Dopeman (2) És Kicsi Dope - Én És A Kisöcsém (CD)

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Szevasztok parasztok! Majka szer jobb! Dopeman a legjobb,mindenki tudja,Dopeman a legjobb,mindenki mondja! Karaly Majka meg egy kis geci,buzi!!!

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Kuhn Wagner - A. Woodrow, E. Oh, no. Don't throw your hand If you feel like you're alone, no, no, no, you are not alone If you're on your own in this life, the days and nights are long, When you think you've had too much of this life to hang on Well, everybody hurts sometimes, Everybody cries. And everybody hurts sometimes And everybody hurts sometimes. So, hold on, hold on Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on Everybody hurts.

You are not alone. Roll up in the club and shit is that right? So much trouble in the world, nigga Can't nobody feel your pain The world's changin everyday, times moving faaast My girl said I need a raise, how long will she last? I'm caught between my woman, and my pistol, and my chips Triple beam, got some smokers on, whistle as I dip I'm lost in the land with no plan, livin life flawless Crime boss, contraband, let me toss this Needy hookers got a lot of nerve, let my bucket swerve I'm takin off from the curb The nervousness neglect make me pack a tec Devoted to servin this, Moet and paaayyy-checks Like Akai satellite nigga I'm forever ballin It ain't right parasites triggers and fleas crawlin Sucker duck and get busted, no emotion My devotion is handlin my business nigga keep on coastin Where you goin I been there came back as lonely homie Steady flowin against the grain niggaz STILL don't know me It's about the money in this rap shit, this crap shit It ain't funny niggaz don't even know how to act - shit!

What can I do, what can I say, is there another way? Blunts and gin all day, twenty-fo' parlay My little homie G, can't you see, I'm busta free Niggaz can't stand me - all eyes on me! Come on let's picture the possibility Givin me charges, lawyers makin a grip I told the judge I was raised wrong, and that's why I blaze shit Was hyper as a kid, cold as a teenager On my mobile callin big shots on the scene major Packing hundreds in my drawers; fuck the law Bitches I fuck with a passion, I'm livin rough and raw Catchin cases at a fast rate, ballin in the fast lane Hustle til the mornin, never stopped until the cash came Live my life as a thug nigga, until the day I die Live my life as a boss playa, cause even gettin high these niggaz got me tossin shit I put the top down, now it's time to floss my shit Keep your head up nigga, make these motherfuckers suffer Up in the Benz burnin rubber The money is mandatory, the hoes is fully strapped This criminal lifestyle, equipped with the bulletproof vest Make sure your eyes is on the meal ticket Get your money motherfucker let's get rich and we'll kick it All eyes on me!

Nigga walk up in this motherfucker and it be like ''bing! I'm walkin around with some ki's in my pocket or somethin? Bad Boy killers take money You know who the realest is niggaz take money We bring it to you take money [Verse One: Tupac] First off, fuck your bitch and the click you claim Westside when we ride come equipped with game You claim to be a player but I fucked your wife We bust on Bad Boy niggaz fucked for life Plus Puffy tryin ta see me weak hearts I rip Biggie Smalls and Junior M.

I'm a self made millionare Thug Livin out a prison, pistols in the air, haha Biggie, remember when I used to let you sleep on the couch and beg a bitch to let you sleep in the house, hah Now its all about Versacci, you copied my style Five shots couldn't drop me, I took it and smiled Now I'm bout to set the record straight, with my AK I'm still the thug that you love to hate Motherfucker, I hit 'em up [Verse Four: Khadafi] I'm from N-E-W Jerz, where plenty murders occurs No points in common, we bringin drama to all you herbs Knuckle check the scenario, Lil' Cease I bring you fake G's to your knees, coppin pleas you Degenario Lil Kim, is you coked up, or doped up?

Get ya lil' Jr. I take money, crash and mash through Brooklyn with my click lootin, shootin and pollutin ya block with 15 shots cock glock to your knot Outlaw mafia click movin up another notch And your box top spots get mopped and dropped and all your fake-ass East coast props brainstormed and locked [Verse Five: E. Amin] Youse a, beat biter, a 'Pac style taker I'll tell you to ya face you ain't shit but a faker Softer than Alize with a chaser Bout to get murdered for the paper Edi Amin approach the scene of the caper, like a loc With Lil' Ceaser in a choke, huh totin smoke We ain't no motherfuckin joke Thug Life niggaz better be knowin We approchin, in the wide open, guns smokin No need for hopin it's a battle lost, I got 'em crossed As soon as the funk was poppin off, nigga I hit 'em up [Outro: Tupac] Now you tell me who won?

I see them, they run Hehehehe, they don't wanna see us Whole Junior M. You little young-ass motherfuckers Don't one of you niggaz got sickle cell or somethin?

You fuckin with me nigga you fuck around and have a seizure or a heart-attack You better back the fuck up, 'fore you get smacked the fuck up That's how we do it on our side Any of you niggaz from New York that wanna bring it bring it But we ain't singin, we bringin drama Fuck you and your motherfuckin mama We gon' kill all you motherfuckers Now when I came out I told you it was just about Biggie Then everybody had to open they mouth with a motherfuckin opinion Well this how we gon' do this Fuck Mobb Deep, Fuck Biggie, Fuck Bad Boy as a staff record label and as a motherfuckin crew And if you wanna be down with Bad Boy; then fuck you too Chino XL, fuck you too All you motherfuckers, fuck you too take money take money Alla y'all motherfuckers, fuck you die slow motherfucker My fo'-fo' make sure all y'all kids don't grow You motherfuckers can't be us or see us We the motherfuckin Thug Life ridahs Westside till we die!

I came along, I wrote a song for you, And all the things you do, And it was called Yellow. So then I took my turn, Oh what a thing to have done, And it was all Yellow. Your skin Oh yeah, your skin and bones, Turn into something beautiful, You know, you know I love you so, You know I love you so. I swam across, I jumped across for you, Oh what a thing to do. Hit Mix Irene Cara - What A Feeling. Jamelia - Superstar. James Blunt - Alright Tonight. James Blunt - Tears And Rain.

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És mielőtt azt mondanád, hogy a Kicsi Dope tahó. Te vagy a tapló, mert azt hiszed bratyó, Hogy ebben az országban mindenki vak és hülye. Talán ezért vezet műsort a Harsányi Levente. És sztár lehetsz már attól, ha TV-ben kefélnek. De vannak még páran, akiket ez nem lep meg bazdmeg. Ref. Dopeman a nevem a kurva anyádat.

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  1. Dopeman (2) És Kicsi Dope - Én És A Kisöcsém ‎ (CD, Maxi) Magneoton: mTon Hungary: Sell This Version: 1 – 20 of Show. Reviews Add Review. .
  2. 20 – Dopeman (2) És Kicsi Dope: Én És A Kisöcsém Music By, Lyrics By – Pityinger László: 21 – Spy The Ghost: Spyhouse Is My House Written-By – Erős Attila, Mózsi Tamás, Spiegelhalter László: 22 – Varga Zsuzsa: A Lányok Másra Várnak Written .
  3. /Dopeman feat. Kicsi dope & Mc Ducky/ Refrén: Én és a kisöcsém randalírozunk kettecskén, Meg is jegyzik a csapatot, Dopeman volt itt és a haverok. Én és a kisöcsém randalírozunk kettecskén, Le is hozzák az újságok, hogy Dopeman és a haverok. Ezt tették, meg azt tették és különben is mit? Ők műsoroznak, itt hol késik.
  4. A politikai-gazdasági helyzet és az ország "elorbánosodása" miatt Dopeman és állandó zenésztársa, KicsiDope is a kivándorlás mellett döntött. A két zenész ezt a Facebookra feltöltött videóban üzente meg az érdeklődő közvéleménynek. Azt mondják, hogy ellenzéki szerepvállalásuk miatt bezárultak előttük a.
  5. Mobil-csengő weboldal - ingyen mobil csengőhangok - ingyen mp3 csengőhangok - ingyen polifónikus csengőhangok letöltése. A Mobil-csengőhang oldala eljuttatja Nektek az ingyenes csengőhangokat, ingyen sms-küldő oldalakat, a legfrissebb mobil híreket és mobil információkat.
  6. Én és a kisöcsém randalírozunk kettecskén, Meg is jegyzik a csapatot, Dopeman volt itt és a haverok. Én és a kisöcsém randalírozunk kettecskén, Le is húzzák az újságot, hogy Dopeman és a haverok. Kicsi Dope: Betették a lábuk a rendezvényre,meg is fagyott minden műanyag véreb.
  7. Én és a kisöcsém Randalirozunk kettecskén Meg is jegyzik a csapatot Dopeman volt itt és a haverok. Én és a kisöcsém Randalirozunk kettecskén Le is hozzák az újságok Hogy Dopeman és a haverok. Ezt tették meg azt tették És különben is miért Ők műsoroznak itt hol késik már a nulla hét Mert mi vagyunk neked a gengszterek.
  8. Jun 15,  · DopeMan és Kicsi Dope Halason járt (Halas Tv - Pont - ) Halasmédia - HalasTv. DopeMan & KicsiDope-Én És A Kisöcsém - Duration: mrPityinger , views.

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