If I Were A Rich Man - Serge Fontane - Surprise Party (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Paolo Zampolli has a Dominican diplomatic passport and is officially the Ambassador of the Commonwealth of Dominica for Oceans and Seas- an absolute joke. Their secret post-WWII circle and network of SS , Nazi and fascist war criminals, murderers, assassins and mercenaries were the most dangerous and ruthless people on the planet.

They go back at least to the 13th Century of Flanders- Belgium. Zampolli- Vatican- Ninth Satanic Circle? Raffaello Follier was an Italian businessman that moved in Zampolli social circle claimed Vatican ties into getting financial backing from the billionaire Ron Burkle on an exclusive real estate scheme to manage and sell excess Vatican real estate in New York. Burkle had social and financial ties to former President Bill Clinton.

In , Follier pleaded guilty to real estate fraud. Well, it seems that it was Zampolli that knew more about Follier and inside Vatican sweetheart real estate deals than anyone else. A Slovenian magazine, Suzy , investigated Melinia and Zampolli. Zampolli runs an illegitimate international escort racket with stables of mind controlled East European Sex Slaves. Melina Drumpf — Class and Dignity?

On Saturday after the presidential selection, Mad Killary Clinton weighed in with her first comments on the election defeat, giving donors on a conference call some insight into her thoughts on the failed presidential campaign.

The Cardinal was on the top of her list. Justice Dept. Lynch had to touch the symbolic bloody RED Vestment see below. The figures in the Looking Glass stared back at her. It was the Cardinals , the Princes of the Catholic Church , that betrayed you, they said.

Cardinal Comey of the Holy Roman Empire. The name Comey has two meanings in the native Irish tongue. But, I am not so sure. Woburn was first settled in near Horn Pond, a primary source of the Mystic River , and was officially incorporated in Woburn got its name from Woburn, Bedfordshire.

Woburn played host to the first religious ordination in the Americas on Nov. Thomas Carter was sworn in by many of the most prominent men of New England. It all fits in the story behind the headlines.

Under the guidance of Geoffrey of Ainai, a monk sent from Clairvaux, France. Here , Comey swears to tell the truth to the people in one instance , while at the same affirming his blood oath secrecy to the Luciferian brotherhood. James Brien Comey, Jr. According to the Catholic theology, Guardian Angel is an angel that is assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group, kingdom, or country.

Belief in guardian angels can be traced throughout all antiquity. The concept of tutelary guardian angels and their hierarchy was extensively developed in Christianity in the 5th century by Pseudo- Dionysius the Areopagite. His name reveals a lot. Initiates worshipped him in the Dionysian Mysteries, which were comparable to and linked with the Orphic Mysteries, and may have influence Gnosticism.

Orpheus was said to have invented the Mysteries of Dionysus. The theology of angels and tutelary spirits has undergone many refinements since the 5th century to try to re-image it as something more than just mere angelology fallen angels , and demonology for the few, and ruling elite. Proclus ,. Madame Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled, pg. Born in Italy, nothing is definitely known of the time or place, or of his early life. He is usually represented with his head in his hands because, according to the legend, after his execution the corpse rose again and carried the head for some distance.

In about , they were scourged, imprisoned, racked, thrown to wild beasts, burnt at the stake, and finally beheaded at the behest of jealous pagan priests.

From the reign of King Dagobert the church and the Benedictine monastery attached the veneration of St. Denis to degrees a national devotion. Dagobert was the last Frankish king of the Merovingian Dynasty.

By its origins, the Roman Catholic Church Guardian Angel theology and its churches based on this theology are part of the ancient Aset Isis mysteries and rites. The man was fervent Catholic scholar and practitioner. He attends Catholic Mass every Sunday. He graduated from the College of William and Mary in , majoring in chemistry alchemy? The day before the election, the killings began. Her death came at an odd time, because her Parkinson only affected one side of her body.

I graduated from an important elite Jesuit Law School. However, by my 2nd year, they, it seemed like the entire school and Negroes too, stopped talking to me, period. Nevertheless, I worked in the legal profession among the world of lawyers and judges for decades. Benedict Cult of the Black Virgin. Castellanos , above, out of Mexico suddenly seized jurisdiction without notice or motions of all the slap lawsuits against me that I had been fighting in defense of restoring a historical Oakland Black Church.

I refused to step inside her courtroom, because it was a poisonous tree and a setup to slap me behind bars damn the U. She found me liable of everything that she could think of, then slapped me with every kind of restraining order and permanent injunction that she could think of.

Often, I asked myself. Are these people reading from the same books I read? I argued with one judge, Ken Kawaichi , and the law by express was clear word for word in favor of my position, it was statutory language! If the trial judge made the former ruling himself, he is not bound by it Davis v. City of Santa Ana , Cal. Brown was the mayor of Oakland that I stood directly in opposition to in most of the projects I worked on in the city.

The stuff was too deep for me. I immediately moved all of my files out of my office and returned only under the cloak of late midnight hours 7 days a week until his death.

Chauncey was an attempted frame-up by some very powerful forces connected to the Vatican like Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown. Chauncey was a Benedictine, a very secretive devout follower of the Order of St. Benedict — or AD. The Cistercians [ Knights Templar St. Bernard ] branched out from the Benedictines in the 11th century around the time of first crusade as a reform.

All three were strongly influenced by St. I failed to make the connection or realize the significance of it until an Alameda County DA investigator visited my home. Through the Grapevine, I learned that the investigator was part of the Ninth Satanic Circle Pedophile Ring that was trying to fish out how much I knew, and if they could manufacture a criminal case against me. I immediately named him in a federal civic rights lawsuit in district court to level the playing field to try to fish him them out.

But, it had to do something with what he had been fishing into on the former British Caribbean island of Saint Kitts. The islands of Nevis and Saint Kitts were home to around 17, offshore businesses operating under strict secrecy laws, making the islands a target for drugs traffickers and money launderers.

Then he took all the fat that was on the entrails, the fatty lobe attached to the liver, and the two kidneys with their fat, and Moses burned them on the altar. The man actually believed that he was King Solomon , himself. I often heard lawyers and law students say that their duties included defending the DEVIL, Himself, if he was a client. I never took them seriously. He has all kinds of eerie angels, spirits and things leading King Louis and the Knights Templar into battle. From almost the beginning, Abel was a keeper of sheep, and Cain a tiller of the ground.

In the course of time Cain brought to the Lord an offering of the fruit of the ground, and Abel for his part brought of the firstlings of his flock of sleep , their fat portions. And the Lord had regard for Abel and his offering, but for Cain and his offering he had no regard. Later, again by divine decree, animal sacrifices were included in the laws given to Israel through Moses : but with a difference: The BLOOD of the sacrifices was to be brought to the Door of the Tabernacle Exodus ,32,42 and later to the Temple in Jerusalem.

From generations, sacrificial blood rituals have been used as the prelude to battle. God fights for his people by sending his Angels and Pestilence before them, he purges the land, and simply commissions his people to mop up after him.

Exodus 23, ; Deut , ; Joshua He was the New King Solomon. It is the lance that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross. After the French Revolution, the holy lance disappeared then a number of lance spears were claimed to be the original.

However, only the Knights Templar- Knights of Malta know for sure. Adolf Hitler saw the lance as his mystical connection with generations of conquering Germanic leaders that had come before him. A legend grew around the lance that whoever possessed it would be able to Conquer the World.

Solomon was a Master Magician and Sorcerer. He had a number of sacred magical texts grimoires penned in his name. The Mandean Ginza , which is thought to date to the early 2nd century, claims that Solomon had power over both demons and DEVS astro-powers.

And Solomon offered a sacrifice of peace offerings, which he offered unto the Lord, two and twenty thousand oxen, and an hundred and twenty thousand sheep. So the king and all the children of Israel dedicated the house of the Lord.

A Temple for Moloch is dedicated to the sacrifice of children. Then did Solomon build an high place for Chemosh, the abomination of Moab, in the hill that is before Jerusalem, and for Molech, the abomination of the children of Ammon. Emperor Drumpf intends to sharp tensions between Israel and Palestinians by the U. The city of Cleremont-Ferrand is about miles outside of Paris.

Clermont was the starting point of the First Crusade. During the Middle Ages, it had been the place of the pilgrimage and festival of the Black Virgin of m otherly love, mercy and boundless concern for her children. She blessed the infertile with children and heals unhappy marriages.

Re-discovered during cathedral renovations in , this Black Madonna was sealed up in the walls, hidden away. She is in symbol and in fact an example of reclaiming the Sacred Feminine. No matter how you spin it. The Eucharist of Cannibalism is purely a pagan ritual that is also used in offering human flesh and blood to conjure the power of the DEVIL , angels and demons.

Gilles de Laval, Baron de Retz, Illustration Deschamps in history of magic, the supernatural world and fatality through time and peoples Peter Christian alias Pierre Pitois. He was a leader in the French army, and a companion-in-arms of Joan of Arc. He was also involved in Blood Drinking , and Cannibalism. He was allegedly hung to death for his horrible Satanic crimes death in Slaves pinned to tables or cramped in small cages. Live bodies with their eyes gouged, fingernails torn out, ears hanging by shreds of skin, or their mouths filled with animal shit and sewn shut.

People flayed of skin with festering wounds. Many accounts claim they found one woman whose skin had been peeled off in spirals to make her look like a caterpillar , another with her bones broken and reset so that she looked like a crab , and one more whose intestines had been torn out and knotted around the waist.

Many of these victims some claim there were up to were supposedly still alive—putrid and starving. Whether these people know it or not, the RED MASS is a blood ritual that covertly pays homage to the supreme demonic deities, false gods and goddesses of the Catholic Church and Luciferian Merovingians. Black Lives Matter? The worship of Attis known across the ancient world as the Good Shepherd, the son of Cybele , had always been interwoven with the worship of his mother, the Queen of Heaven.

Of all the ceremonies and festivals associated with Attis , the most important was known as Black Friday or Dies Sanguinis the Day of Blood on or around the 25th of March, nine months before the solstice festival of his birth on 25th December. On the Friday closest to March 25th, the image of Attis was carried to the temple and bound to a tree, escorted by reed-bearers with reed scepters representing regenerated phalli and new fertility. On Black Friday, Attis , the savior god died and was buried.

He descended into the underworld hell and on the third day rose again from the dead. Catholics kept Easter Sunday with carnival processions derived from the Mysteries of Attis. This practice is also called Spermatophagia or the Tantric Eucharist and it reminds one of new priests ordained to the Roman Catholic Priesthood , offering up their manhood by making a vow of celibacy.

It is believed that by relinquishing their manhood priests will have access to the secret mysteries and powers, which will take the place of their male sexual urges. The initiates gashed themselves with knives and offered blood sacrifices of the Ram Leviticus to Cybele.

The Catholic Church also secreted other important aspects of the Cybelean Cult. Catholic priests continued the worship of Cybele through aspects of her priesthood, the Galla. Yet, the Alchemist Blood Drinkers and Flesh Eaters of the legal industry continue to join ranks with Lucifer in this country and around the world. His real vision of the Last Supper was a Knights Templar cannibalistic ritual.

For a long time, they have always wanted to cut my throat for some reason even though I have only helped those that they were afraid or told by the brotherhood not to aid or protect under the law. I always said, Man, this is America.

Somebody is bound to have exposed it some time ago. Executive Branch. Former Vermont Gov. What can we do? At least, this can be a beginning, and a wider awakening. Goddess Aset is considered the underpinning knowledge of the physical and metaphysical- all things natural and unnatural- MAGIC.

The Greco-Roman Mysteries of Aset Isis were secret society religious initiation rites performed to imitate the sacred rites of the Kemetic Goddess Aset. They also wanted to discover and dominate the sacred Kemetic keys and rites to be Godlike- the path to immortality. After initiation, a devotee became honored like a new Asur Osiris , saved and regenerated reborn through the ineffable magical powers of Aset.

The Greek and Roman secret societies also wanted the path to the afterlife. From a funerary inscription left by one of her initiate provides some evidence of Asetiac afterlife beliefs. They went further underground. They were hidden away in the catacombs of temples and churches. Their high priests, princesses, initiates, surrogates and false prophets such as Lady Gaga have begun to craw and creep low on their bellies like snakes and serpents outside of darkness right into the daylight of your castles, homes and havens like vengeance is mine— right in front of your face.

I admit too that I am actually afraid to watch it from beginning to end. Semiotics is a relatively young field of study. Manipulated in its application by the elite and military, it can be used in psycho-social warfare to affect the daily social interchanges of humanity. Moreover, signs are not merely images, like the proverbial STOP sign.

They are also spoken and written words. These categories of signs have long been the providence of linguistics, a subsidiary of the larger field of semiotics. Lady Gaga it is a product of a larger semiotic scheme of deception. Elaborating on this concept, he states:. The formal announcement and interview with Lady Gaga aired Sunday, Oct. I was watching the show just before they brought her out. I was shocked as soon as I saw her dressed without respect for a Sunday morning family audience, I said to myself.

This is a trick right in the front of my face. I immediately switched the channel. Lady Gaga is like her father, Lucifer , a master trickster. It is not without precedent.

In an interview, she claimed to have stayed in the egg for 72 hours prior to the ceremony, because she wanted to be born on stage. Lady Gaga is a very sophisticated occultist. Little or anything she does is not related to secret authentic ancient foundational rituals, mythology, and Luciferian worship.

The origin of this miraculous image of Our Lady of Czestochowa, Poland is unknown for absolute certainty. According to tradition, the painting was a portrait by St. Helena of the Cross in the fourth century.

The painting was taken to Constantinople, where St. The Black Madonna image was revered by the people of the city. Helena, St. Helena, or St. She became the consort of Roman Emperor Constantius Chlorus She was the mother of Emperor Constantine, the Great Tradition credits her with a pilgrimage to Syria Palaestina , particularly to Jerusalem , during which she allegedly discovered a number of other relics including the True Cross.

One of its chapels is dedicated to the mysterious Cult of the Black Madonna about which little is revealed other than the image. See Below. Louis, Missouri.

Hopkins, Quarles and Riley clasped hands on the Bible and gave their solemn pledge to form a Luciferian confederate secret brotherhood of a new society they called the Legion of Honor. They were also usually Confederate veterans, the upper part of antebellum society. The U. Satanic Sodomite Military created Strahan. His father, U. When Michael was 9 years old, he was moved to and raised at an army post in Mannheim, Germany.

I am not too sure what Strahan may be. The clenched fist salute or hand sign is also well-known in Freemasonry. Both fists are clenched in allusion to one of the penalties of violation of the secrecy obligation and blood covenant , which is have both hands chopped off to the stumps. Get out of line with the Satanic Narrative Paradigm, and New World Order agenda, they are programmed to cut your throat to the bone and drink your blood. The story takes place in 15th Century France.

He can take the people God created and possess them. He was a German artist of an elite and noble family. Intertextuality is one of the most popular techniques in all media of visual communication of the postmodern world. It is based on creating a new meaning by referring to existing texts and contexts.

Postmodernism is a relativistic system of observation and thought that denies absolutes and objectivity. While no consensus exists on a precise definition, postmodernism nevertheless signals a dissatisfaction with one or more aspects of modernity. Its origins are found in the philosophies of Nietzsche , Heidegger, Marx and Freud.

On some points, particularly its attitude to truth, it is similar to New Age thinking. Luciferian rituals consume the minds of the masses by ecstasy , lust, drugs and alcohol while the masters climb the ladder to mystic enlightenment, authority, and power over them.

He was one of the best known and celebrated French writers. La Jeune France was an elite class of young writers whose works were beset by mystical words, or angelic, diabolical or cabalistic names. The cathedral AD is widely considered to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic Architecture. It was built by the French government for the benefit of the Knights Templar secret treasury, and the Roman Catholic Vatican. Germain until the year when the Archbishop of Meaux had it destroyed. As you come to understand.

He became a disciple of Saint Mark , or the other way around- Saint Mark had been his disciple. Mark, the Evangelist , was a disciple of Jesus. Mark is said to have founded the Church of Alexandria. His date of birth is unknown. It is commonly passed down that Ormus reformed what he understood to be Egyptian Cosmology and doctrines in accordance with the Principles of Christianity.

Albert G. In the first century, it was historically documented that the winged lion was a symbol of the Kemetic Goddess Aset, Auset Isis. It strongly suggests that the Masonic Rites of Memphis were stolen legacies taken directly out of the Kemetic Temple of Aset.

The heroine of the Hunchback novel, Esmeralda , is basically the precious stone, Emerald- Green Stone. In Hindu astrology, Emerald is the stone associated with the planet Mercury , which is considered the manifestation of the god himself whose traits embody all forms of communication, wisdom, love and beauty. The people held much the same opinion ; all who possessed any sagacity regarded Quasimodo as the damon [demon] and Claude Frollo as the conjuror.

It was evident that the bell-ringer had engaged to serve the archdeacon for a specific time, at the expiration of which he would be sure to carry off his soul by way of payment. It strongly suggests that Frollo was a blood ritual priest of Goddess Cybele called a Gallae.

The Gallae is a prototype of her consort, an emasculated and castrated Attis. The Cult of Cybele was extremely secretive. The initiation into her cult was ultra selective and elite. He was a Corybante — a soldier of Cybele. By blood ritual, he was initiated into the Cult of Attis by Frolio. They plotted its death by castration. Dionysus tricked her into castrating herself, and from then on she was known as the goddess Cybele.

The blood from his genitals fell onto the earth, which was fertilized, and an almond tree grew. At some later point, Nana , daughter of the river god Sangarius , picked up almonds from the tree and kept them in her bosom.

The almonds disappeared and Nana became pregnant with Attis. However, Attis was to marry the daughter of the king of Pessinus. During the wedding, Cybele appeared in front of the guests and drove everyone mad. Both Attis and the king castrated themselves , while the bride cut off her breasts. Attis was given the immortality of gods. Quasimodo has all the ugliness of a monster and demon, but in duality. He has the beauty of the gods. She holds two books, one open and one closed, symbols for exoteric and esoteric knowledge , or wisdom gained from books and from interior prayer or meditation.

Yet, many people are in left in the dark of what it really means. It is a prefect example of Postmodernism , and deceptive intertextauality. Now, you may wonder what in the world does Victor Hugo, Hunchback, and Cybele have to do with anything now. Francis and St. Lawrence Jupiter does not impress me as dead. The gods are dreams, you say. Well, even in nature, such as it is to-day, after the flight of these dreams, we still find all the grand old pagan myths.

Such and such a mountain with the profile of a citadel, like the Vignemale [ Pyrenees Mountains ], for example, is still to me the headdress of Cybele ;. It has some features both of an order of chivalry and of a religious order; a secret society interested in ancient esoteric wisdom and hidden mysteries of Notre Dame , the Black Virgin.

During medieval times, the Knights Templar were involved in the financing to the building of over 1, churches and cathedrals throughout Europe, many in honor of the Black Virgin.

Laurence Gardner wrote in Bloodline of the Holy Grail of the astrological configuration of the French cathedrals:. Bernard of Clairvaux and the Cistercian Order of France.

They are variously called the Bernardines , after the highly influential St. Supervising meals to her heart's delight. I see her putting on airs and strutting like a peacock. Oy, what a happy mood she's in. Screaming at the servants, day and night. The most important men in town would come to fawn on me! They would ask me to advise them, Like a Solomon the Wise. And it won't make one bit of difference if i answer right or wrong.

When you're rich, they think you really know! Report abuse. Lovely album. Pues porque me faltab en mi coleccion a este musico lo adoro que grande este disco es grandioso y fantastico. Report abuse Translate review to English.

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Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. DPReview Digital Photography. He said, with those eyes a glow of his "Yeah! And I especially loved that version of those gals singing Harpo!

Jonathan has added "Harpo" to his set list 4 times since that conversation! I think this tribute gives everyone that "Summer Feeling" to get into the Jonathan mood, and I think it even lifted Jonathan's spirits! There's not a cover on there that I don't really dig, but I have always dug the Microwave Orphans, so I like their cover, maybe especially. Just order it. You will have NO regrets except your friends will want to borrow it.

You can play it at a party of non-Jonathan lovers, and they won't say -- hey, how come you keep playing this same guy? They'll think you have the hippest new happiest varied compilation of the millenium! No need to tell it's all Jonathan! Makes a great gift. It's a FIVE!! This cd is an absolute necessity for Jonathan Richman fans. There's a great flow to these tracks, with a nice blend of Jonathan's earliest to his more recent music.

There isn't a bad song on the whole thing! The band most likely to make you wanna slam dance was definitely the Microwave Orphans, "Dignified and Old. Great selection of songs. Hey, I'm sorry, I'm listening to it right now and it is If you go way back with Jo-Jo, stay away from this garbage. Who's kidding who - It appears to be a bunch of locals DC doing disastrous covers of Jonathan songs.

No feeling, no heart, no character. Totally bogus and contrived. Jonathan deserves so much better than this.

If I were a Rich Man by tabitharose. if you want me earn me by cbssoapsgirl. i don't believe you anymore by cbssoapsgirl. Fitz - I Belong To You by cbssoapsgirl. An Alternate Universe by cbssoapsgirl. watch me earn you by cbssoapsgirl. Go For The Jugular by cbssoapsgirl. Come Back To Me by cbssoapsgirl. You Don't by cbssoapsgirl.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of If I Were A Rich Man on Discogs. Label: CBS - CBS • Format: Vinyl 7 Topol - If I Were A Rich Man (, Vinyl) | Discogs3/5(1).
  2. Bryn Terfel in Baden- Baden Juli Wunderbare und vorallem verspielte Version - einzigartig!
  3. If I Were a Rich Man Lyrics: "Dear God, you made many, many poor people / I realize, of course, that it's no shame to be poor / But it's no great honor either! / So, what would have been so.
  4. Fiddler on the Roof was based on Yiddish author Sholem Aleichem's series of short stories about Tevye the Dairyman, and this song in particular was inspired by the short story "The Bubble Bursts" and the monologue "If I were a Rothschild." The Rothschilds were a wealthy family who amassed a fortune in the international banking business.
  5. If I were a rich man, Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum. All day long I'd biddy biddy bum. If I were a wealthy man. I wouldn't have to work hard. Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum. If I were a biddy biddy rich, Yidle-diddle-didle-didle man. I'd build a big tall house with rooms by the dozen, Right in the middle.
  6. Jun 28,  · If I were a rich man Daidle deedle daidle Daidle daidle deedle daidle dum All day long I'd biddy-biddy-bum If I were a wealthy man Wouldn't have to work hard Daidle deedle daidle Daidle daidle deedle daidle dum If I were a biddy-biddy rich Daidle daidle deedle daidle man I'd build a big tall house with rooms by the dozen Right in the middle of.
  7. If I Were a Rich Man lyrics: [TEVYE] "Dear God, you made many, many poor people. I realize, of course, that it's no shame to be poor. But it's no great honor either! So, what would have been so terrible if I had a small.
  8. "If I Were a Rich Man" is a show tune from the musical Fiddler on the Roof. It was written by Sheldon Harnick and Jerry dowsoundcullaterni.meabsyluderbochanhillchrisamictrichul.co song is performed by Tevye, the main character in the musical, and reflects his dreams of glory.. The title is inspired by a monologue by Sholem Aleichem in Yiddish, Ven ikh bin Rothschild (If I were a Rothschild), a reference to the wealth .

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