Shallow Mists - Eden (6) - The Light Between Worlds (Vinyl)

Terry Brooks. Register a free business account. Review "If Harry Potter has given you a thirst for fantasy and you have not discovered the magic of Terry Brooks, you are in for a treat. Generations after the events in the The Wishsong of Shannara , the most recent volume in Brooks's bestselling series, grave danger once again threatens the Four Lands.

The Federation has conquered Callahorn, the other free men and the Dwarves, forbidding the practice of magic. Yes sss , wraiths who suck out the lives and substance of other living things and take their forms, cast their dark influence everywhere. The ghost of the Druid Allanon summons three Ohmsfords, descendants of the protagonists of the earlier series, and gives each a quest to save their land.

Par Ohmsford, who has inherited his family's gift of the wishsong, is told to find the long-lost Sword of Shannara. His uncle, recluse Walker Boh, is charged to find Paranor, the lost keeper?? Par's cousin, half-Rover Wren Ohmsford, is sent to bring back the Elves.

In this first volume of a new series, the scions of Shannara--Par, his brother Collboth and friend Morgan Leah, the leader of the Dwarfish underground, Steff; and the leader of the human Movement, Padishar Creel--encounter danger and death in their quest for for the?

Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc. From the Back Cover "If Harry Potter has given you a thirst for fantasy and you have not discovered the magic of Terry Brooks, you are in for a treat. In the long-awaited continuation of the Shannara fantasy trilogy Ballantine , Brooks takes readers years beyond the death of Allanon. The Four Lands have sadly changed.

The Federation rules with an iron fist, and the land is plagued by horrible creatures known as Shadowen. Par Ohmsford, descendent of the fabled Shea and possessor of the magic of the wishsong, along with two other Scions, is challenged to save the Four Lands.

Brooks weaves an action-packed tale set against a richly detailed fantasy world, and readers will be quickly drawn into this survival adventure. The main characters are well developed, and the tale is sprinkled with many interest-generating elements: romance, suspense, magic, and evil vs. Readers unfamiliar with the first trilogy will not have any difficulty with this volume, for Brooks clearly sets the stage and gives plenty of historical background.

The book ends with a cliffhanger; teens will be clamoring for the sequel. A well-written fantasy epic. The old man sat alone in the shadow of the Dragon's Teeth and watched the coming darkness chase the daylight west.

The day had been cool, unusually so for midsummer, and the night promised to be chill. Scattered clouds masked the sky, casting their silhouettes upon the earth, drifting in the manner of aimless beasts between moon and stars.

A hush filled the emptiness left by the fading light like a voice waiting to speak. It was a hush that whispered of magic, the old man thought. A fire burned before him, small still, just the beginning of what was needed. After all, he would be gone for several hours. He studied the fire with a mixture of expectation and uneasiness before reaching down to add the larger chunks of deadwood that brought the flames up quickly.

He poked at it with a stick, then stepped away, driven back by the heat. He stood at the edge of the light, caught between the fire and the growing dark, a creature who might have belonged to neither or both. His eyes glittered as he looked off into the distance. The peaks of the Dragona's Teeth jutted skyward like bones the earth could not contain. There was a hush to the mountains, a secrecy that clung like mist on a frosty morning and hid all the dreams of the ages. The fire sparked sharply and the old man brushed at a stray bit of glowing ash that threatened to settle on him.

He was just a bundle of sticks, loosely tied together, that might crumble into dust if a strong wind were to blow. Gray robes and a forest cloak hung on him as they would have on a scarecrow. His skin was leathery and brown and had shrunken close against his bones. White hair and beard wreathed his head, thin and fine, like wisps of gauze against the firelight. He was so wrinkled and hunched down that he looked to be a hundred years old.

He was, in fact, almost a thousand. Strange, he thought suddenly, remembering his years. Paranor, the Councils of the Races, even the Druids--gone. Strange that he should have outlasted them all. He shook his head. It was so long ago, so far back in time that it was a part of his life he only barely recognized. He had thought that part finished, gone forever.

He had thought himself free. But he had never been that, he guessed. It wasn't possible to be free of something that, at the very least, was responsible for the fact that he was still alive. How else, after all, save for the Druid Sleep, could he still be standing there?

He shivered against the descending night, darkness all about him now as the last of the sunlight slipped below the horizon. It was time. The dreams had told him it must be now, and he believed the dreams because he understood them. That, too, was a part of his old life that would not let him goaO"dreams, visions of worlds beyond worlds, of warnings and truths, of things that could and sometimes must be.

He stepped away from the fire and started up the narrow pathway into the rocks. Shadows closed about him, their touch chill. He walked for a long time, winding through narrow defiles, scrambling past massive boulders, angling along craggy drops and jagged splits in the rock. When he emerged again into the light, he stood within a shallow, rock-strewn valley dominated by a lake whose glassy surface reflected back at him with a harsh, greenish cast.

The lake was the resting place for the shades of Druids come and gone. It was to the Hadeshorn that he had been summoned. He walked slowly, cautiously downward into the valley, his steps uneasy, his heart pounding in his ears. He had been away a long time.

The waters before him did not stir; the shades lay sleeping. It was best that way, he thought. It was best that they not be disturbed. He reached the lake's edge and stopped. All was silent. He took a deep breath, the air rattling from his chest as he exhaled like dry leaves blown across stone. He fumbled at his waist for a pouch and loosened its drawstrings. Carefully he reached within and drew out a handful of black powder laced with silver sparkle.

He hesitated, then threw it into the air over the lake. Mary McGarry Morris. Ghost Lights: A Novel. Lydia Millet. Register a free business account. It is, in the best sense, a thriller, a spiritual mystery. And Robinson performs this feat with genuine insight, wry humor and transcendent lyricism. Monkey Beach is both unusual and memorable.

The book is a work of a deft talent, all the more remarkable that it is a first work. Her third work of fiction, Blood Sports , was released in Robinson lives in British Columbia. She'll run out of an evacuating car to get a better view of a tidal wave. She'll drag you unconscious to a deserted island with nothing but cigarettes, marshmallows, and the need to get you talking.

Whatever her age, she'll ask awkward questions. Monkey Beach combines both joy and tragedy in a harrowing yet restrained story of grief and survival, and of a family on the edge of heartbreak. Six crows sit in our greengage tree.

Half-awake, I hear them speak to me in Haisla. La'es , they say, La'es, la'es. I push myself out of bed and go to the open window, but they launch themselves upward, cawing. Morning light slants over the mountains behind the reserve. A breeze coming down the channel makes my curtains flap limply. Ripples sparkle in the shallows as a seal bobs its dark head. La'es — Go down to the bottom of the ocean. The word means something else, but I can't remember what.

I had too much coffee last night after the Coast Guard called with the news about Jimmy. People pressed cups and cups of it into my hands. Must have fallen asleep fourish. On the nightstand, the clock-face has a badly painted Elvis caught in mid-gyrate. Jimmy found it at a garage sale and gave it to me last year for my birthday — that and a card that said, "Hap B-day, sis!

How does it feel to be almost two decades old? Rock on, Grandma! We always joke that it's on Indian time. I go to my dresser and pull out my first cigarette of the day, then return to the window and smoke. An orange cat pauses at the grassy shoreline, alert. It flicks its tail back and forth, then bounds up the beach and into a tangle of bushes near our neighbour's house.

The crows are tiny black dots against a faded denim sky. In the distance, I hear a speedboat. For the last week, I have been dreaming about the ocean-lapping softly against the hull of a boat, hissing as it rolls gravel up a beach, ocean swells hammering the shore, lifting off the rocks in an ethereal spray before the waves make a grumbling retreat. Such a lovely day. Late summer. Look at the pretty, fluffy clouds. Weather reports are all favourable for the area where his seiner went missing.

Jimmy's a good swimmer. Everyone says this like a mantra that will keep him safe. No one's as optimistic about his skipper, Josh, a hefty good-time guy who is very popular for his generosity at bars and parties.

He is also heavily in debt and has had a bad fishing season. Earlier this summer two of his crew quit, bitterly complaining to their relatives that he didn't pay them all they were due. They came by last night to show their support. One of my cousins said they've been spreading rumours that Josh might have sunk his Queen of the North for the insurance and that Jimmy's inexperience on the water would make him a perfect scapegoat. They were whispering to other visitors last night, but Aunt Edith glared at them until they took the hint and left.

I stub out the cigarette and take the steps two at a time down to the kitchen. My father's at the table, smoking. His ashtray is overflowing. He glances at me, eyes bloodshot and red-rimmed. Did you hear the crows earlier? When he doesn't answer, I find myself babbling.

They said la'es. It's probably — " "Clearly a sign, Lisa," my mother has come up behind me and grips my shoulders, "that you need Prozac. Dad's old VHF is tuned to the emergency channel. Normally, we have the radio tuned to CFTK.

He likes it loud, and the morning soft rock usually rackets through the house. As we sit in silence, I watch his cigarette burn down in the ashtray. Mom smoothes her hair. She keeps touching it. They both have that glazed, drawn look of people who haven't slept.

I have this urge to turn on some music. If they had found the seiner, someone would phone us. Mom and Dad tense expectantly even though this has nothing to do with Jimmy. At any given moment, there are two thousand storms at sea. In Robinson's powerfully evocative debut novel, sky, sea, and shore merge in the rain that falls on the islands of British Columbia, the spirit-filled home of the Haisla.

Author of the acclaimed short story collection, Trap lines , Robinson, of Haisla and Heiltsuk descent, ponders the interweaving of the increasingly elusive past and the harsh present that shapes the lives of a close yet contentious extended Haisla family.

Her year-old narrator, Lisamarie Michelle Hill, outspoken and defiant, was named after her adored Uncle Mick, an Elvis fanatic and Native-rights activist, and has prophetic visions, a gift her pragmatic parents seek to downplay but that her grandmother quietly encourages. Told in flashback as she searches for her possibly drowned brother, Lisa's coming-of-age story is one of coming to terms with loss: loss of the old world before clear-cuts and cars, when the world was "whole" and wildlife abundant; and the loss of loved ones.

As Lisa remembers her childhood--which was marked by disaffection from school, confrontations with violence and death, and unnerving communications with the spirit realm--Robinson meaningfully fuses the mystical with the ordinary and the tragic with the piquant. This tale of inheritance and dispossession is a bittersweet liquid dream that invites sustained contemplation.

The underlying plot centers on what exactly has happened to Jimmy and why , a question that is only answered in the book's breathtaking final pages. Eden Robinson offers a raw, muscular, urgent new voice: she writes from the heart. Each morning the dews will get cooler as well as wetter.

These morning dews will also be sticky. The days are already getting a minute shorter each evening and we have lost an hour of daylight since June Sunset comes a little earlier each evening and soon we will feel a subtle nip in the air on the porch.

The warm weather vegetables of summer are already in slow-down mode as the cool August dew is sending them a message that their harvest will soon be over. August is truly a month of transition of one season paving the way into another. After Dog Days a lot of gardeners are looking forward to the cool season of autumn. Starting a row or bed of purple top turnips. Turnips are a root crop that needs to be sown this month so they will have plenty of time to produce large turnips. The most popular turnip variety is the purple top.

You can sow them in a row or bed or you can scatter or broadcast the seed to form a turnip patch. We like rows or beds because it makes harvest easier and you can thin out turnips to promote growth of larger turnips.

Another plus is that you can apply a layer of crushed leaves between rows to protect against freezes and promote a longer harvest. Plant turnip seeds in a shallow furrow about two or three inches deep and thinly spread the seed in the furrow so the turnips will have space to develop. Apply a layer of peat moss on the seed and then an application of Plant-Tone organic vegetable food. Hill up soil on both sides of furrow and tamp down soil with the hod blade. Use the water wand to spray a mist of water on the turnip row every evening.

Side dress the turnips with Plant-Tone every two weeks and hill up soil after side dressing with plant food. Trimming and feeding panda and asparagus ferns. These ferns have made the deck seem like a much cooler place this summer. They have been outside in a semi-sunny location since the middle of April. We trim them once a month and shape them up to promote new growth. All they need is a drink of water every week and feeding with Flower-Tone organic flower food every fifteen days.

They thrive all summer outside on the deck and spend autumn and winter in the sunny living room. Making a crunchy cheesy broccoli casserole. There are many recipes for broccoli casseroles, but they all have one important ingredient and that is cheese. This casserole has just that — plenty of cheese. Boil broccoli until tender, drain and place in a medium bowl, add melted margarine into broccoli.

Add all other ingredients except the Cheetos. Stir all ingredients together. Break or chop Cheetos into quarter inch cubes and add to the mixture. Spray a casserole dish with Pam baking spray and pour broccoli mix into casserole and bake at degrees for 40 to 45 minutes until light brown on top.

Keep humming bird feeders filled with nectar. The flowers of late summer are slowing down production, but humming birds are still active in their quest for food. Keep your feeders replenished with nectar by keeping feeders half full to see how much they are consuming each week. Add more if they are consuming what is in the feeders! At the dinner table, she asked her daughter who was 6 years old if she would like to say the blessing over the food.

Cats are creatures of the night and they nap all day so they have plenty of energy to prowl and curiously wander all night. August as the month itself, resembles the cat. Just as cats are hard to figure out, so are the days of August as we transition into the very first signs of autumn, with plenty of daytime heat and cool dew at night. Dog Days will come to an end on Tuesday. The Dog Days of the summer of will end on Tuesday, but this does not mean the heat is over.

The humid days of summer are still with us. The days are now getting shorter by a minute each evening and the dews are getting heavier, stickier, and linger longer each day. This, plus the presence of the mornings of fog, are all subtle reminders that autumn is much nearer than we think. A perk-up for cut flowers of summer. To increase the life of cut flowers of summer mix two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in a vase of water and place cut flowers in the vase.

If flowers outside begin to look droopy, mix hydrogen peroxide with water in a sprinkling can and pour around base of flowers in pots and containers. This will give them a quick boost.

Cooling off the hummingbirds of mid-summer. We still have plenty of summer to deal with and also plenty of hummingbirds that we can help to cool off.

Even though we have plenty of flowers for them to visit and quite a few of them are red , they still like to visit feeders, and probably because we have spoiled them! Whether you have flowers or not, keep plenty of nectar in the feeders.

You can make a gallon milk jug full of nectar with three-and-a-half quarts water, adding six cups of sugar and several drops of red food coloring. Funnel it into the milk jug and keep in refrigerator. Change nectar in feeders every three days.

Clean the feeders to prevent ants or wasps. Gambling on a row of Strike green beans. It is now near the middle of August with more than two months before the first frost date arrives, even though the first frost date arriving does not mean a killing frost. This fact builds up hope and faith that a pound of Strike green beans sown in the next week or so has much, much more than a chance at producing a harvest. By boosting them along with hand fulls of Garden-Tone organic vegetable food every two weeks and hilling it into the soil and placing a layer of peat moss on top of seed in the furrow when you sow them and tamping down the contact, we should be prepared to experience an early autumn harvest.

This will certainly be a worthwhile gamble. A green bean and white corn casserole. Mix green beans and corn and pour into a casserole dish sprayed with Pam baking spray. Mix cream of mushroom soup, sour cream, shredded sharp cheese, mayonnaise, envelope of Recipe Secrets, two eggs. Mix in with green beans and corn mixture. Spread over top of casserole. Bake at degrees for 55 minutes. For color and flavor, add a two ounce jar of diced pimentos drained.

Iowa also has its share of the lace growing around barns, covered and meadows and fields and along the long stretches of wide open country roads. Only a loving and caring God could create such a wild flower to look so pure, dainty and white! The Katydids are singing a prelude to autumn. The mighty oaks are alive with the songs of the Katydids as they serenade us every twilight from the front porch.

Their tune has a subtle message of autumn in it. It is not a serious melody or one of urgency, but one of warning that the season of autumn is slowly approaching. The crickets in the grass are chirping their over-tune to the approaching season of autumn also. It is a soft and low melody that will get louder as the month moves along. August is certainly a month of transition.

And now that Dog Days are over, we reach into the midst of August which can be considered the month of transition from one season to another. The crickets and Katydids are singing about it. The dogwood leaves have a hint of red and covered with tiny berries. Weeds are growing faster and have to be pulled up more often. The crow population is getting noisier. Mother Nature is slowly pointing us in the direction of the upcoming season of autumn. Extra care for the tomato plants of late summer.

The tomato plants that will produce a late harvest of fruits and green tomatoes to harvest before the frost comes that will ripen indoors, need a little extra care as we move into the late part of August.

Keep soil hilled up around both sides of the plants after side dressing both sides of the row with Tomato-Tone organic tomato food or Dr. Later, as we move into month of September, apply powdered lime calcium carbonate around bottom of the tomato plants. Use a quart of lime to a sprinkling can of water and pour around base of tomatoes.

Late rose blooms all the way until frost. With just a small amount of care, roses can produce blooms all the way until the first frost.

Deadhead all spent roses that have passed bloom stage. Spray roses for mites and insects. Apply a plant food such as Rose-Tone organic rose food. Water base of roses every four days when no rain has fallen. Trim back long canes that suck the production from roses. One positive thing about roses is you can trim them when they need it. A rainbow of color in the August sun. A large container of portaluca or desert rose, and also known as cactus rose or rose moss, has produced colorful flowers of red, orange, yellow, white, pink, tan, wine, and burgundy flowers since the middle of May.

Every day that the sun shines, there are new blooms and cactus-like foliage that cascades over the sides of the container that produces even more flowers. The nurse escorted the wife to the examination room as the husband seated himself in the waiting room.

For the next few minutes, he could hear the doctor barking out strange orders to his medical assistants. Right now we are trying to open the medicine cabinet. The aftermath of Saint Lammas Day. Saint Lammas Day was celebrated yesterday. There are several interesting facts about his special day. We think the most important event of Saint Lammas Day is that it marks the halfway point of summer and in perfect timing because Dog Days will end in Tuesday, August We still have half of summer, all of autumn, and part of winter to go before even thinking of snow, ice, and freezes, but what a thought during the swan song of Dog Days.

Another fact about Saint Lammas is that at this stage of summer, corn ripens continuously during the day as well as during the night. They put on a colorful show from mid-spring all the way until frost. Starting seed of broccoli, cabbage, and collards. As we begin the month of August and approach the end of Dog Days, it is time to start the cool weather vegetables of cabbage, broccoli and collards from seed to get them ready to transplant to the garden in September.

This is a great week to select your seed from Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, or hardware stores. When you start your seed in individual pots, save the packet labels to stick on each pot because these seed all look alike. While you are purchasing seed, go ahead and buy a bag of seed-starting medium.

Do not use potting soil because it is clumpy and just does not contain what seeds need for a great start. Buy especially formulated seed starters like Jiffy, Hoffman, or Holly-Tone for best results. To start seed, use a quart or pint pot for each packet of seed. Mix the pot with the medium and add an extra handful to cover the seed. Mix with enough water to moisten the medium. Spread the broccoli seed over the medium and cover with medium and pat down with your hand for contact with the medium.

Use a spray bottle such as Windex comes in , and spray a fine mist over the pot of seed each day. Keep out of heat of direct sunlight preferably in the carport. Repeat process with cabbage and collard seed. In about 10 or 12 days, they will develop two leaves and be ready to transplant to individual containers of medium. After transplanting to individual containers, continue to spray with water daily. They should be ready to transplant to garden by mid-September or earlier.

Continue to water with water want in shower mode daily after transplanting to garden. Side dress with Garden-Tone organic vegetable food every fifteen days. Hill up soil after side dressing with plant food. Enjoying the Full Sturgeon Moon. Tomorrow evening, the Full Sturgeon Moon of August will rise after sunset in the eastern sky and shine down on a Dog Day late evening. It may be a lazy, hazy night, but a bright moon will shine its way down.

Park on a dark Surry County country road and enjoy this bright moon. Doing the math: August fogs compared to the snow of winter. My grandma in northeastern North Carolina always did the math when it came to comparing the fogs of August mornings with the number and inches of snow the upcoming winter would bring. She was an early riser and always up before the sun rose. Each day in August, she kept a close eye on the foggy mornings of August and whether they were thick or thin, and also the days of the fogs.

She wrote down each fog and whether they were light or heavy. At the end of August, she did the math. Heavy fogs were heavy snows and light fogs were light snows. Her predictions were quite accurate for the s. Time to go to the hardware and purchase a snow shovel. Now is a great time to purchase a snow shovel if you need one. One thing for sure is that there is no rush for them in the summer. The selection is great and they will not spoil. If you buy one at any season, make sure it is lightweight as well as durable.

Cooling off the birds by refilling bath. The summer sun quickly shines down and heats the water in the birdbaths. Refill the baths twice a day during the heat of August. When birds take baths, they splash water, making the remaining water heat up quicker as the afternoon sun bears down.

Dump out the hot water before refilling with fresh cool water. Keeping eyes on hot weather harvest of tomatoes.

On hot summer days when we do not get a thunderstorm, keep a close check on ripening tomatoes. On hot days when no rain is in sight, birds in desperation will peck holes in ripe tomatoes to find moisture. To avoid this, harvest the tomatoes and place them on porch or deck in a semi-sunny location.

Making old-fashioned baked potato cakes. These potato cakes make a great meal on a summer night served with southern fried chicken and a plate of freshly sliced tomatoes and maybe some hot chicken gravy poured over these potato cakes. My mother always made potato cakes as a substitute for meat or would make them to serve along side hot dogs steamed with fried onions and homemade cole slaw. This potato cake recipe will make six cakes.

In a sauce pan, cut up one large onion and dice into quarter inch cubes and lightly fry in a half stick light margarine until tender and set aside.

In a large bowl, lightly beat one egg and add to the onions. Mix two cups of mashed potatoes, half teaspoon salt, half teaspoon pepper, half cup plain flour, one half teaspoon sugar. Mix all ingredients and shape into six patties. Lightly beat another egg and dip patties into beaten egg. Grease a cookie sheet heavily with Crisco Shortening. Bake at degrees for twenty-five minutes, flip over and bake other side for five minutes until lightly brown.

Place cakes on a plate lined with paper towels. When you finish grilling steaks and burgers, allow the charcoal to burn to ashes and let them cool overnight and pour them around the outside of the porch and house to prevent ants from entering the house. If ants get in the kitchen, mix water and vinegar in equal amounts in a small bowl and dip a paper towel in the mixture and wipe on counter tops, tables, and other surface areas.

You can also use charcoal dust around roses to repel all kinds of crawling insects. The Almanac for month of August The moon will be full on Monday night, Aug.

The moon reached its last quarter on Tuesday, August There will be a new moon on the western horizon on Tuesday, August 18 and will reach its first quarter on Tuesday, August Hoe-Hoe-Hoedown: New neighbors moved into the neighborhood.

A neighbor from down the street visited them. This neighbor is very concerned and told them that their dogs were up all night barking. Peak season of the majestic monarch and tiger swallowtail butterflies.

The zinnia bed with its rainbow of colors is a thing of beauty all by itself, but new life and color is added to the zinnias when the black and yellow tiger swallowtail butterflies and the orange, white, and black monarch butterflies visit the zinnia bed. Nothing is as graceful as butterflies floating around flowers and foliage on a warm summer afternoon. Nothing is as refreshing as a glass of fresh lemonade filled with ice cubes, except maybe this lemonade pie. This pie is simple to prepare and will keep the kitchen cool at the same time.

All you have to do is mix one large container of Cool Whip, one can six ounces lemonade concentrate thawed , one can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk, two three-ounce boxes Lemon Jello.

After mixing ingredients well, pour into two graham cracker pie crust and chill until firm. They will keep in refrigerator for a week if they stay around that long. Electricity from a Dog Day thunderstorm. There is a certain amount if electricity and energy in a Dog Day afternoon thunderstorm. It goes a long way in jump-starting the summer garden plot into go-go-green mode that seems to give the vegetables a new lease on life.

Fireflies on a summer evening after a thunderstorm. Have you ever noticed that there are more fireflies after an afternoon thunderstorm occurs? Do you think the energy of a thunderstorm gives them an energy boost? Whatever the cause, we are glad to see the lawn, garden, and neighborhood aglow with an abundance of fireflies. Keep baits and traps ready for Japanese beetles. The humidity of Dog Days is usually an invitation for Japanese beetles. Their favorite foods are grape leaves, roses, green bean foliage, and corn silks, but they will eat anything that is green.

When you see just one beetle, place your traps and baits. Traps are the safest and most effective way to control Japanese beetles without harming the environment. Every other day, drop the trap of beetles into a bucket of boiling water and then pour the beetles out into the grass for birds to eat. Pour the hot water out on the driveway or street and not on the lawn where boiling water would kill the grass.

Always place beetle traps away from garden, flower beds, or roses and place in areas that will draw them away from garden.

When purchasing beetle traps, spend extra money and buy traps with plastic tops and bottoms that screw onto the tops. Starting a row of mid-summer cucumbers. Believe it or not cucumbers planted in mid-July will produce a harvest if you keep them watered and fed.

Good summer varieties are Marketmore 76, Poinsett 76, Ashley, straight eight, and Long green. Sow seed in a furrow and cover with a layer of peat moss and hill up soil on both sides of furrow and tamp down with a hoe blade. When they develop two leaves side dress with Plant-Tone organic vegetable food every ten days and water around base of plants when it is no rain in the forecast.

Dog Day heat and humidity stresses tomato plants. The heat, humidity, and dryness of Dog Days will cause stress in the vines of tomatoes and cause yellow bottom wilt. When you first see this occurring on the tomato plants, it will be on bottom leaves.

Follow instructions on the bottle and mix with water. Pour in a spray bottle like glass cleaner comes in and spray around the bottom leaves where the wilt starts on a dry day with no rain in the forecast. After a rainfall, wait until plants dry and spray again. A mist is effective and much safer than a sprayer. Songs of Katydids on a summer night.

In late July, the Katydids are singing a song which is a song of future events coming our way as they sing of heavy dews that warn us that even at the height of Dog Days, autumn is just down the road and over the horizon. Another sound is the mockingbird singing a summer song with zero hint of autumn in his voice. The mockingbird sings his song to us that we should have a song in our heart in the middle of the night. Plenty of building material for the compost pile or bin.

With many vegetable crops now maturing and providing their spent vines, stalks, and residue along with corn shucks, peelings, shells, and grass clippings to heat up the compost. Now is the prime time to start up a compost heap. If you need extra heating material, toss in shovels full of Black Kow composted cow manure or a bag of Plant-Tone organic plant food or Dr.

A straightneck summer squash casserole. Cut eight or ten yellow straightneck squash into half-inch chunks, add one large chopped onion. Cook squash and onion together for five minutes and drain water. Mix all ingredients together. Spray a 13x9x2 inch baking dish or pan with PAM baking spray. Pour mixture into the baking dish, top with half-cup of Pepperidge Farm corn bread dressing. Bake at degrees for 40 to 45 minutes. Will serve at least six. Investing in a durable and adaptable water wand.

During the dry spells of Dog Days nothing can be more handy than a durable water wand. It becomes useful because it places water directly where it is needed and is capable of placing it there in a shower, mist, stream, and many other ways with its adjustable dial of various settings.

Lately, the factory had been experiencing huge losses, so the watchman was ordered to check bags and pockets of workers as they left the factory. One evening a worker tried to leave the factory with a wheelbarrow full of newspapers.

The night watchman was immediately suspicious. That way I can save a few trees and make a few bucks. For the next two months, the worker left every night with a wheelbarrow full of newspapers, but the watchman remained alert and he checked him every night. With any word of explanation the supervisor fired the night watchman. As long as I was on duty, absolutely nothing was stolen from this factory. The blueberry harvest is in full swing. Blueberries are peaking out in Surry County. Early morning is the best time to visit a pick-your-own field near you.

If you arrive early on a Dog Day morning, the picking will be much easier and you will have more patience and will power. Wear a straw hat and some sun glasses for a smoother picking experience. Other ways to enjoy your blueberry excursion are: 1.

Leave small kids at home. Call ahead to make sure they are open that day. Arrive early and commit yourself to picking the amount you came to pick. Have your goal and meet it because the berries will be well worth all your effort and determination. Dance of Death - 5 million A Matter of Life and Death - 5 million The Final Frontier - 5 million.

Total - million studio album records sold worldwide. And if you add all the live albums e. Please let me know if there are any real facts about Iron Maiden's album record sales.

Thank you and up the Irons. As we've said before we base the estimates on these pages ONLY on certifications that we have extracted directly from the official sites. We then do the simple calculation which is explained above.

We continue to believe that there are NO estimates of album sales that should be trusted and in that we include our numbers on this page. This is obviously due to the sales increase following his death and so I think it's also possible his other albums have been recertified although I haven't checked. The same is probably true for the other major markets such as the UK, so it's probably worth checking those certifications too. Thanks for the update, we only invest the time required to extract and consolidate the RIAA chart as the listing becomes well out of date, but next time we do that this data will be incorporated.

I saw in the list Shakira's album "Fijacien oral" that its certified 8 times platinum in the US, but I think it refers to a category especificaly for the latin market inside the US, where every gold certification counts as , copies and every platinum certification counts as , So it would be 1. You are correct in suggesting that the RIAA has a special category for Latin albums with lower thresholds. Unfortunately the RIAA site lists these awards as "Platinum" rather than what they are which is "Los Premios de Platino" which makes it impossible to tell which records have Latin awards and which ones the more significant numbers.

Since we cannot tell the difference we will just have to treat this as yet another reason not to trust sales numbers. Is there really a serious possibility that 'No jacket required' has sold somewhere over 30 million copies and 'but seriously' somewhere 30 mill near? As we say at the top of this page this is an attempt to estimate based on the few reliable sources we have. We explain the approach we've taken and given that way of estimating. The estimate here is million for "No Jacket Required" and million for " But Seriously".

But Seriously" sold more copies in Europe we still think that these are reasonable ranges. Why everywhere else if you look Elton John's 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' ismentioned to have worldwide sales of at least 31 million copies?

If that's true it makes it easily to the top ones. First of all let us say that we don't trust any claimed estimates for albums we don't even really trust the ones on this page. The number of 31 million is claimed in a number of places but we don't see any credible source for it. The next point is that 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' is a double album, some certification authorities and for some periods counted each sale twice for double albums, so in the US where a million copies would be needed to get a Platinum for a single album only half a million copies would be needed for a double album.

Confusion about when this rule held, and how it was applied have led some sites to double or half the estimated number of sales of some double albums. The largest market in the world is the USA.

One would expect that total worldwide sales would be about 3 times that level, that is about 21 million copies 13 years ago.

Our estimate is well below that figure because, like many albums of the s and s, the album was not certified in France and Germany or recently in the UK.

As we explain in the text this lack of evidence for older albums reflects a lack of interest by the record companies in paying for the certification, and cannot be taken to prove a lack of sales. So our guess as to the sales would be somewhere about 25 million copies or so 21 million in plus an extra four million since then. A total of 31 million would require some kind of major boost in recent sales in the same way that "Thriller" sold a lot of copies in because of the singer's death.

We can't see any reason to believe that this has occurred. So we would agree that the number calculated here is too low, but 31 million seems too high to be believable. I see you have led zepp 4 number 2 on your list , I think you have to add me buying lz4 to your list , since I have been buying that album for the last 6 to 8 months , I have bought 53 of them. Why is sales numbers of all time sales differ then wikipedeida sale numbers of all time , whats going on here.

Is anybody keeping with sales numbers , that they give you. There are two different issues here, first of all at least some of the the sales numbers on Wikipedia are clearly wrong.

They are quoted without giving reliable sources and are edited by people that have an interest in distorting the numbers. One of the reasons for having this data available in this form is to counter the completely blatant lies that certain editors have placed on Wikipedia and have repeatedly reinserted when reasonable people try to correct. Secondly, as the text on this page indicates, the numbers here have been calculated based on certification data.

The source data we have is reliable, but clearly incomplete. For example we cannot find available data for the French certificates before the early s.

We take that reliable data and apply a simple calculation, which is clearly described in the text above. This approach is good enough to clearly show, for example, that "Thriller" could not possibly have sold more than million copies. We have put a range in to indicate the uncertainty in our numbers.

So in summary, the album sales data on Wikipedia is wrong. The data here is wrong, but less wrong than the Wikipedia data. If anyone claims to know the correct worldwide album sales numbers they are lying to you.

The final Countdown sold around 8 million. Why is there not on this list? The albums in this list are all estimated to have had sales of at least 10 million. Sales of 8 million wouldn't be enough to get listed. Based on those figures we would guess total sales of million. And as we said 8 million is too few for this list. Where's "Laundry Service" by Shakira? It sold 20 million copies. Which means it had sales of at least 4.

By these numbers the album should be on this list. However this English language album was originally known as "Servicio De Lavanderia" in France, so when the list was calculated the French numbers were omited and the resulting estimate of 9. This mismatch has now been fixed, so next time list is calculated it will be included.

Sales of 20 million are much higher than our estimate. And the fact that both BMI and Shakira's own web site at www. Which seems very reasonable. So we think that 20 million copies is so much of an overestimate it is clearly wrong. It looks like to me that your numbers and maybe statistics are outdated. We Can't Dance sold 22,, copies worldwide and went 4 times platinum in the U.

First of all thank you for your input. Of course most of the lists on this site measure success in the charts round the world and not sales. So, for example, the album "Genesis" lists higher than "Invisible Touch" because it was a hit in more countries, but it is fairly certain that its sales were lower.

Eden's first gig was at the Baden Powell Hotel, Prahran, they soon performed at other pubs in Melbourne's alternative music scene. In they issued their debut five-track extended play, The Light Between Worlds, on the Scottish label Nightshift Records. The lead track, "Shallow Mists", was co-written by Bourke, Bowley and Healy.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Blue Vinyl release of The Light Between Worlds on Discogs. Label: Nightshift Records UK - UEP • Format: Vinyl Label: Nightshift Records UK - UEP • Format: Vinyl 12 Shallow Mists Producer – Eden (6), Simon Polinski: A2: Elder And Earthen Flame Producer – Eden 4/5(1).
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of The Light Between Worlds on Discogs. Label: Nightshift Records UK - NISHI • Format: Vinyl 12 Shallow Mists Producer – Eden (6), Simon Polinski: A2: Eden (6) The Light Between Worlds /5(8).
  3. 1. Shallow Mists 2. Elder and Earthen Flame 3. Searching for Angels Hands 4. Dark Beneath Trees 5. Dusk.
  4. This release is pressed on gm coloured vinyl in two versions - a superb maroon and a green with smoke effect. This release is strictly limited to copies and once sold out will never be re-pressed on vinyl. A rarity produced for EDEN fans and vinyl collectors.
  5. "Shallow Mists" (from The Light Between Worlds EP) "Searching for Angels Hands" (from The Light Between Worlds EP) "Dark Beneath Trees" (from The Light Between Worlds EP) "Dusk" (from The Light Between Worlds EP)
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