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Curious just how far your dollar goes in Miami? Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top fast-food spots around Miami, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of where to fulfill your urges. Connect with us. It's not impossible. Wood and Brenner were friends, so it's the latter's opinion that Eddie was "sincere and had a gentle nature.

Unfortunately, Karl never did take over his father's place in the movie industry. Ed got as far as writing a script and doing some preliminary casting for that project, so it came pretty close to getting made.

What's more, the stories that would have been included in the film correspond neatly to three different stages of life. I'd never heard the story of Ed Wood meeting fey, fussy character actor Franklin Pangborn.

From the context of Eddie's story, it seems like there was a failed attempt to turn it into a TV series during those very early days of the medium. There was a Myrt and Marge film adaptation, though it's best known for featuring Ted Healy and the Three Stooges.

Overall, what I like about this article by Baron Von Brenner is its can-do optimism and its naivete. This is the Eddie we know from the biopic Ed Wood , the guy who's convinced the rain is just about to stop and that his next picture is going to be a smash hit.

By and large, this article isn't particularly accurate, but I wish it were. In a way, by winning two Academy Awards, Ed Wood did make one of Brenner's wilder predictions come true. It turns out that there were Oscars with Eddie's name written on them. Back on Sept. In case the early '90s were a little before your time, the show featured Smith, whose character grew up on the streets of Philadelphia and moved to a fancy neighborhood in Los Angeles to live with his aunt and uncle after getting into some trouble back home.

The sitcom showcased Smith's affable personality, and became a huge hit that went on for six seasons. Although, Season 4 was extra super thanks to one of the world's biggest supermodels — Tyra Banks. The role of Smith's ex-girlfriend from Philly was Banks's first acting gig, and she opened up to Yahoo Entertainment about the audition that had her 'feeling so dumb. Primetime Emmy Awards Predictions. Stay informed with our weekly Newsletter. Asking for major labels to adapt their royalty portals is for everyone, especially those unable to afford a team.

The music business is new now. You sign to a major, you put your songs in a huge pot of titles they use to negotiate with. We create their value in getting our songs to earn us sales, but also equity. Removing things like [label-wide licenses] is just me pointing out the old deals cannot just [change] by adding the word "streaming" in the sales section. The business changed. If we contribute to that power, we get paid. Every single record involved in helping get an equity play over the line is a shareholder in the equity it gained.

Small, large, makes no difference. Break the model. The music industry is very different from a decade ago, or five decades ago. Are your proposals about the new opportunities for artists, or could they have applied through history?

You have to adapt. And yet we are tied to a contract formula for vinyl. We can be nostalgic and respectful of those times but we must look at how we create in this new world, and how we make money in this world. Or he or she feels completely frustrated or confused about the business?

Jan 04,  · Extra Exclusive Interview: Jayda Coleman On Making the USA Softball Jr. National Team. January 4, [ad_1] Jayda Coleman hustling towards first during the Jr. National Team Tryout. She reached base in 8-of at-bats. Photos in this article provided by .

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  1. Extra's Exclusive Interview with Rachel Uchitel. Rachel Uchitel opens up exclusively to Extra's Mario Lopez. #AsSeenOnExtra #RachelUchitel #MarioLopez. Around the Web. Latest Videos.
  2. Extra Exclusive Interview: Jayda Coleman On Making the USA Softball Jr. National Team. Charla Echols, Jayda Coleman, Kevin Shelton, Macy Simmons, Texas Glory, USA Softball, USA Softball Jr. National Team. January 3, Jayda Coleman hustling towards first during the Jr. National Team Tryout. She reached base in 8-of at-bats.
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  6. Ed Wood Extra! "Exclusive Interview with Hollywood Director Edward D. Wood, Jr." by Baron Von Brenner () Baron Von Brenenr wrote abut Ed Wood in a issue of Psychic Review.
  7. Apr 27,  · EXTRA! EXTRA! Exclusive Interview with MISSING FOOD INVESTIGATOR, DETECTIVE WILCOX (and a GIVEAWAY!) Posted on April 27, by Laura Sassi. In a prime time blog first, I, Laura Sassi, get the inside scoop on the MFIs from the Number 2 police mouse on the force, Detective Wilcox. If you haven’t met Detective Wilcox, he’s part of the.
  8. Extra has the hottest celebrity and entertainment news, photos, gossip, scandals, videos, games, music, movies, television, star sightings and more!
  9. 10 hours ago · In an exclusive interview with Billboard, West elaborated on his feelings about recording contracts, as well as his efforts to reform the way the music business structures them. At West’s.

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