Sticks & Stones - Unknown Artist - Discoteen: Volume 28 (Vinyl)

Desert Navigation is a previously unreleased album, recorded From there, we then needed to come up with a balance of songs and jams that people would immediately identify as Santana.

I think we achieved something very rare. This music was screaming to come out of us. It was about passion. Satin Jackets deal in an original brand of diva funk and smooth disco. Panorama Pacifico is their debut album. The song is aggressive with loud vocals, intrusive lyrics, and edgy guitars. This is the first reissue of this wonderful set of acoustic material with a distinctive Celtic flavor, touching on pop, jazz, and more. Plus her sister is Lightning Dust leader Amber Webber.

In country music especially, it can get very formulaic. You have to have your verses and a chorus but a lot of these songs were written as plain and simple poetry on the road.

I decided I was going to frame those poems to music in the studio. The music for Hardcore Henry is as frenetic as the action in the movie. New project from Al Jourgenson Ministry. Its contents are the proof as to why Suuns absolutely deserve to be listed next to the names of dark groove adventurers like Stott, Forest Swords, Arca and Haxan Cloak. Polish quartet Trupa Trupa present a work of exquisitely executed tension-and-release rock music sharp as a migraine and twice as psychedelic. Includes recordings of men in the Madang region of Papua New Guinea blowing sacred flutes to make the cries of spirits, pairs of long bamboo male and female flutes played for ceremonies in the coastal villages near the Ramu river, Ravoi flutes from Bak accompanied by two garamut carved wooden slit gongs , Jarvan flutes from Awar accompanied by a shell rattle, Mo-mo resonating tubes recorded in the Finisterre Range, and more.

The third volume in the Curiosity Shop series, a colorful variety of rare and obscure pop nuggets recorded from Includes a DVD featuring 11 mini-documentaries profiling the musicians and their culture. This is his last recording.

Virtuosic guitar and ensemble work, well-crafted songs, and intimate vocals drive this album, rooted deeply in jazz while summoning an array of diverse influences. The collection of covers from the American songbook is as much a salute to the singers and songwriters of past generations as it is a reminder that our travails in matters of the heart are nothing new.

The Solipsist is their debut full-length. The Zenith Passage builds upon this foundation, expanding into themes of nonexistence and a computer-generated fictional reality experienced by all of humanity.

Originally released in on the BirdsNest label, the sole album by boogie stompers Agnes Strange is an obscure hard rock gem begging to be rediscovered. Recently released on CD — now available on vinyl. Originally released in , My Name Is Albert Ayler is the debut album by the legendary free jazz saxophonist. Recorded in Copenhagen with a Scandinavian rhythm section, this album sets the stage for the sheer brilliance that was to come.

Side A is stuffed with mesmerizing dance rock gold. He has a deep respect for the Saharan music tradition and guided their sessions with a gentle but skilled hand. Fans of Bombino and Tuareg music in general will notice a few remarkable innovations on Azel.

Necessary evil activities — messy but clean — from The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Kennedy, these titans of popular jazz have a great time informing, joking and playing the lights out.

Since then, Bryant has been busy mastering and touring with Corners, or so we thought. Limited gm vinyl LP pressing of the seminal first studio recording by the legendary R. Limited HQgm translucent color gold and blue, respectively vinyl LP represses in gatefold jackets. Avant-garde MC Open Mike Eagle teams up with Chicago comedy rapper legend Serengeti to create something creatively absurd and socially poignant. But the duo draws you in by skimping on or misdirecting details.

But for his first full-length production job, Mike sets a tone as raw-nerved and abrasively contemplative as the concept demands.

They started out by making remixes of indie bands. This sprawling, psychedelic, surreal album is a creative peak for the band with a richly detailed widescreen production courtesy of producer Gavin Mackillop. This is the first-ever release of the complete soundtrack on vinyl. Two transparent LPs in deluxe embossed gatefold sleeve. Second repress — HQgm. Ultra-raw guitars and lots of attitude. Think Black Sabbath and Elias Hulk. Rino de Filippi is one of those undercover maestros of library music that Italy is so good at producing.

And we didn't. Randy Bachman left the group following Freeways. His initial intention was to temporarily disband while he worked on a solo project, "But it was decided by management it wouldn't work.

Randy was replaced by bassist Jim Clench , formerly of April Wine. Bassist Turner moved to rhythm guitar with Thornton becoming the primary lead guitarist.

Clench and Turner shared lead vocal duties. Even though this line-up included drummer Robbie Bachman, the band had to record and tour only as "BTO" because of an agreement with Randy who wanted to retain the rights to his surname for his solo career.

The album became a commercial failure, spawning no hit singles. The band also released Rock n' Roll Nights in March It was the first BTO album to prominently feature outside songwriters, particularly Prism 's Jim Vallance , who also co-produced the album.

Vallance had taken over as main producer after Barry Mraz was fired by the band, and would later score huge success in the 80s with Bryan Adams. But like its predecessor, Rock n' Roll Nights also sold poorly an estimated , copies worldwide. The album did, however, produce a moderately successful single called "Heartaches". On November 3, , Jim Clench died at age 61 in a Montreal hospital after a battle with stage-four lung cancer. After Randy recorded the solo album Survivor in , he went on to form the short-lived Ironhorse in Ironhorse released two albums, Ironhorse and Everything Is Grey , before disbanding.

Tom Sparks was the vocalist for the first Ironhorse album, along with Randy, but was replaced by Frank Ludwig for the second album in Sparks reportedly did not like the constant touring and being away from home for such long amounts of time. A reformed version of Ironhorse, renamed as "Union", released one album in entitled On Strike. Fred Turner was a member of Union along with Randy Bachman. BTO reunited in Younger brother Robbie Bachman declined to participate after business and trademark disagreements with Randy and the others:.

When Randy wanted to get back together again, I said, "Okay, let's have a publishing company with the band. Let's all write the tunes. We'll all share equally and there won't be any more animosity. Blair wasn't asked to rejoin because Randy knew that Blair wouldn't take any crap like Timmy would.

They went out and started to use the name BTO within a year and the same trademark that Randy sold to us! So Blair and I sued him and we won. They had to pay us royalties.

In Randy's autobiography, Takin' Care of Business , he counters that Robbie declined to participate in the reunion when he and Fred refused to share in the publishing royalties of the hit BTO songs Randy and Fred authored. It dented the US charts at No. In , they released a live album culled from their tour called Live! The latter was actually a studio recording with the audience sound added to it. They were the opening band for the new Sammy Hagar -fronted Van Halen on their tour in This plum opening slot was done by a trio line-up of Randy, Tim and Garry Peterson allegedly with some bass parts and Fred's voice provided via tapes since Fred Turner had been unavailable when the group was first contacted by Van Halen's management.

The others reluctantly gave him permission to do so to get his way out of debt. In , the —77 Not Fragile line-up Randy, Fred, Blair, Robbie reformed once again, took to the road and recorded an unknown number of songs together.

The only song to make it out into the public by this version of the band was a cover of the song " Wooly Bully ", which is only available on the American Boyfriends movie soundtrack. But by late , Randy Bachman had left the group again. Two explanations exist for this happening. The first, according to Randy Bachman, was that the band agreed to take a break. But at some point the other members decided they wanted to continue doing concerts because the money was too good to pass up.

Randy stated they asked him to tour with them but he was working on another project and had to decline. The others then chose to go on as BTO without him. In the second explanation, the other members particularly Robbie and Blair have maintained that Randy quit. Randy Bachman was replaced by Randy Murray after his last departure from the band in late Trial by Fire: Greatest and Latest was released in and was their last album to contain any new material.

The sibling rivalry between Robbie and Randy that had started with the reunion album continued during this era. People will know you're not there. It's like Coke and Coca-Cola, two names that go hand in hand. It kind of gets represented that I'm there and when they play the gig, I clearly am not there. So there's this inference that I'm there and I'm not there, which is a disservice to the fans. He brings his own. However, the band would have had to play as the Not Fragile line-up, meaning the inclusion of Randy Bachman to the band for that performance.

The Hall refused and the band was not inducted the "classic" lineup of Randy Bachman, Fred Turner, Blair Thornton and Robbie Bachman would eventually be inducted - by astronaut Chris Hadfield - in Since the last disbandment of the band in , several of their albums have been reissued.

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Buy RE EDITS on vinyl & CD at Juno Records, the worlds largest dance music store. RE EDITS A super soulful re-edit of Love Unlimited's "Move Me No Mountain" on one side and a 60s soul rework of Angie Stone's "I Wish I Didn't Miss You Anymore" that's an absolutely killer. The man just gets better and better. Re-Edits Volume 28 EP (

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  2. [no artist listed] Rec-O-Dance Discoteen Volume 28 A1: Sticks And Stones A2: Nadine A3: Come And Get These Memories B1: Tommy's Dream B2: Mountain Of Love B3: California Sun: Seeburg USA: DNA: EP: 0 [no artist listed] Rec-O-Dance Discoteen Volume 29 A1: Supersonic A2: Roll Over Beethoven A3: Rinky Dink B1: Tomorrow's Love B2: Mother In-Law.
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  5. Dusty Groove is Chicago's Online Record Store -- Jazz, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, R&B, Latin, Brazil, African, World Music, Avant, Rock, Blues & more LPs, CDs, vinyl.
  6. Sticks and Stones - Tales of Diversity and Acceptance, Dani B. Langevin The Advertising Handbook, Sean Brierley Proceedings - Radiation Therapy, 8th International Conference.
  7. Art\\Music: Guitar. Language: english. Pages: File: PDF, MB. Preview. Send-to-Kindle or Email. Please login to your account first; Need help? Please read our short guide how to send a book to Kindle. Save for later. Post a Review You can .
  8. Jonathan Lethem has given us plenty of great writing on his own – and here, he teams up with Kevin Dettmar to co-edit a volume of seminal writing on rock, pop, and soul music of the past 50 years! This isn't one of those "best of the year" books, with content that will seem dated in a decade – and instead, this is a mighty rich volume, with an array of great articles that really .
  9. Top Of The Pops Volume 28 TOP OF THE POPS Top Of The Pops Volume 28 ( UK track vinyl LP compilation, including versions of Crazy Horses, Long Haired Lover From Liverpool & My Ding-A-Ling, to name just a few popmungus nuggets, housed in a front laminated picture sleeve with the necessary 'phwoarrr factor pins.

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