Stay With Me (Its Not Forever) - The Other Ones - The Other Ones (CD, Album)

This money did not come from our production budget but from the generosity of our friends. It was a gift to the homeless community of Jackson. We were disturbed by the condition we found it in and didn't have the heart to leave it that way.

Ron: Yes, they both have seen the film and are very proud of it. However, it only depicts two years of our lives and the closeness we shared as a family is not fully portrayed on the big screen. Ron: My greatest hope is that people will begin to see the homeless through the lenses of God's eyes and be willing to show some love to the unlovable.

Also, I hope it's a call to action for people to get involved in making a difference in their communities. Add to Cart. Hold Your Head Up 2.

More Than A Feeling 3. Black Magic Woman 4. Love Train 6. Play That Funky Music 7. I Go Crazy 8. Brandy You're A Fine Girl 9. Best Of My Love Wildfire Me And Mrs. Jones Don't Fear The Reaper Lowdown Got To Be Real Longer Shining Star Hold The Line Lean On Me Baby Hold On Tracks of Disc 2 1. Show Me The Way 2. I Just Wanna Stop 3.

Stuck in the Middle with You 4. Macho Man 5. Will It Go Round in Circles 6. Love Hurts 7. Lonely Night Angel Face 9. Whatcha Gonna Do MacArthur Park I Know I'm Losing You Still Imaginary Love Flash Light Heart of the Night Love Machine I know he left you stranded And you paid the price when you messed up your life oh Girl I know you're so afraid But I can't right the wrongs he did I know you saw the lipstick on my window And wonder'n how many chick's been to my home I've done my share of playing games But for you I given up that life.

What will it take to show you I'll be by your side Girl I got you and I want to give you what you never had Girl everyday I hope to make you a part of my life Cause you know me and I know you Girl your love is where it's at. Everything was very mystical and everything was demons and heaven and hell and stuff, but, I think I learned my lesson and yeah, I think it's better the other way, I must say. But it's much more difficult to write cool metal lyrics when you want to empower the people with positive energy.

It's easier to destroy everything. It's pretty easy, but to do something that is meaningful and is touching and is positive, it takes much more thought. But I like it that way because I was close to death when I was I was very, very sick, very ill for a whole year. I didn't know if I would survive, so I thought if I would ever survive, then I want to do something with my life. I want to make people happy. I thought I wanted to do something in music, but before I didn't do it, but then I got out of the hospital and two weeks later, I had my first band.

We were at the right time and the right place. Newsom's copious, knotty verse is far removed from that of the old poet, but its effect on the crowd is similar: Yes, it's hard to follow without the lyric sheet, it takes a few passes to catch the nuances, and all that drama can seem like something of a history lesson. Ys -- pronounced "ees" or if you prefer, "yeesh"-- is free of the jolts and heads-up hooks we expect from pop music. But while it's sure to suffer accusations of empty self-indulgence from some, many will find the contrary truer: Ys offers an endless wealth of substance, teeming with dense, well-mapped beauty.

Take one example: "Monkey and Bear". The song's title characters escape from the farm where they've lived safely all their lives, before one deviously cons the other into performing for frightened children in order to make a living.

I am not sure how I will be able to overcome this. My dad passed away on July 28, I am still in shock and it has been 6 months! He was 65 and playing tennis just the Sunday before it happened. All I can say to the above commenters is the road when grieving is a bumpy one but the bumps seem to come less often after time goes by.

I am not crying constantly now but instead am going about my life and then something will trigger me and it all floods back. Try to do little things to keep you close to your Dad.

I still check his email every day , for some reason this keeps me in touch with him. Try writing a letter to them or putting together a photo album of pictures of them. I really empathize with all of you. It is the worst most heart wrenching pain.

I lost the love of my life Oct We met at 15, split up at 17, go back together at 19 and split up at I always dreamed we would get married but we did not.

We lived in different places and flew to visit each other every weeks. He had a high profile job in federal law enforcement and travelled all over the world. He married and divorced 3 times. I married and divorced once. I never stopped thinking of him. We finally found each other May 19, He had many health challenges and could not travel to see me.

I finally visited him Sept this year The minute we touched and kissed each other it was magic. I was planning another trip Nov I contacted his son who found him gone. I am destroyed. I am heartbroken. We waited our whole life to find each other again. I loved him fiercely and completely. We had no opportunity to express our love physically the first visit but were planningto the second visit.

I will never get over him. I know what your talking about. I met the love of my life April 15, and we dated and were trying to get things together. We were both freshly divorced and I was scared because we had to just gotten divorced from other people and all. But he never once Went away we talked all the time spent time together. I moved away closer to my parents and his parents were 30 minutes from me. We planned on getting married and he had bought a ring and everything.

I had the ring because he gave it to me to keep until I was ready and so he said he was staying at his parents after there annual trip.

We planned on getting together and I was going to tell him how I felt when he came back. The day he died he text me early in the morning to tell me he was so close to me. They were on a boat. I thought it was weird but thought it was because he was with his family. I hope with time we both can heal from our lost loves.

I truly know he was my soul mate. Thanks everyone for listening. I lost my love suddenly due to motorcycle accident 6 weeks ago.

And then it takes my breath away how much it hurts. I am SO lost without Him. I lost my baby brother the same way. I totally agree and share those same feelings!

So not even 2 months ago I lost my boyfriend which would have been my soon to be husband… he was older than me and we had known eAchother since I was younger and then later in life our relationship was meant to be something else which was a true love story. And then on that night as we were away at a hotel for a night for an event I had for a friend… he passed away right in front of me from a heart attack… it was truly like something out of a movie, the screaming and crying and begging him to hold on and not leave me… I never thought my heart could actually break like this.

I just want to lay in bed all day and cry.. I would give anything in this world to have him and his life back. I know I will never ever love someone like him to the point where i feel like I can never be with anyone else ever again. I just want the love of my life back… thank you for listenin….

I wish everyone the best of hope on your grief of loosing your loved one, I now know how painful it could be…. I love you Randy… you are and always will be the love of my life. Your with me always, I can feel you! Miss you baby! I lost my fiancee on September 25, I am completely devastated and heartbroken.

We had the best day ever the day before I found him on my garage floor. He was blue and cold and I called … and my girls and I performed CPR on him, then the paramedics came and shot him with 2 epi needles and got a rhythm on his heart but no oxygen until an hour later in the hospital through his central line.

He was without oxygen for 2 hours so he was on life support. That was a sunday September 22 and Wednesday 25th he was pronounced brain dead. They took him to donate his liver the early morning of September 26th and he was the first person to be able to do the walk of honor at that hospital so he would be so proud of that.

But that was the last time we seen him , we had to leave him at the door as they walked through with him to go into surgery. He was 45 years old.

We met when I was 11 and he was 13, he has always been the love of my life but we went our separate paths and came back to each other 3 years ago and we love each other more than anyone could ever imagine. I want to be with him and only him so bad it hurts.

I beg him every day to let me see him and to come back please come back. I talk to him constantly and have his pictures all around me, I sleep with his shirt he had on the night before that I dug out of the dirty clothes that I will never in a million years wash.

He is my true soulmate and I can not wait to see him again. So I will wait to see the love of my life again. Thank you for listening. So thank you. I love you Bob forever always and even. Bobbie M. February 15, at pm.

So sorry for your loss, Deena. I feel the same way about my husband who passed last April I lost my soul mate in He was T-boned driving through an intersection when a man who was drunk and high on multiple different pills, who even after having his license taken away after multiple DUIs, still got behind the wheel and flew through the red light at 90mph and hit him, completely tearing through my loves vehicle to the point that it was unrecognizable.

My heart shattered into a million pieces and after 11 years I am sorry to say that those pieces are still on the floor. I am angry because the POS who hit him survived with only a few broken bones. My love was pronounced DOA. The funeral is where it all became real. I walked into the parlor and saw the casket on the other side and my loves hair is all I saw when my legs gave out, I couldnt stand. I broke down in the middle of the room. I couldnt bring myself to go see him in his casket until the end of the viewing service and only after my sister convinced me I would regret it if I didnt.

I miss him. He was so handsome, so perfect. He looked like James Dean and could always make me smile. I still have days when I cant bring myself to get out of bed, when all I do is cry.

I still lay in bed at night and try to remember every single moment I had with him. All those beautiful moments that are now so painful in my heart.

I long for the nights I can see him in my dreams even though it means losing him all over again when I wake. I wish you all peace and healing. Just be strong even when you just want it to end. Thank you for your post. I lost my soulmate in August I was depressed and withdrawn for over 2 years. My 23 year old son died in and I thought that was the end of me. But my man put me back together then.

Now and Forever Lyrics: With just one touch I can feel my body give in / Now is the time / I cannot hide the desire I feel inside / Won't you take all of my love and stay the whole night / Now we.

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  1. When this album came out in the 80's, Holiday was 1st to be seen on MTV. I fell in love with the song, so I had to check out the album. I was happily surprised to find this album was not a one (song) hit album, at least to me. Production was on par with current albums of /5(16).
  2. When this album came out in the 80's, Holiday was 1st to be seen on MTV. I fell in love with the song, so I had to check out the album. I was happily surprised to find this album was not a one (song) hit album, at least to me. Production was on par with current albums of 5/5(15).
  3. Jul 25,  · And prepare to walk out the door I don't want to sail away Forever You wear red leather And drink red wine, so sublime You spread your feathers Leaving me far behind I don't want to sail away One day you'll understand CHORUS Stay with me It's not forever, darling Rescue me Stay with me It's just my heart that's calling Rescue me My mind goes empty And you begin to leave down the hall .
  4. One-hit wonder catchiness is prevalent all over the album, but even with some MTV airplay, they couldn't capitalize on it and soon vanished to lands far beyond the CD bargain bin. Still, this album has enough playful innocence to warrant a few spins during the inevitable '80s comeback.8/
  5. Stay With Me (It’s Not Forever) Songtext von The Other Ones mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf
  6. Romain Virgo performs his reggae cover of Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me'. Produced by Niko Browne for Lifeline Music. @realromainvirgo @nikolifeline @vikin.
  7. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Together Forever on Discogs. Label: Sony Music Media - • Format: 2x, CD Compilation • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Pop •.
  8. Forever Lyrics: We've come so far / To leave it all behind / I wonder why / Why did you go away / You left me all alone / No words can say / My love please stay / You and I / We have moments left.

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