Naapurin Pojat Puisine Lintuineen - Various - One More Bad Vugum Sampler (Cassette)

They totally do it justice which is no big thing in my opinion really cos I've never liked Led Zeppelin much. She's a Ho Fist of the Fleet Hardcore Bigot Scum Get Stabbed I Say The Hat Whole Lotta Love Mr Cheese The Sheriff of Weed Ok Baby Ok Freddy Safeway Potato Wine Sexy Money Monkey Boy The Part Time Christians post got me thinking of another classic on Alternative Tentacles that's been lost to oblivion; this one.

On RateYourMusic there's a horrendously bad photo of the cover, as well as incorrect info in the comments identifying the singer alternately as Flatula or Fistula. If you have any useless trivia to add, please do so in the comments. All I know about 'em is that Flagella was a big girl, they had a tuba in the band, were from Frisco and they rocked balls.

I have another release that's a comp of their first 2 records I'll post later this weekend cos it's fucking great as well. This record, featuring a green Toulouse Lautrec on the cover and here I'll go off on a tangent and recommend you rent John Houston's 50's film "Moulin Rouge" which is great for Jose Ferrer playing the drunk with the little legs by walking on his knees and for the wicked Parisian prostitutes cruelly abusing him It's considerably more restrained and, um, tuneful than their earlier work.

This is their last album and is a fine note to go out on. It opens with a great Slade! Nice, clean for a change vinyl rip HERE. I Don't Mind Stinking Corpse Lily Debbie My Mother Rhythm of Barcelona Bathroom at Amelia's Scabs on Lori's Arm Farm Man With a Tan Posted by Peter at PM 8 comments:. Very hard to find anywhere these days. This was a 45rpm 12" mini-album, half of which concerns Hysterically so.

As a reaction reaction to all the skate punk releases at the time, PTC came up with a great tongue-in-cheek alternative. I loved all this back then cos all that skate-this-skate-that shit was boring me to tears, much as I loved JFA. At least they had a sense of humor as well as chops. But most of those bands were, to me, hopelessly earnest. And this isn't straight edge tedious hardcore, but screaming, screeching loud-ass Rock with a capital R. My favorite off the bowling-tip here is Bonique , with the line "Every time I phone her, I pop a big huge boner".

Something I think we can all relate to, haha. Religion On A Stick Bonique Case Strength Thru Bowling Bowling Pin Massacre Orthopedic Bowling Shoes Gutterball Salisbury House. Posted by Peter at PM 5 comments:.

Labels: Alternative Tentacles. Thursday, August 14, The Jam - "Live! EP" Here's a quick little one since I just realized it's been several days since I've posted. Busy, busy, time flies Worked, too, as you can see.

I remember I tagged this onto a C of that album for my cruising-around wasting-gas listening pleasure, and as that record was culled from different performances throughout their career, it flowed more-or-less seamlessly. Since then, Move On Up has appeared on a posthumous live album, but the other three songs are unavailable live elsewhere.

Nice cover, too! Move On Up Get Yourself Together The Great Depression Posted by Peter at PM No comments:. I remember when this came out but didn't get it til I found it cheap at Amoeba on a trip to L. I remember thinking I was hopelessly unhip that there was a band from Japan deserving of such a massive tribute and with such mega alterna-stars and that I had never heard of them. Eventually I sought out the Knife's own releases and was smitten along with everyone else.

But I had forgotten about this. It's pretty good; it's got Sonic Youth and Redd Kross, one of my all-time faves. Horrible cover, though, yikes! My double vinyl is one each pink and white. Tracks: Disc 1: Kappa Ex. Redd Kross Summertime Boogie The Freaks Public Baths Frightwig Dali's Sunflower Government Issue Baggs L7 Froot Loop Dreams White Flag Twist Barbie The Pussywillows Ice Cream City Christmas Lazy Bones Pat Ruthensmear Elmer Elevator Krave Devil House Chemical People Burning Farm Sonic Youth Disc 2: Antonio Baka Guy Lunachicks Flying Jelly Attack The Mr.

T Experience Miracle Woman Project Jenny Parrot Polynesia Ultra Violet Eye Elephant Pao Pao Reverb Motherfuckers Redd Kross Death Of Samantha Watching Girl Babes In Toyland Animal Song The Maynards Ah Singapore Wendy Horowitz Cannibal Papaya Smokin' Gas Truck Cycling Is Fun The Pandoras.

For years I have tried to hunt down soundtracks, particularly for "Ariel", but none were available. Neither in Finland or on the internet. So I was elated to find out about this release a couple years ago. It's a Finland-only double CD, and I shelled out a pretty penny for it through an online shop in Helsinki. Of course it doesn't have all the songs I would have included on it that'd take a box set , and it only has a representative few from each of his many films.

But it is a great overview of this man's wonderful taste and seemingly boundless knowledge of all musics cool and melancholy. There are no duds on this set. My favorite on here is the second song on the first disc, Cadillac by The Renegades.

In the film "The Match Factory Girl" the anti heroine walks up to a jukebox in her brother's flat, chooses this song then leans against the wall by a window, smoking and listening. To the whole song. They caused quite a stir there and decided to remain where they were loved.

I think one or two of them still live there. So get this while you can I don't know how long it's going to be up. Not everyone's a fanatic! You can, however, pick up the soundtrack to "The Man Without a Past" quite cheaply from Amazon third-party sellers. Serenade Harri Marstio Cadillac The Renegades Rich Little Bitch Melrose Muuttuvat Laulut Georg Ots Thru' The Wire Leningrad Cowboys Valot Rauli Badding Somerjoki Sateenkaaren Tuollapuolen Olavi Virta The Cossack Song Leningrad Cowboys Satumaa Reijo Taipale Burning Lights Joe Strummer Ennen Kuolemaa Olavi Virta Yukino Furu Machio Toshitake Shinohara Old Scars The Blazers Mustanmeren Valssi Georg Ots Disc 2: Think It Over Regals Nolo Tengo Dinares Leningrad Cowboys Delilah Leningrad Cowboys and Sakari Kuosmanen Kohtalon Tuulet Markus Allan Syyspihlajan Alla Henry Theel Lokki Tapio Rautavaara Bandoneon Antero Jakoila In The Meanwhile Melrose Volver Carlos Gardel Ogonek Toshitake Shinohara Labels: finland , kaurismaki , soundtrack , tango.

One last Finnish Hardcore record before I move on to tamer, saner things! I've seen a 7" reissue EP version of this up a few places, but never this original, full 12" LP. I offer this up in kps so if it is up somewhere, maybe not so nicely TK are one of the classics of Finnish HxCx, and one of the longest lasting.

I don't know if they are still doing anything, but my cousin Krisse told me a couple years ago they still were doing shows, at least.

Their name translates as "Healthy Hands". This LP is a heavy, full-on sonic assault and not for the timid. April 10, New York Press. Retrieved 21 June Retrieved on April 2 , Evanston, Illinois. The Mary Sue. Retrieved 7 August Chicago: Drag City. Retrieved on June 20 , Armoa vai oikeutta? Kukin tulee uskollaan autuaaksi? Vain kerran vuosisadassa Onko sinulla tarpeeksi aikaa? Musta vai valkoinen? Antaessaan saa " Olisiko sinunkin aika vaihtaa mullat? Ovatko totutut tavat kahleita vai turvarakenteita?

Siunaten vai kiroten? The whole point of the title was to pinpoint what a non-existent line there is between commercialism and prostitution today. Just take one letter off the name of the place, where everybody does their everyday shopping and it turns into something resembling a knocking shop.

Spermarket received extensive college radio airplay in the United States and ranked as the number one record of the year by Northwestern University station WNUR. The group broke up soon thereafter. Liimanarina reformed in with a newly recorded 10" album on the small vinyl record label Temmikongi and gigs to support it.

Recorded from the original vinyl, the songs on these reissues include surface noise heard on copies the 7"s from which they were taken. The band has continued to perform and release material on a number of small labels.

The insert to Spermarket featured Pauke's original Finnish language lyrics on one side with English language translations by Italian-born Manuela Cumangettit on the other. The lyrics show the band's penchant for absurdism in several recurring themes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. MTV Artists. Retrieved 18 April

Mar 27,  · Naapuriin oli muutama kuukausi sitten muuttanut miehestään eronnut, ehkäpä nelikymppinen yksinhuoltajaäiti Päivi noin vuotiaan poikansa Eskon kanssa. Olin palaamassa juuri lenkiltä, kun huomasin käynnissä olevat muuttotalkoot, ja koska miehiä ei näkynyt paljoa olevan paikalla, apuni kelpasi hyvin. Ystävystyin naisen kanssa nopeasti, vaikka itse olinkin vielä vuotiaana.

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  1. "Naapurin" pojat > > > Näyttelytuloksia Kuulumisia Poikien jälkeläisiä Muistoissa Yhteystiedot Cavalierpojat "Naapurin" pojat. FI MVA Panda's Platon "Nikke" isä: Hackensack Hackett emä: Panda's Plymouthgirl Baletta's One By One emä: Crawford Zillistella.
  2. Naapurin Maalaiskana Oy Tiemestarintie 6 Lieto Avoimet työpaikat Materiaalipankki Palautelomake Oiva-raportit. Myynti: + (0)[email protected]co Y-tunnus Verkkolaskujen laskutusosoite: Yhteystiedot.
  3. Naapurin pojat haukkuivat äpäräksi — Vauvana adoptoitu Juhani Turpeinen etsi biologisen äitinsä viisikymppisenä, kaikki selvisi kymmenessä minuutissa. Adoptiosta Turpeinen kuuli alle kouluikäisenä. Vaikka biologinen perhe on löytynyt, vahva tunneside pysyy adoptioperheessä.
  4. Napa näkyy naapuriin, naapurin pojat nauraa! Palasin ajatuksissani vuoden takaiseen juhannukseen. Me vietettiin se mökillä kaveriporukan kanssa. Toinen päällimmäisistä tunteista oli ilo, nauru, onni siinä hetkessä. Myöskin vahva humala. Kuitenkin aika surullista, että toinen mieleenpainunut tunne on häpeä.
  5. Naapurin, minua viitisen vuotta vanhempi Liisa oli babysitannut minua, nyt 12 -vuotiastä poikaa usein lapsuusvuosieni [ ] Poikuudet naapurille Perheeni oli matkustanut jonnekin lomailemaan ja iso talo oli autio. Vain minä haahuilin siellä ja ihmettelin, miten jokin firma voi kustantaa johtajalleen, joka ei edes mikään iso johtaja [ ].
  6. Naapurin rouva yllättää kirjoittaja jadmin Oli aurinkoinen kesäpäivä ajattelin ottaa aurinkoa takapihalla levitin viltin asetuin selälleni hetken makailtuni laitoin käteni housuun ja aloin hieroa kaluani tovin runkattuani, havahduin kun varjo tuli eteeni en antanut sen häiritä touhujani.
  7. beefcake kirjoitti. Että sun kannattaa vähän varuillas olla kun menet usemman komean miehen kanssa viettämään iltaa. Nää tapaukset missä pari kaverusta viettää iltaa nuoren naisen kanssa, juottaa sen täysin känniin ja muijan nukahdettua raiskaa sen ei ole mitään urbaania legendaa vaan aika yleisiä tapauksia mistä naiset vain eivät uskalla puhua ja kertoa poliisille kun.
  8. Mä olin ollut siivoojana isäpuoleni veljelle jo muutaman kuukauden. Kerroinkin siitä aiemmin kun olin Joukon nussittavaksi päässyt mökin kevätsiivouksen jälkeen. Olin sen illan tapahtumien jälkeen löytänyt seksin kunnolla vanhempien miesten opastamana, "siivoajana", ja nautin itseni tyydyttämisestä kotioloissakin aina kun vanhemmat olivat poissa.

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