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Discover the real Harriet Tubman in this compelling documentary narrated by Alfrelynn Roberts and featuring expert interviews with leading scholars, including Dr. It also features remarkable early 20th century audio recordings of African-American spirituals sung by former slaves. The church's greatest enemy became Christ's most prolific messenger. Beautifully shot in the Moroccan desert, Paul the Apostle is a sweeping saga of the man who brought the Gospel to the Western world.

Jenny is a committed Christian who lovingly serves patients as a hospice nurse. But when her unbelieving friend Autumn goes on hospice care Jenny is confronted with the weakness of her own faith. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top review from the United States.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. After reading Crash of the Titans, I had to hunt out the first Crimson story.

I was not disappointed. What an excellent kick-butt character. Sullivan ought to write a full-length novel about this warrior woman. See all reviews. We no longer know what our parents know by the time we're 10; most of us wouldn't find out half of what is going on if we lived to be And it really only takes one sufficiently isolated generation to rewrite history into anything you want.

And those who would want to do that, will make sure it's nasty and sticky. That doesn't mean it will come to that, but it really only takes one singularity event, doesn't it.

So if it came to that, chances might be good it will not come to anything else ever again. The Roman Empire didn't collapse because they thought "let's do something else instead, this is really petty and dumb", but because there was an outside, and because communication got slow as it grew in size. That communication changed a lot is obvious, and I would argue if you consider it from a class perspective, not from a nation perspective, there is no outside either, it's one huge blob.

There may be an "outer lower class", but plenty of it identifies with and loves big brother dearly, and when push comes to shove, you don't really need that many faithful, you don't even need the smartest, they just need to be really dedicated and obedient and have the best weapons money can buy. And then there is robotics. Maybe I'm just pessimistic, and surely I read and watched too much dystopian science fiction; but I kinda think the reason we don't live on conveyor belts in a world made out of cast iron is because we're still building that world; but not because that's not exactly the world power wants, must want.

Of course, such a blind lust for power is also by definition lacking in awareness, if not to say stupid. So there's that hope always, too, that it might trip over itself. To appropriate a quote from Adventure Time: Man, your view of the universe is pretty bleak. PavlovsCat on July 22, Not so much of the universe, but of human history, yes. We have increasingly bigger and supposedly smarter structures we are embedded in, and the individual people move into the opposite direction.

We are for the most part petty, alienated and deluded, and as long as we can inject other humans to numb ourselves from seeing that, I think we will.

Thanks for your post. Sometimes HN can be such a boring and depressing place with all of its startup lottery. No need to thank me for indulging myself, thanks for reading it, and even more importantly, for getting something positive out of it : And to be fair, HN is also the first place I've personally experienced on the web where breaking out into rather large ad hoc rants that go all over the place does not lead to eye rolling automatically.

So instead of being frustrating and pointless, letting out a bunch of associated and bottled up thoughts in this way actually feels good, and helps me order my own thoughts as well. So I'm not just being polite when I thank you instead; I have these thoughts either way, but actually being heard means more to me than I would have thought. Hah, that's very true :. A similar idea is the Japanese concept "mono no aware", or roughly "the awareness of things passing" -- a central, inevitable poignancy that comes from the impossible contrast of ourselves against the universe.

You said you've read a lot of existentialist literature so this might be redundant, but I'd check out Haruki Murakami's work if you haven't already: I can't think of an author who more immerses in -- and emerges from -- a sense of cosmic loneliness. Interesting; somehow reading someone like Camus didn't provide a convincing enough argument to get out of the existential crisis like depression. Do you have suggestions on any specific Murakami work to read?

Murakami's solution is to start jogging. Murakami is overrated. Once you've read that one, you've essentially read them all. Yeah, I finally got out of the existential crisis by doing the mundane; jogging, living, cooking. Things that I know cognitively have no meaning in answering the ultimate question. Later, I realized that Camus's sense of rebellion although unsatisfactory was what I was doing.

I was aware of the meaningless nature of existence and still progressing. That is hard; somehow it gave me more hope than it should. I, too, share this sentiment. Religion is often cynically thought to be a means to control the masses, but I think its central purpose is serving as a mental safety valve. I've chosen to believe in the power of technological progress.

But damn, why did we start so late? This could have been done five, maybe ten years ago! Millions of people wouldn't have had to die. Wonderful comment. I believe it's our duty to conquer death and bring heaven to earth, by fixing aging and developing machine intelligence.

That is a beautiful thought, and a good way to overcome and deal with this 'existential crisis'. That's nice. What if you get hit by a car tomorrow?

I tend to agree with him, however, like you, I also found much of the author's advice applicable. I also believe that as we get older, we understand that there are so many others out there with whom we might relate.

In our teen years, it seems that all the world is monolithic and that there is only on acceptable way to "be". It is also a time when we are constantly smacking up the pressure to conform. In some ways, this reminds me of what we know of gay kids struggling with their sexuality. Many face feelings of isolation and despair. A key message to them from adult members of the community has been "Hold on.

It gets better". With regard to what you write about "cosmic despair", and especially with concepts like "having a hard time coming back down to you", I noticed that some of it seems to flirt around the edges of depersonalization.

Perhaps it may be worth having a look at that and how it intersects with your experiences. I believe it's a big mistake to use the phrase "everyone feels down every now and then" to cutify what can be a life threatening mental illness. I'm so happy to see that I'm not alone. I've fought off depression through sheer willpower, but I frequently get anxiety attacks thinking about "Cosmic Sadness I like your term for it.

I think I could use some advice. I so know this feeling! I still remember exactly how I first felt it; I was six, pondering the universe and mentally zooming into a tear in a wallpaper, down to the subatomic particles level, then I zoomed out, but for the first time didn't stop until my mind has encompassed the entire spacetime, the entire, timeless universe, with me but a infinitesimal speck in it. Interestingly though, I quite liked that feeling, in a bit perverse way perhaps; I learned to invoke it almost on demand and did it quite often, especially when I was upset with the world around me.

It brought serenity uncomparable to anything else I've experienced, and, at times, welcome detachment. I have recognised it as sad, but it was serene sadness.

Years later I've found out that I'm clinically depressed and perhaps that's why I don't feel the sadness so deeply - it's not much lower than my mood set point.

BTW, comparing this feeling to the sadness of a close being passing away is like apples and oranges - they both have a completely different flavor to me. I still invoke it from time to time; for the serenity, sometimes for the detachment, and oddly, sometimes get sad to get angry and gain some motivation to change the world.

I've found that attaining the state is now harder than it was when I was a child. BTW, interesting tip about the poetry; I've been wondering why it's not as alluring as it used to be, and perhaps I don't spacetime out that often anymore.

A similar feeling hits me periodically, never expected. Happens for as long as I remember myself, from early years, but is consistently rare. Has a bit different effect on me. The troubled character is myself—but Cosmic Sadness elevates me other part of me? The Sadness, indeed, comes from the inability to move up completely.

Continuing the analogy, you remember that the novel is not real, but you're trapped in its reality. Myself, I treasure these moments, they are calming and meditative, and happen very rarely to me. I wish I could trigger them voluntarily. Because apparently "Such concerns are not too surprising in thoughtful adults who are going through mid-life crises.

Not odd at all. The concentration or severity of existential depression in gifted children is well documented if not well known. I know Jim Webb, and I'm pickled in the writings of the gifted education movement. I'll be spending the following two weeks presenting parent seminars on gifted education at Epsilon Camp , so I keep up with all the latest literature on this subject.

I think "existential depression" is a euphemism used for "depression" among some but fortunately not all families who have gifted children--nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else. Yes, it is crucial to help people who feel depressed, and I applaud anyone on HN who does so when depression comes up in submitted stories or comment threads from time to time.

But I see utterly no evidence in the professional literature on depression that the manifestation of depression is much different in gifted people from its manifestation in all other human beings. Everyone who experiences depression needs to feel connected with fellow human beings who show compassion.

While, I do not have the primary references to back up my point [so I guess you may take me to task for that] I too am very much immersed in the gifted field.

There is most definitely a consensus among the people who deal with gifted children , especially their emotional needs, that existential depression hits earlier and more often in these kids than in the general population of children. I do not know about giftedness in general, including adult giftedness.

Existentialism, could be viewed as modern, Western Buddhism. They have arrived to almost the same conclusions, rejecting any "religions" first. One more step - and there is Eastern notion of Emptiness, void.

I don't agree, but why's this relevant here? What is the name of the Du Fu poem in Chinese? Second this. The translation is very good. If you don't know it already, you might like a poem by Edna St.

Vincent Millay called Renascence. What would happen with superconductive materials at this heat death of the universe? Roboprog on July 21, For all we know, their protons would decay, so they would not be anymore. There is always an XKCD, isn't it?

Thanks for reminding me of this. I really needed the smile, those surprise squirrels always cheer me up. Yeah, I always wondered how the so-called existentialists aren't just yielding ground to ideological fundamentalists. I really enjoyed reading that--especially the poem at the end I remember mentally rolling my eyes the first time I read it, thinking the message was self-evident. But in this context it's just wonderful. I do wish this sort of message could be part of an effective, formulaic prescription that could be doled out to web surfers who are suffering.

Just keep scrolling down Another example, I wish I had learned before I became a film major that imagery is powerful, and that our brains can confuse on-screen trauma with real trauma.

I suffered needlessly--and that sounds ridiculous and maybe funny, thinking about a film major with wide eyes wondering just what he signed up for--but I watched things that I will never forget, and that have become part of a mental burden I work to release now that I'm a bit more experienced in discerning what I can and can't handle.

I guess it pains me to think that while there are things we can do to ease others' pain, there are many extremely simple, almost thoughtless ways by which that existential depression worsens.

Watch the wrong film. Read the wrong book. Make the wrong song lyric your mantra. Let's all get in a circle and talk about our experience as gifted children. I think there are two separate issues here: 1 Existential depression, and 2 Gifted kids have difficulties because adults don't talk to them as equals, and their concerns and thought processes are difficult for their peers to comprehend.

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