition to unseen work, the fair will also be hosting world renown galleries and artists that collectors and art lovers continue to come back for each year. Along with artists like Zammitt and galleries like those in Santa Fe, Yvel , the William Zimmer Gallery , Pistachios , the Maurine Littleton Gallery , Kirra Galleries are just a small selection of those that will be in attendance at the fair.

In total, 14 countries will be exhibiting this year at the exposition. This edition's question is "How do you do? At the last edition on April 19, the question was "Where are we? Adam Szymczyk is curating documenta 14 , which is one of the known as the world's most significant art exhibitions.

Northwestern will be hosting Adam for his first US discussion about his vision and curation of documenta Documenta 14 is a contemporary art exhibition which takes place every five years in Kassel, Germany. During this talk, the Polish-born curator and the visiting professor, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, will be discussing the "best frequented contemporary art exhibition.

The event is free and open to the public. Redmoon's Fire Festival houses on the move; photo by Evan Barr. Meant to be a celebration of the city's renewal following the Great Chicago Fire of and to showcase the diversity of the neighborhoods that have flourished since, the free festival will feature a River Bazaar, performances by local performers and a grand finale with a fiery spectacle that only Redmoon could create.

In each area, foods, crafts and other goods representing the neighborhoods will be for sale. From to 8pm two stages at N. Michigan and N. Wabash will feature local poets, spoken word artists, hip hop performers and an urban dance battle. More than juried artists will show their work next weekend during the 10th annual Lakeview East Festival of the Arts. The festival showcases original paintings, prints, sculpture, photography, furniture, ceramics, jewelry and more.

In addition to artists' booths, there will be live music on multiple stages, an interactive children's area, wine and food booths. The event is hosted and produced by the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce. The festival will begin with a special anniversary kickoff party and preview celebration open to the public to 10pm Friday.

Festival hours are 10am to 6pm Saturday with live music, food and drink tents open until 10pm, and 10am to 5pm Sunday on Broadway between Belmont and Hawthorne. Renegade Craft Fair , notable for its bounty of detailed jewelry, unique art prints, eccentric products and gorgeous decorating pieces, returns to Chicago Sept. The Renegade Craft Fair began in Chicago in and has since traveled the nation as it has garnered the attention of craftmakers throughout the country and beyond.

Focused on handmade goods, the fair will showcase endless one-of-a-kind pieces created by talented up-and-coming designers. Over , shoppers attend the fair circuit throughout the year, which travels from Chicago to Los Angeles and as far as London. High Concept Laboratories is an organization which supports Chicago artists through production services, space for creatives and various forms of administrative assistance.

HCL has a wonderful open space located inside of Mana Contemporary , an old warehouse in Pilsen which houses artist studios, and hosts events and shows. This past week on Thursday, HCL hosted an event entitled, "Radical Tenderness" which featured performance, sound, poetry and video as a collective event with a small and intimate audience.

Artists Amir George, Sofia Moreno, La Spacer and Anna Vitale, were each featured in the event where they brought their voices, their bodies and their overall energy in depicting the theme for the night.

Presented by the Sideshow Theatre Company , this marks the 19th CLLAW match, pitting the city's best female arm wrestlers against each other for a good cause. The bout features women arm wrestlers dressed in over-the-top get ups and promises shady referees and animated managers and entourages. Last year, along with several of my fellow Chicago-based film critic associates — all member of the Chicago Film Critics Association — I embarked on an endeavor to do something that had never been done before.

We created and put on the first-ever film festival programmed and run entirely by film critics. The programmers scoured festivals from Toronto, Sundance, SXSW and others to find what we considered the best of the best of the dozens of films we saw at each festival.

We mixed up the program to include festival favorites, films still looking for distribution, and even a rarely seen but much loved classic, Sorcerer from director William Friedkin who also attended. The event was so successful that we decided to grow the experience for audiences this year and move the location from the Chicago suburbs to inside the city limits this year.

This edition's question is "Where are we? The first show was Oct. This unique art gallery focuses on performance art. The festival presents a total of 28 international and local performance artists for a series of 10 days. Defibrillator Art Gallery is located at N.

Milwaukee Ave. Call for more information. Additional events include No Lights, No Lycra , a weekly dance party in the dark. The next one will occur Monday, March 31 at pm. Starting April 18, The Museum of Contemporary Photography will be presenting the works of nine photographers in an exhibition entitled, Home Truths: Photography and Motherhood. The opening reception , held from 5 to 7pm will introduce gender roles, domesticity and identity.

Photo by UChicago Arts. Are you intrigued by anatomy and art? Are you interested in literally looking inside of yourself? Each space will introduce the history of anatomy in a specialized and organized category. The Body as Text explores the history of medical illustration as well as when the partnership of art and science were separated due to the invention of the x-ray. The Body as Data focuses on modern anatomy and the introduction of computers.

The exhibition at the Smart Museum, The Body as Art , focuses on the subjective imagination within the medical illustrations that were once incredibly important for anatomists. Photo by Nicole Lane. The Chicago Arts District in East Pilsen opens its galleries, artists studios and neighborhood shops for local people every second Friday of the month.

The ritual included two male performers--one was seated and one was pouring water from one bucket to the other. The seated man beat a steady dream-beat while the standing performer transitioned from a platform to the wooden floor. As pictured above, the individual poured water from one bucket to another for three steady hours.

The weather, warming up slightly this week, urged a substantial amount of Chicago makers, gallery goers and visual arts lovers, to the Flat Iron Arts Building last night. I, finally wearing something that wasn't reminiscent of a Christmas Story , trekked out to Wicker Park for the open studios, refreshments and socializing.

However, I am a fan of the area and decided to wander down for a peek at how they run things down at the Flat Iron Building. Harvey Ave. From 2 to 4pm, visitors may sit on a life-size polar bear's lap and be hugged, pose for pictures, take a very brief nap -- anything but be mauled and eaten, which is what would normally happen in such circumstances.

This is the fourth year Leclery has held polar bear lap hours at the gallery. Admission is free, and well-behaved kids are welcome. Chicago is a parade kind of town, and as we embark upon another holiday season, one of the biggest and highly anticipated parades, the McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade , returns for its 80th year. This all ages, family-friendly event is indeed a Chicago holiday tradition; each year, thousands of parade-goers line up along State Street to view the best in marching bands, choirs, floats, popular character balloons, celebrity guests and more, all celebrating the holidays.

Okay, okay. So it already started last night. But if you're only going to make it to one art event this weekend, check out Vision Quest Sestero met the enigmatic Wiseau in a San Francisco acting class. They became unlikely friends, then collaborators, culminating in the cinematic disaster that would eventually bring them both worldwide fame. Kristin Nason, untitled, mixed media, Photo courtesy of CAC. Hatch Projects was just nominated by Newcity as the "Best Opportunity for Emerging Artists" because of the impressive critical infrastructure the Chicago Artists Coalition has built around the studios it houses to support its resident artists' practices and careers.

It promises regular contact with curators, critics, collectors and arts administrators Voice center. There are a bunch of shows opening in the West Loop tonight, but if only because of its sheer breadth and that's not the only reason , if you can only go to one "art event" this weekend because those are the parameters I've committed to for this weekly column , go to East Garfield Park.

This weekend, if you can only go to one art opening, go to David Sprecher's Anchors on Sunday -- his second solo exhibition at Peanut Gallery. He has built a false wall and is playing with perception subtly through various methods, and his playful approach to art making combined with his personal investigation into the human body and spirit makes for a compelling exhibition.

If you can only go to one art show this weekend, consider spending a portion of your Friday night checking about a bunch of new sculptures that pee into wading pools! The results can be as varied as the emotions and reactions they evoke.

This edition's question is "How could you? Lincoln Ave. The Austin show came to Chicago in to ask "Who knew? Every weekend in Chicago, there is more art available to check out than any of us actually have time for. Most of it is listed at thevisualist. For those of you who have a hard time deciding which to go to, I'll make a recommendation for you every week.

This week's pick:. It's nice to see this happening Or maybe we like to keep things a little more low-key in Chicago. In any case:. Whenever a fair or festival becomes successful, satellite events are soon to follow. Because let's face it, EXPO is bound to have a lot of exciting work on exhibit, but most of us won't be able to buy any of it.

Hi, guys! I didn't find much going on this weekend. Please leave info about additional exhibitions that flew under my radar in the comments section. Happy holiday! Imagine if the designers on "Project Runway" had semesters instead of days to complete their collections and they were encouraged to think way outside the box -- like, down the street from the box -- and come up with intricate, complete looks with solid conceptual frameworks and visual interest up the wazoo.

The resulting wearable, avante-garde sculptures delight, amuse, and somehow manage to still usually make the models look sexy and savvy. And art school kids love 'em or hate 'em are the right people to give you one, because they've been poked and prodded by some of the most talented faculty in the world to come up with strikingly fresh designs, incorporating and combining techniques from the fields of sculpture, performance, design, technology, architecture and installation.

Fashion will be presented three times this Friday, May 3: at 9am is an open dress rehearsal. Noon and 3pm shows are general admission seating. Tickets are available now at saicfashion. Those of us interested in the future of fashion, the intersection of cutting-edge design and contemporary art or simply a breathtaking show make sure not to miss it each spring.

It's worth playing hooky from work. Moving Stories, photo by William Frederking. In case you missed it, the series continues with another round of performances this weekend in the same place Friday and Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 5pm. The four artistic directors of these companies--Jan Bartoszek, Margi Cole, Michelle Kranicke and Joanna Rosenthal--are also the four artistic directors of FlySpace, sharing directorship equally. Cole, founder and artistic director of The Dance COLEctive, answered some questions about what audiences can expect from FlySpace at their show this weekend, as well as in the future.

The four can be seen doing stand-up frequently all over Chicago, as well as huddled in dark corners around the city editing films on their laptops. Recently, they had a joint realization. In an attempt to foster collaboration and showcase a variety of Chicago talent, the four comedians decided to create and produce Double Feature , a new showcase combining film and stand-up, which will debut on April 24 at the Den Theatre.

Through film and performance, the producers hope to include all of the comedic genres and communities. I talked to the producers about what makes Double Feature different and why you can't afford to miss it. A golden anniversary is a milestone--a reason to celebrate in grand fashion--and for WVON , Chicago's only black owned and operated radio station, the milestone was marked in a major way.

For Quinn, the commemoration brought back childhood memories. The intimate benefit screening on Monday the 8th includes a hors d'oeuvres reception and conversation with award-winning filmmaker Doug Blush and Carlton Davis, one of the three main subjects featured in the film.

Viewers will also have a chance to contribute to the awareness and treatment of mental illness by attending, as proceeds will benefit Turning Point's mission of making comprehensive, high-quality mental health care accessible to all. Then the film will have a free public screening at the Skokie Public Library on Tuesday, April 9th at pm.

Inspired by co-director Lisa Klein's sister, who struggled with bipolar disorder until her death at age 42, Of Two Minds is an attempt to bring awareness to the more than five million Americans diagnosed with bipolar disorder, who often suffer from social stigma, medical insurance nightmares, and, frequently, a fear of losing jobs and relationships that forces them to stay in the bipolar "closet," according to the Director's Notes.

Fawzia Mirza's hilarious web series "Kam Kardashian," which follows the daily adventures of the long-lost gay Kardashian sister Kam, is having a huge season two launch party this Sunday in association with the monthly Chicago queer event "T Party" at Studio Paris in River North. If you want to party like a Kardashian with some of the funniest and most successful people in Chicago, Studio Paris on Sunday is definitely the place to be.

I had a chance to talk to Mirza, the creator and star of "Kam Kardashian" and director Ryan Logan , about their incredible project as it launches into its second season, and why you can't afford to miss the upcoming sexy fun Kardashian party this weekend.

What are you most excited for about the Season 2 launch party? Logan: We're excited to launch our season at the T Party at Studio Paris because it's a place where everyone can have fun, celebrate in style and party like a Kardashian but in a queer-friendly environment. And I am always eager to bring different communities together: queer, comedy, theatre, film. If you live in the city, which I am assuming you do because you are reading this, then you have heard of, seen, or been involved in some sort of violent act, and that is the topic of Collaboraction 's Crime Scene, as the title may suggest.

Anthony Moseley is the visionary for this piece that tries to "do something" rather than just entertain or tell a story, and what it does is start the conversation.

What is violence? How can it be controlled? Who is contributing to it? And whether your conversation after the show will be about the show or about real violence, which is what the show is about, it doesn't really matter because it gets you talking, and it absolutely will.

This is not a performance I want to touch in terms of artistic quality, although it is, by no stretch of the imagination, quality.

It is not about the story though, it is not really even about violence,. How do you feel? How do you react? When I was there I heard laughter when someone was killed on stage, if that person walks away to think about that reaction, I think they would find their relationship to violence a little more easy to locate, or examine. There are no answers to violence, and none are presented to us save the song "Let Hope Rise" which recreates the whole "We Are The World" type sob story, and very directly show how little can be done.

This weekend may be your last chance to see it so make some room in your calendar on Thursday April 4th 8pm Friday April 5th 8pm Saturday April 6th 8pm Sunday April 7th 7pm. This show is a must see and I would like to plug their IndyGoGo Crowd-Funding campaign - please Help this show continue being seen by seeing it and funding it's becoming a traveling show. Click here to help them out financially. Image courtesy of SoulTrain. Dubbed "the hippest trip in America," "Soul Train" launched the careers of up-and-coming bands and singers and made already popular acts even more popular; however, its influence extends beyond the beats and "The Boogie.

When talking to Melody Spann-Cooper, it is clear that she has two loves: the City of Chicago and radio. Named one of the "most powerful women in Chicago journalism," Spann-Cooper remains steadfastly committed to the station's mission as "the voice of Black Chicago," serving as a main source of information, empowerment and activism for the city's black community. And it is this same passion that has paved the way for the history-making station's celebration of its 50th anniversary this weekend in Chicago.

Here, Spann-Cooper talks about the state of the black talk radio format, the power of WVON and its listeners and the station's long-time community and cultural impact. In the constant hustle and bustle of today's society, artists Stacy Peterson, Pei San Ng, and Amie Sell have decided to tackle the intricate web of human connections in their Art on Armitage installation: Nebulous Connections.

From April , Art on Armitage, W. Armitage, will be featuring an eco-friendly window art exhibit in celebration of the modern era of unity, harmony, and prosperity. Inspired by a trip to Creative Reuse Warehouse with the goal to use "up-cycled" materials, these artists created a nebulous cloud of recycled industrial hardware and metal wires.

The piece plays on modern communication and acts as a visual representation of how people work together to create communities, social networks, and how molecular structures build. Using the individual recycled pieces, a wholeness or oneness is created. Meet these artists and better understand their installation. A reception featuring the installation's artists will be held on Saturday, April 6, from 6pm-8pm; for more information, be sure to check out Art on Armitage.

Ever Mainard and Rasa Gierstikas are two Chicago comics and producers who are as similar as they are opposite. Both sassy, loud, and unapologetic, but in totally different ways, they are a unique and dynamic duo when they take the stage to co-host The Shit Show , a free comedy showcase on the last Friday of every month at The Shambles. While Mainard, a cast member at Chicago Underground Comedy , packs her schedule with stand-up, sketch and film, the more focused Gierstikas pours herself entirely into the project that she and Mainard are currently co-producing: The Shit Show.

Mainard and Gierstikas have devoted many more hours of planning and decorating to the show than their audience, buzzed from The Shit Show's free Fireball Whiskey shots and delirious from laughing too hard, might ever know. But now they can! Here, the co-producers confess that their "shit show" is much more work than the title suggests, and that their relationship is a bizarre, but functional, business and drinking partnership.

The Shit Show started as an open mic that was a comedian-favorite on Monday nights, but, since August, you've transformed it into a showcase on the last Friday of every month. What was that transition like? Mainard: We knew it would be a little different to run it as a showcase. There's a lot of organizing and a crazy number of press releases to send. We were a little nervous about turnout, but it's been fun watching the show grow more and more.

Gierstikas: I think since it was an open mic before, we know what we want from the showcase and it transitioned smoothly. I haven't experienced the worst of it yet except for Ever Mainard. How did you two decide to do a show together? What is it like being co-producers?

I thought she hated me and was the meanest person I had ever met. Their trade relationships extended into North America, to the turquoise mines of New Mexico and the Chumash abalone harvests of southern California. Arranged chronologically in five sections, the exhibit opens with a group of architectural fragments from the fabled city of Tula, including a monumental pair of feet from a Toltec warrior column that would have supported the roof of a temple. They both embraced Quetzalcoatl, and they shared an eagerness for exotic art supplies, evidenced by the first of several phenomenally intricate turquoise mosaics in the show, a ten-inch diameter mirror frame with a geometric plumed-serpent design recovered from the Castillo Pyramid in Chichen Itza.

Or the sudden appearance in both Tula and Chichen Itza as well as throughout Central America of plumbate ceramics—the only Mesoamerican pottery to have a highly reflective glaze-like surface—that have been traced to a manufacturing center in the coastal area bordering modern Guatemala and Chiapas.

This same region was also responsible for much of the cacao chocolate that had a sudden upsurge in popularity at the time, and scholars have posited that the shiny clay vessels were part of an ambitious marketing strategy that reached as far as the American Southwest. This could account for the narrow range of generic figurative motifs in plumbate—examples here include a bat, a jaguar, a deer, a toad, a turkey, and so on.

Even when godlike effigies appear, they are nonspecific, devoid of identifying names or features that would link them to any regional ideological or political tradition. This is arguably ground zero of what was to become known as the International Style not a degeneration of earlier, more sophisticated regional pictographic systems, but a deliberate construction of a transnational graphic vocabulary that could be adapted to the needs of widespread local traditions speaking more than twenty distinct languages.

In historical terms, this constituted the fall of the city of Tula and a mass migration of Toltecs to Cholula, where a new religious and political center was established, based on relatively egalitarian modes of domination, including control of trade, intermarriage, an elaborate gift economy, and the establishment of Cholula as a site of pilgrimage and religious authority. Within a hundred years, the new pictographic language had evolved into a sophisticated and widespread lingua franca for most of southern Mexico.

Rubin Vase figure-ground relationship tricky because negative shape could be the white background or the black vase. Barbara Hepwort "Two Figures" 2 vertical masses that occupy 3-d space, like humans do suggestion of human anatomical structures.

The ceremonial spoon of Dan people native to Liberia and the Ivory Coast example of 3-d Form form is anatomical the power of the imagination to transform. Olafur Eliasson "Suney" 3-D Space filled room with glow of color. The Last Supper. Leo da Vinci fresco one point linear perspective "rays" radiating from Christ's head. Two-point linear perspective. Gustave Caillebotte "Place de l'Europe on a Rainy Day" Two-linear perspective lamp post and horizontal lines create four rectangles. Kumano Mandala "Kamakura period" oblique projection - sides are parallel but depth is reduced position - the farther away the shrine the higher it is in the composition.

Andrea Mantegna "The Dead Christ" example of atmospheric perspective forshortening - dimensions of the closer extremities are adjusted in order to make up for distortion created by pov. Paul Strand "Abstraction, Porch Shadows" your attention is drawn to light patterns rather than picture itself created by shape of shadow not porch unmanipulated.

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is a black mixture of copper, silver, and lead sulphides, used as an inlay on engraved or etched metal. It can be used for filling in designs cut from metal. Tholos. A temple with a circular plan. Corbel vault. A vault formed by the piling of stone blocks in horizontal courses, cantilevered inward until .

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  1. The Foundation For The Black Arts Presents Audioasis: The Foundation For The Black Arts Presents Audioasis - Sigh Of The Zephyr ‎ (12", S/Sided, Ltd, Unofficial) Alice B. Toklas: Dimension 2: US: Sell This Version.
  2. Vinyl 38,,; CD 14,,; Cassette ,; DVD ,; Box Set ,; Genre. The Foundation For The Black Arts Presents Tangerine Dream - Nebulous Dawn The Foundation For The Black Arts Presents Audioasis - Sigh Of The Zephyr (Alice B. Toklas - Dimension 2) 12", S/Sided, Ltd, Unofficial: Paquito D'Rivera.
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  4. View Test Prep - Art QUIZ TWO from ART at University of Northern Colorado. Top of page Review Test Submission: Quiz Two Content Submitted 10/6/10 PM Name Quiz.
  5. Apr 25,  · This article presents some of the cool info about Egypt’s Black Pharaohs I was able to glean from him during our conversation. Statue of an unidentified Kushite Pahraoh. You can tell he is a Kushite from his headdress with two Uraeus Serpents.
  6. NATIVE ARTS OF THE AMERICAS BEFORE Shield Jaguar and Lady Xoc, Maya, lintel 24 of temple 23, Yaxchiláen, Mexico, ca. ce. Limestone, 3'7" × 2'6" 1/2. British Museum, London. The Maya built many temples, plazas and palaces decorated with painted reliefs. They made tools.
  7. Harmony Foundation and Rosenwald Foundation. Very good towards blacks that were producing in the ss Opened Savage Studio of Arts and Crafts in Harlem. Golden Age of Protest Drama () - Trouble in Mind - Alice Childer · Gave most black artists their first exhibitions.
  8. Start studying art history chapter 5 (EGYPT). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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