Loma and her Polynesian Playmates*, Eddie Lund - A Night In Tahiti (Vinyl)

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Have a Taste. Howard Ward Ave. And therein lies the di- lemma for the small number of locally-based recording companies and for the Stateside companies which pre- sently have faith in Island music. For travelers envision balmy sounds keeping time to the gently rolling moves of hula dancers. And local residents seek an escape from this soothing sound.

So the companies record for two audiences: ethnic material for tourists and kamaainas old-timers and a fresher, up- tempoed brand of pop sound for the younger generation which feels its Statehood more. Lxjcatcd in Honolulu are the following labels: Ma- kaha. Since the 's Mainland companies-majors and independents-have been releasing pure Hawaiian lan- guage records throughout the U. But the number ac- tively supporting the 50th State has dwindled to where Decca, through the efforts of Los Angeles-based produ- cer Bud Dant and Reprise, through Burbank-based Sonny Burke, are the most active.

Additionally, Mickey Goldsen, a Hollywood music publisher operates two labels. Criterion, which specializes in albums of Island music and Palm, which is geared to singles releases. And the 49th State label, run from Los Angeles, provides a limited amount of Polynesian material to Mainland sources. Capitol Records apparently has its eyes on today: it has recorded Buddy Fo, a sparkling vocalist-comic as a representative of the new school, with veteran musicolo- gist Webley Edwards providing the traditional and middle grounds of instrumental artistry.

Dant pre- fers to record packages which can appeal to tourists and Island residents. He prefers recording in Honolulu. The steel guitar, for example is going out of exis- tence. Of the many producers recording Hawaiian music. Warners-Reprise executive Sonny Burke, has worked with two blockbuster performers: the late Alfred Apa- ka, while he was with Decca and most recently Don Ho.

Burke first went to Hawaii to record in 1 and Apaka was his first artist. Burke recalls that several years later he went over to record Apaka plus several oth- er acts. After working with Hawaiian male- rial, he realized its sale was confined to tourists and the West Coast. But based on its steady movement. Burke was "still sold on the idea that Hawaiian music was a very worthwhile area to be in" when he joined Reprise.

Since developing the commcrciality of Don Ho. Burke has cut six albums with the vocalist with three albums with his sup- porting group, the Allis.

Apaka was a fine, tra- ditional ballad singer. Burke offers, while Ho represents the whole new musical think- ing of today. Toki Anzai, the executive vice president, explains that the company is trying to develop standard Hawaiian songs with a mod- ern beat to appeal to local patrons. Vocalist Melveen Leed has great promise in this vein, as she is a strong per- former who works well with chart songs and native ma- terial. Makaha only has five domestic distributors, but plans to open the East Coast this summer.

On the pro- jection slate are albums which are half Hawaiian- half En- glish. Makaha, like all the other local labels, presses with Los Angeles stationed Monarch. Makaha's steady growth is a happy story of Island ingenuity. Founder George Chun's first office was his car. Now the company has three offices across the street from the Honolulu Inter- national Convention Center.

Music of Polynesia, Jack DeMello's company, is the Stale's main interpreter of Hawaiian music through the medium of Hollywood recorded large orchestras and choruses. DeMello's prize project is a three box antholo- gy series titled "Music Of Hawaii" which carries a S9. DeMello has a few Mainland distributors plus To- shiba in Japan, which is currently buggy over Hawaiian music. Ocean delivery takes up to three weeks-a common situation faced by all the companies.

Sounds of Hawaii was formed in as both a label and recording studio. Acts here are good for only one album because the market is so small. Label officials eagerly point to the problem in- volved in setting up recording dates. It's something we've grown used to. We don't even complain to the union about it.

Why the avoid- ance of domestic representation? Trying to collect 3, miles away is pretty hard. Hula pays the air post- age on a mail order. Most local companies are now starting to think of the market beyond the Pacific Ocean.

Perhaps, they dream wishfully, they can cre- ate another Don Ho. With just three companies located in Honolulu, Hawaii's recording studios are geared to minimal service and minimum output. Of these three studios only two. Sounds of Hawaii and Commercial Recording, have had any impact among local people. A small facility owned by Fabor Robinson, a former Los Angeles record com- pany owner, has found the going difficult for one simple reason: Hawaii's tiny record industry does not produce enough activity to keep three studios humming in any normal fashion.

And with Los Angeles just five hours away by jet, the availability of top West Coast studios, engineers and musicians is a tempting lure which attracts some of the local business. Formed in , Sounds of Hawaii offers the largest studio in a physical comparison between it and its chief competitor. Vice president Herb Ono claims the studio averages four dates a week. Enter the studio's reception room and a visitor finds himself peering at a new 12 channei control around Honolulu's Waikiki Beach which caters to the young servicemen, the more advanced in age visiting garden club from Minnesota or American Bar Assn.

Commercial Recording, a two-year old company launched by former Mainland broadcast production man Donn Tyler, sparkles with newness. Tyler, 28, and bearded, boasts that he beat Ono with 4-track equip- ment by one year. Tyler's carpeted studio can hold up to 15 people and has been used by Martin Denny and the Baja Marimba Band. But now our business is split 50 between records and advertising commercials. Tyler's clientele ranges from four local labels: Ma- kaha. Reception and control are one and the same room.

Ono is very excited about this new board. It will enable the studio to enter the realm of sophisticated electronic gimmickery. With this equipment, Ono, one of two engineers on staff, will be able to cut masters for clients.

Previously, masters were cut by United in Los Angeles. Last month the company completed construc- tion of live echo chambers and added reverberation ca- pability.

The large studio can hold 30 men, but the very nature of the kind of music the local Hawaiian companies produce hardly requires such an immensity of human energy. Small group sessions provide the bulk of the sounds. The studio has three portable four channel mixers which are used on remote assignments. Ono says that although he's taped Hilo Hattie at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and done some "jobs on Maui" he just "doesn't like remotes.

With record-shattering numbers of tourists, gen- erally amenable to purchasing authentic Hawaiian re- cordings as mementos of their visits, thi recording studios are in a healthy situation.

Mainland record com- panies already tapping local artistry and those companies as yet uninvolved with Hawaiian material, will have to call on these studios to help capture the romantic, ersatz sounds of the local scene.

And the only way to do that will be to record on location at copious night spots last session for Capitol several months ago when he flew here to cut Buddy Fo. Tyler is his own fuUtime engi- neer and he has two parttimers. The inference: more ad- vanced forms of recording could be attained such as overdubbing.

Tyler aims to provide clients with bonus services such as bookkeeping, delivery of tapes and preparing legends for tape boxes. His reception room a true wait- ing room in that sense is lined with singles recorded there. Like the Mainland, Hawaii has had its share of one record companies: here for the release, out to sea after the initial flop. But still these products help fill out a wall. Tyler shows an awareness of the limitations of the local studios.

Studio recording here has gone as far as it can go. That's why I'm installing equipment to get into mo- tion picture sound recording. Is there room, or more aptly, a NEED for still ano- ther studio? Apparently not at this juncture.

Hawaiian music is a tougli sell on tlic Mainland. Principally because the music in its purest stage Is a for- eign language and this kind of inaterial just doesn't ap- peal to a mass audience. To alleviate this situation, music publishers are seeking songs in English which make them more com- mercially acceptable. In seeking a more Anglo-Sa. Traditional Hawaiian songs are very much in evi- dence exemplifying the missionary period, where hyin- nal melodies were borrowed to create romantic ballads', the Royal Hawaiian Band era, with its strident march- ing beat; the ukulele-steel guitar period, and the 's when Bing Crosby and Harry Owens translated romantic ballads in Knglish into major hits.

The contrasts of Hawaii's polyglot Polynesian-Ori- ental-Caucasian society are woven througli the ethnic songs, which tend to be accepted by the Island's above 30 crowd and by the tourists. Young people seem to shy away from the ethnic songs. They prefer their music with an English lyric, with an amplified guitar and with- out references to coral seas and swaying palms. It's very hard to break a new Hawaiian song these days. When Goldsen found that he was hard pressed to place Hawaiian melodies with major Mainland artists, he decided to start his own label to "gel his catalog estab- lished.

Additional contract writers are Alvin K. Isaacs and Irmgard Aluk. Golisen, who has pro- duced over 50 albums of Hawaiian music for other com- panies in his role as expert of this culture, has carefully prepared a number of song books of Hawaiian. Tahitian and Samoan material to provide an encompassing analy- sis of Polynesia.

Goldsen's top copyright has been "Pearly Shells" by Pober and Webley Edwards, which has garnered 43 recordings. We have no problem getting them recorded. Goldsen credits the late Kui Lee, who died more than one year ago.

Goldsen has 12 songs by Lee on his label. What is the value of Hawaiian music, both of an evergreen and more recent vintage? Hawaiian material may be found in the catalogs of Leeds.

Paramount and E. Marks, but their enthusiasm reflects prior days. Today, the Honolulu-based recording companies operate their own publishing wings. Hula's company is Kalakaula and the firm has a tieup with Ko- nokai Pubhshing of Hollywood. Lee's adventuresome adroitness was re- sponsible for such songs as: "She's Gone Again," "Go- ing Home.

Alex Anderson. A recent addition to the songwriting fraternity is Paul Page, pianist-com- poser, who has written over Polynesian songs, in- cluding 26 which Lawrence Welk published in Material is the answer, local record executives feel and one Honolulu publisher echoes this feeling: "There are very few people writing in Hawaiian. I know of one educator who has songs but no music. It's one continuous circle of asking people if they know the name of a song.

Today, the only people here who re- member the melodies arc the old grandparents. Eaton, a member of one of Hawaii's oldest families, has written three musicals: "49th Star," "13 Daughters" which rait for a while on Broadway in and a new production. Magoon's company is co-publisher of the "13 Daughters" score with Anne-Rachel Music, a member of the Hill and Range operation. Collaborating with Ma- goon on the new production is Sir Robert Helpmann.

Magoon's catalog lists 50 songs. The local publishers find hardly any market for sheet music. Of the old material, Magoon feels that "if it's a real pineapple song, tourists can learn to do the hula from it. Wear Flowers For Me. Ray Kinney, a year old ukulele expert, who is very much active in Honolulu, is the author of "Across The Sea.

He has recently signed a writing pact with Don Ho and has turned over his first ten titles. The new wave movement should reap some bene- fits from the pen of Steve Logan who recently signed with Warner Bros. Logan, With a little inspiration he, like several of the other young pro- fessionals in the State, could prove to be the elusive substitute for Kui Lee.

Sunn Musical Equipment Company amburn industrial park, tualatin, Oregon sunn.. Audience acceptance and enjoyment of our shows has led to some of the most spectacular ratings in the industry.

And this upcoming color special has even more going for it. A number of "firsts" that will add tremendously to the show's impact. For the first time, a color TV special has been produced entirely on location in Hawaii. For the first time, viewers can see and enjoy the music and marvels of America's newest tropical state — right in their living rooms.

For the first time, the talents of Hawaii's greatest entertainer, Don Ho, will be presented on a network television special. It reveals and explores the beauty, the hula and the happiness that is modern Hawaii. We hope you'll be watching. Swim in Pacific surf or palm-fringed pools. Go surfing. Sail aboard sleek catamarans. Feast at colorful Polynesian luaus. Browse through fifty smart shops. And then take your choice of five superb nightspots for wining, dining, dancing and shows.

You can suit any mood right here on our twenty tropical acres. Statler Hilton and other leading hotels, phone your travel agent or Hilton Reser- vation Service. Rock'n'roll attracd vming people to an Arena concert. Dick Howard, right , oversees all major concerts in Honolulu. With the opening four years ago of the multi-purpose Honolulu International Center HIC , the State gained its first deluxe concert facility. The concert Hall, which featured Ed Ames in a mid-April date, is utilized for various performances-le- gitimate plays, symphonies, other types of musical con- certs, ballets and lectures.

An exhibition building accommodates exhibits, as- semblies, dances, banquets, and a variety of meetings. It is also the scene of the annual Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival and karate tourna- ments.

HIC books a number of country and western acts which Dick Howard, director of auditoriums for the city and county of Honolulu, says appeal largely to military personnel. MAY Howard's is an appointed post by the mayor of Honolulu. Operating with a set of rules made by the city council, he has "full authority to select attractions, while taking into consideration the best interests of the city.

Dick Clark cringes when he tallies the plane fare for the 11 -piece Mitch Ryder troupe which played the Arena on a rock'n'roll bill in April. Lou Robins. Herb Rogers, and Nashville's X. Inny Young's TransWorld At- tractions, which presently books talent in hotels and niglitclubs, plans promoting top draw concerts at HIC. Howard's assertions that good business may be achieved with the right headliner are substantiated by these promoters.

Nevertheless, Howard feels that "there seems to be a concerted effort on the part of local families to have their kids appreciate serious music. Moffat's other promotions are in the larger Arena. Dick Clark's production company will present six rock concerts this year in the Arena, in association with rock radio station KKUA. Clark's first Honolulu promotion was in with a Carnival of Stars rock package in the Arena.

Howard describes sound systems as the "peril of arenas," adding that HIC's sound equipment has been supplemented to get more desirable reproduction.

The Arena has 20 sections with a speaker over each section. Seats on the lower floor are exposed to stage and side speakers. Altec Lansing equipment was recently pur- chased for use in conjunction with existing sound equip- ment. The Concert Hall simply has three giant speakers above the stage's proscenium arch. Hawaii's nightclubs are many-splendored in their visual display of multi-racial talents a hapa-haole singer, a Japanese pianist, the tuneful twangs of a rock'n'roll guitar blending with the strains of a ukulele.

And Waikiki is where the action is. The Island niglitclubs, like Hawaiian music itself, now reflect the dramatic transition that has taken place in local show business. While some clubs still offer authentic Hawaiian, the bulk have swung with the tide to spotlight what can be called contemporary Hawaiian.

Some conclusions can be drawn about the night- club picture: Hula girls are still a permanent fixture in the Island picture, but only in showroom revues at the ma- jor hotels. Hence, no one is exclusively Hawaiian these days. The pied piper of the new movement is Don Ho, a millionaire in his mid's.

His musical impressions have created a new note in the Waikiki scene— and everyone else is singing a new tune. Ho is the star at Duke Kahanamoku's. His alchemy, his aloha, his antics and his admirers are unlike anything ever ex- perienced in local show business. That he flnished No. My daughter Emily came in to see what I was up to. You're looking pretty spiffy today. You going out for some fun on the town? I turned myself into 3rd Wheel and got right out onto the road, driving to who-knows-where.

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But, I'll save that next month for the blue blur's 29th birthday. You'll see over on Erin-the-Gamer's gallery when the time comes. I'll be doing a collab with him on Sonic's 29th.

Neala Pickerel. Top gamer at Brown University in Ontario, Canada. Gaming was in her blood. Ever since she was in preschool, she first picked up a joystick and started playing each game until she would beat it with all her gumption.

She played every then current console, all the way to her age of 21 of today. With Love. Just For You. Graphics Credits. Skip to content. But Liverpool sang You'll Never Walk Alone and the way that a stadium full of fans could sound like that made him want to include it in the song. Well they can't be blamed about this. After "chants et danses des pays Arabes", "chants et danses du Maroc". Though the tittle is not really original I must confess that I never been disapointed by any records with this boring name.

Today you'll sure enjoy all the great music they carfully selected for this record. Captain speaking Right after we land at the airport, we'll start our tour with a bunch of "cultural revolution" songs by some talented choir singers backed up with a luxurious orchestra.

Pretty much all the subjects of those kind of songs are covered here: The party, the leader, the workers, the country Though politics aren't some of our favourite subjects at all this record is pretty enjoyable.

Her hands are tightly tied behind her back and drawn upwards so that it's very uncomortable. If it's pulled any more upwards, her arms will pop out of thier sockets. She is forced to stand on her very tippy-toes, so the slightest move could make her lose her balance and thus giving her excesive pain. Night-Tickling-Hawk. Nice, I like this.

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  3. Loma and her Polynesian Playmates*, Eddie Lund: Loma and her Polynesian Playmates*, Eddie Lund - Eddie Lund Presents. Une Nuit A Tahiti (EP) 2 versions: Tahiti Records: New Zealand: Sell This Version: 2 versions.
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  8. The Papeete Players – Wild, Wild Tahiti! (Festival JON) Eddie Lund And His Tahitians – I Remember Tahiti (Tahiti Records EL) Tahitian 7″ EP’s. Les Kaveka Ety Les Rythmes Tahitiens- Tamoure (Disques Vogue LD) Los Melodicos – Oh! Tahiti (LM LM-LP)
  9. According to TMZ, the model arrived at her house in NoHo late on Wednesday night when she noticed her front door had been busted in. When she walked inside, two men came out of her bedroom and a.

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