Noise Tool (Technoboy Remix) - Nik Fish - - Digital Domain (CD)

The next day I found out how to print labels onto a record. There have. There are so many sides to it that you really can explore the journey during a set. The tempo is unique and the whole vibe behind it. There is not another dance music like it. It set the scene for future Jaxx releases. The party boys from Brixton were shaped from a vibrant and exciting house music scene. Their love of house provided the moral thread and direct ion to develop their crazy notions of what house music could sound like.

I got into house music because I loved it and liked to dance. She act ually kept asking us what we wanted her to do. React ion to their commercially tinged album Scars was mixed. The overall consensus was that, although it was an improvement over the disappointing Crazy Itch Radio, the disco and dance nuggets that once tantalised the commercial and underground audiences were wearing thin. The sound on Scars changed to be more melancholy and focus more on personal relationships.

After years of making music and touring, this summer we decided to take a break and focus on DJing and live shows. Can we expect something thematically in line with We Love Machine? You can make it more your own, really. Years ago either people would bring a small case of funk 45s or a heavy box with vinyl. Occasionally the MCs in the house get on the mic, though many times the mic is hidden from those who are too drunk or inept.

You shoulda brought a mic dude. Anyways, hip hop works better in this country as barbecue or lounge room scenarios. The big venues are for the munters who want to get shitfaced with other loved-up partygoers.

Hopefully some of you might try to do this yourselves this year. I think I might get a little bit of sleep before I go down there, then a couple of sneaky double Jack Daniels! Fortunately his love of what he does makes the chances of that happening very slim. Others, take note: that big-ass SUV is already overloaded. Who else is gonna enliven dull award shows? Develop editing skills.

While the emo-hop phenom is fascinating, with Slim Shady its godfather, moaning about fame is kinda pathetic — especially on your debut. Haters are validating. Chin up, Tinie Tempah. Monsieur Guetta, let the right ones in — and no more trance vamping up as hip house, merci. Lil Wayne, trash the guitars — and forget nu-metal. Yo, Dr Dre? Drop Detox in February, but ensure the beats are dope. Jump on the school books, Willow, kiddo. Why does techno suddenly go into hiding at this time?

And after years of being the only kid into hip hop and soul in a world that was ripping its jeans for grunge, Mo took on turntables and the surname Funk. I wanted to explore what was out there and I went to Ibiza and fell in love immediately.

Can you be our resident? The weather is heating up and so are the parties. Coming up this summer are quite a few parties and events that should not be missed. International headliners will be announced soon. Project Replay will be held on Saturday 19 March and the venue will be announced soon.

Be sure not to miss these popular parties and keep reading to hear more about the many upcoming events this Summer is sure to bring you. Between the release of their debut hit-sampler Bring It On and the sophomore follow up Synrise, Belgian rock-cum-elect ro four-piece Goose have allowed four years to pass — in this time permitting their sound to relocate and be rediscovered within a comparatively skewed dance fusion vessel.

That said, the album does have its pitfalls. Album opener Go is promising. It builds begrudgingly before coming to an intense spacious climax.

It could be elect ro or even Euro pop, but techno? Th is is a good thing of course; Pictures was catchy as hell and so is this. The remixes are uniformly great, even especially? On drugs. In Jamaica. If ever there was a reminder that this was no ordinary DJ gig, this was it. Aquarium: party breaks, mash-up, fun room.

Mid Palace: headliners, main room house and elect ro. Habitat: funk, soul and hip hop. Lots of meat trays to be won. Then take some time select ing your choice of a Coco Cubano cigar. For more information jump on the website www. Free entry before pm. It is a carnival. Open till 3am. I was also a little bewildered about channeling my love for all music into one or two hours here and there.

I get paid with a bar cut, but I had to applaud the attempt. Examine your options early and make a decision. What are they gonna do, sue you? Whatever you need for a good night, sort it out well in advance. No one likes a cry-baby at a party. Such an incredible atmosphere for something here in Oz.

I croak through my first question, asking Francisco what he does to warm up his stage super-voice. The chilled-out disposition is unexpected. On stage, Francisco drips with sweat as he frenetically motormouths through dozens of characters, scenarios, voices and sounds. With the pair coming 22 :: BRAG :: :: A script which, in its time, legitimised Australian playwriting, The Doll is perhaps now best known as an HSC drama text.

It tells the story of the two canecutters, Barney and Roo, who for the past 17 years have left the Queensland canefields each winter and spent the off season with their female counterparts Nancy and Olive in Melbourne. The year the play is set is different, though, with Nancy out of the picture after having made the unforgiveable decision to get married. The show brings Robyn Nevin straight back onto the Belvoir stage after her sell-out season as Ana in Neighbourhood Watch.

With such a stellar cast surrounding her, and a classic script in hand, Stone has found being in the rehearsal room with Armfield for the fourth time around as rewarding as ever. With performances for just about every major company in Sydney, and a variety of TV roles, she has been working consistently for the better part of a decade.

Views range broadly, from those who see criminals as victims themselves who need help, to those who consider the crimes they commit too heinous for their personal wellbeing to be of any importance. These questions become even more complicated when the offenders involved are juvenile. When two-year-old Jamie Bulger was murdered by two ten-year-old boys in England in , it sent shockwaves throughout the world. The question of what to be done with the offenders was rigorously debated.

Should they be punished for their crimes, or treated as children who were unaware of the severity of their actions? The result was that the boys were detained until the age of 18 when they were released with new names, in the hope of living peaceful lives as rehabilitated citizens.

Transparency explores what life might be like for one of those child killers, living happily under a new identity with his wife, who is starting to think about having a baby. Glenn Hazeldine has found a good balance between the impending threat and the broken child that exists in the main character of Simon.

Do you enjoy a good pie and singlet combo? But yes, the singlet is on — to catch the sauce. What did you do with your Platinum record? What are you up to these days — still doing stand-up?

Yes, I am still doing stand-up and still a labourer by day, as per the song. As is the nightlife scene. What: Politically Correct is out now on Warner.

Unusual, yes, but it turns out that this was the entirely appropriate response. More on Cleese later. Leaving no space for quiet, Howard stormed through a highly energetic, physical and crowd-pleasing set. A tight set in tight jeans, the man in black hit a rolling punchline stride, with two longer bits on needs versus wants is a Babycino a need?

The last comedian that floored me with such brilliance was Daniel Kitson. Viva Louis. There are two sides to the story that Africa tells, and they relate to the two stories that inspired the work. The first is that of child neglect, the stories of children with dysfunctional parents that intermittently appear in our media.

Africa combines these two stories, telling the tale of two sisters and a best friend, who escape the despair of their domestic reality by living out their fantasy of travelling to the foreign, seemingly perfect land of Africa — where children are in charge and no one is ever lonely. The story is told from the perspective of the children, who are represented here by puppets. We see the adults in the play through their eyes, not our own.

My Darling Patricia has absolutely nailed the fantasy side of the play. The child neglect side of the story is less well articulated. See it. The final guest, Martin Short, despite good stage chops, failed to hit the mark. Then Cleese returned to close.

Credit where credit is due, Cleese deserved that standing ovation at the opening, for his body of work to that moment, and declining credit from every moment forward.

Wump wump wump waaaahh. Two-thirds of the Cleese experience was like experiencing a deteriorating elderly loved one soil themselves. You wish you could erase it from your memory, and it really stinks.

Debutants District Dining, Felix and Duke. Just another reminder: the whole of October will be a month of mouthwatering deliciousness, with the Crave Sydney International Food Festival coming to our shores. You can even get a special app to help you plan your time around the festival. Hello food baby, goodbye summer bikini body….

Before you scoff at the idea of paying for air, think about this: when was the last time you got to breathe in pure oxygen, delicately scented with jasmine, eucalyptus or coconut?

Sydney's first Oxygen Bar has just launched in the Harbourside Shopping Centre in Darling Harbour, and is open from 10am 'til late, seven days a week. Scruffy students and artsy grunge types alike, rejoice! With a menu boasting Korean-style kalbi tacos, "broken" potatoes and marinated beef rump, most items are priced at levels that even the tightest Art History major could cough up for.

An impressive cocktail list is sure to get the night started, and outdoor seating and an upstairs arts space complete the picture. Relax outside with our al fresco dining, or stay warm. Newtown 26 :: BRAG :: :: Once the domain of the rough-and-ready, a glut of innovative chefs and bakers are rising early and staying up late creating tasty pastry-cased fare — soon you may find yourself pie-ing at every meal and every occasion, if recent events are any indication.

The vegan dish has a cheeky flash of chilli, and is consumed en masse on Friday and Saturday nights, sating the hungers of goths and yummy mummies alike. Finger Wharf.

Sarah and John choose to focus on the artisan elements of baking, shaping the savoury and sweet options on offer completely by hand. Cakes have a lot of air in them. These good-natured and goodlooking folk are hard at work baking treats throughout the day for a line that curls around the corner. Disappointingly, the. Last stop is an inspection of the alleged Best Pie in Sydney.

Three hours after purchase, following an extended period hidden in my jacket, this simple concoction is still held together within its soft shell; and inside the understated package are such a range of glorious flavours that it seems entirely appropriate to heap attention and praise on a notso-humble pie. Not a pie, but cute! Enough said.

The red chicken curry pie: subtle, rich and soft, in knee-bucklingly good pastry. Custom-designed for the young professional read: lazy uni student who wants a good meal without having to pay through the nose for it, it certainly does what it says on the tin.

Any of these starters could satisfy most hungry people, and two is enough to floor you. After two of them, one of the less well-rested members. Method: Stir all ingredients in Boston shaker over ice; strain over triple frozen ice ball.

Glass: Cocktail rocks. Garnish: Sliced pear fan windmill. Best drunk with: a gentleman friend during: the apocalypse while wearing: a fabulous suit and listening to: Tom Waits. The Pie Tin in Newtown not only creates artisan classics and gourmet pies, they also offer a pleasant place to enjoy your meal, with an outside dining area and an emphasis on fresh, seasonal recipes. Laura Marling turns 22 in February, but has shown more artistic and personal growth over three albums than most can hope for across an entire career.

Her greatest strengths are her voices, both actual and narrative: her singing voice. Incubus, what have you done?

Those of us who grew up with you, from the pumping nu-metal of S. What on earth was your management thinking when they let this one through? Never have I heard a record from a band with so many talented players who do so little. I am so embarrassed. Not Now, Incubus.

When he released his evocative debut Gulag Orkestar, Zach Condon was a baby-faced trumpeter with a voice that belied his 19 years, and a gift for burnished, bittersweet horn arrangements that belied his total lack of grizzled Eastern Europeanness.

The Rip Tide is an intimate LP that sounds less like distant locales and eras, and more like itself. What is remarkable is the extent to which her singing voice can deliver on behalf of the narrative voice; it manages to be both wise beyond her years and full of girlish whimsy. Rather, Laura Marling is right at home in their company, and deserves to be there. Hugh Robertson. The Portland five-piece delve into versions of alt-country and pop quite unlike previous forays; songs at once dripping with sentiment, yet held together by the restraint offered by external engineers — Tchad Blake Tom Waits, The Black Keys and Gregg Williams — for the first time.

Yessir — we have arrived in the land of pedal-steel and dust. Very few songs are memorable merely for an easy hook or epic chorus. Instead, Earley and co. It's his knack for and commitment to songcraft that separates Earley from many of his peers. Benjamin Cooper. But the rest of the album delves into more abstract territory, both melodically and emotionally, and slightly loses its grip as a result.

The album starts well out the gate before sadly losing momentum halfway through — but while it might not come first, you'll still love it for trying.

Digby Woods. Vocalist Shogun is the perfect frontman for this group; his rawyet-pitch-perfect voice infuses each song with a heartfelt, sweet honesty. This is another reason Royal Headache stand alone; theirs is heart-on-sleeve music, romantic and a little damaged.

Such has been a consistent challenge for St. The issue for Clark was never a shortage of ideas, but rather how to take all of the stuff inside her perfectly angular cranium and turn it into something that still had currency after all that online fawning died down. Boasting better-structured songs, meatier hooks and a discernible jump in vocal performance, the record announces Clark in a way her other work never could.

Not that Clark has given up her freak-flag entirely. Unafraid of the kind of hook that was always there but that she previously wrapped in intrigue , Clark sings out and sings loud — and the results really do speak for themselves. Jonno Seidler. After two years of quiet murmurs from the underground, Royal Headache have thrust themselves into the broader picture — and with two over-capacity shows in three days, those murmurs have become screams.

From the moment the first chord hit, the front row snapped into action, collapsing over the lip of the stage before being dragged back up and torn over outstretched arms to the middle of the pulsing pit. Loud, fast and frantic, it was indisputably fun, but with such an energetic crowd the band's finer side was obscured in the cataclysm.

With the sound in check and an observant rather than participatory audience, their perfect powerpop songwriting came to the fore. And with the reception that one weekend in Sydney gave them, the love for their music is not going unrequited. Tone Thursday September 8 Tiger Choir are a young group from Hobart who are trying to be too many things to too many people.

Also, someone forgot the volume control — their set is double the decibels of the headliners. Some of the tracks plod without going anywhere and become a bit same-y, but others fare a lot better.

The inclusion of keyboardist Jules Ferrari is welcome, particularly as she backs Stiles up with harmonies that match the minor-key sentiment of the music perfectly. Of all the anniversary editions, this is probably the most heartening and surprising. Furthermore, each of their 14 albums will be part of a vinyl box called The Lost Tapes, which should arrive in March. They did an instore at Repressed Records in Newtown last Sunday that went over in a huge way.

The vinyl, CD and mp3 are available from www. Another week is upon us at The Minor Chord and, like always, we bring you news of the best all-ages gigs going on in and around Sydney — including the announcement of a new unders urban festival this December: Breakout. As some of you may be aware, the annual Sydney Fringe Festival commenced on September 9 and runs until October. The festival is a great opportunity to help celebrate the performing arts, be it theatre, comedy, dance, visual arts or music.

Visit thesydneyfringe. Take Ball Park Music. Tickets for September 17 are selling fast and available from Oztix. Thundamentals just released their sophomore album Forevolution — a stellar LP that really shows the talent and future of Australian hip hop. Tickets are on sale now through the Enmore Theatre and ticketek.

That just about wraps it up for this week, but do remember to tune in to FBi radio You can also email us at theminorchordradio gmail. We're not talking about Earth, the Seattle-based doom metal act of modern times, but the real deal, before they changed their name to Black Sabbath.

The Flying Hat Band? They were more in the hard ish rock vein from the get-go, despite the dumb hippie name, and featured future Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton. The follow-up, After The Rain, has been out of print for ages, but is being reissued next week. Their power just seems muted or buried or something. But two new offerings might change that; Possessed By The Rise Of Magik and Chrome Pineal, which is three new recordings plus a handful of live tracks recorded in Denmark in This is interesting.

Pretty cosmic, huh? If memory serves, Rare Earth were the first white act ever signed to Tamla Motown, and has actually stood up pretty well over the years. For real. On September 16, the Sando will host the return of the original lineup of the mighty feedtime with Useless Children and Three Toed Sloth. Tickets for all shows can be purchased from www. Alice Cooper will be at the Enmore on September Mudhoney are also doing a Meredith sideshow in Sydney.

The Sydney date is November 13 at Parramatta Park. Send stuff to remedy ozemail. Pics to art thebrag. Sell it to us: Tattoos and shabby hair. Cheap beers and concoctions in teapots. Bands and DJs playing party jams.

House party vibe and springtime. It sounds like: Bands and DJs playing unpretentious party jams in a converted terrace with heaps of outdoor space … sounds like a house party! Sell it to us: Over bands entered the competition but just four made it to the Grand Final. What a ticket! Luke Dixon Summer Hill Hotel free 7. Carolyn Woodorth Blaxland Tavern free 6.

Santa Rosa Fire! Ryans Hotel, Thirroul free 8. Glenn Whitehall Duo Engadine Tavern free 9. Red Raw Excelsior Hotel, Glebe free 7. Andrew Denniston Terrey Hills Tavern free 7. We were inspired by the freedom of creativity in web publishing, and its lack of geographic boundaries. In the beginning our audience was primarily Australian, but we felt there was an opportunity to provide the RA service to a wider audience. It took years to get everything in place, but it was worth it.

And obviously everyone has different music tastes. The RA family has involved a lot of dedicated people over the years — especially Sydneysiders. RA now has offices in London and Berlin, over a hundred active writers and contributors, and is read by more than one million unique visitors a month. The family has grown somewhat, but I feel like the essence of RA is very much the same as it was ten years ago. Our concept for the RA X series is to bring together artists who have been influential in electronic music over the past decade, and have each of them curate one of the ten events.

In my view, one of the most significant changes to music recently has been the globalisation of information. Through digital platforms like Twitter, Facebook and RA, the international electronic music scene is far more connected than it was a decade ago, for both artists and fans. With relative ease and at minimal cost, aspiring independent artists have an opportunity to connect with an international audience, and fans can gain insight into music, cultural and creative trends in different countries.

Transcending these geographic borders means localised music scenes can very quickly have a global influence. There are some parties that you just know are going to go off. Add to Watchlist Unwatch. Watch list is full. Longtime member. No additional import charges at delivery! This item will be posted through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Learn more - opens in a new window or tab.

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Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, W&W, Vicent de Moor, DJ Shah, Dash Berlin, Deep Dish, Sunlounger, Wippenberg, Rank1,ATB, Sander Van Doorn, tiesto скачать Download remix .

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  1. Apr 09,  · Nik Fish ‎– - Digital Domain Label: DownUnderground ‎– COM Noise Tool (Technoboy Remix) Producer, Mixed By – K-Traxx Remix, Producer Mixed & recorded live without edits by Nik Fish in his kitchen, not far from Home, somewhere near Sydney. 4/5(8).
  2. Hardstyle,Hard Trance. – The Hose Rockmania (Hardstyle Rock Mix) Nik Fish & John Ferris ‎–Hard NRG 8. – Nik Fish Intro Hard NRG – 8. – John Ferris Acid Is My Sound (Blutonium Boy Vs DJ Neo Mix)
  3. 14 - Hard Style Generation CD 1 - Nik Fish - TNT - Ti ta TNT (technoboy vs tuneboy Rmx).mp3 15 - Hard Style Generation CD 1 - Nik Fish - TRINITY - Das boot (extended club mix).mp3 16 - Hard Style Generation CD 1 - Nik Fish - TEMPER TEMPER - i will be dowsoundcullaterni.meabsyluderbochanhillchrisamictrichul.co3.
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