Chitta-Chatta - S.R. Woodward - Home Demonstrations (Cassette, Album)

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Poland, Writer 3 Cl. II Ecyim and Sudan cktlt'd ruvc-rsc, no c lasp W. Webber, Engrs. Purse, 2nd Capt. M'top, H. Jeffery, Shipwt. Cbilds, Carpr. Appointed to the rate of Carpenter, R. Euphrates during the Egypt operations of and was pensioned ashore in October Childs died at his residence in Portsmouth in April Ardella, Cap.

Bugg, Cap. Pudifoot, Boy 1 Cl. Walker, W. Taylor, Ch. Burrow, Butcher's Asst. Baker, Admis. Cook, H. In his subsequent career of some 20 years, his sole experience of active service was as a Domestic 1 st Class - and more specifically as cook to Vice-Admiral Sir William Dowell, K. Minotaur during the Egypt operations of , an exacting role that undoubtedly ran the risk of the occasional broadside. Baker, who was also awarded the L.

Medal in April , was pensioned ashore in May Ball, Sk. Rouse, Armr. Hamden, G. Mattocks, Tailor, H. Searle, Shoemr. Bennett, Stokr. Ford, Armrs. Crew, H. Callaway, Ch. Harris, Carps. Mate, H. May, Sailmaker's Mate, H. Simmonds, B'smith's [Mte. Rowland, Saiimkr. Costick, Capt. Mast, H. English, Sh. Pach, W. Condor contact marks and edge bruising, about very fine luly W. Johns, Ag.

Greenyer, Carps. Davies, Caulks. Berry, Sign. Lipscombe, Coxn. Joining I I. Brown, Sh. Euryalus hen! Hobbs, Skd. Dear, W. Seahorse 'Svi. Abbott, 2nd Cap. F'cle, H. A Leading Seaman aboard H. Monarch by the time of his participation in the Egypt operations of , including the bombardment of Alexandria and Tel-el-Kebir, he was awarded his L. Medal in August Langham, Comdrs. Woodward, Capt. Top, H. Carysfort in the Egypt operations of , and was landed from her for service in the Naval Brigade in the Suakin operations of , his verified entitlement to the "El-Teb" clasp being one of approximately 40 to Carysfort's crew.

Woodward, who was pensioned ashore as a Captain of the Hold in August , was not awarded the L. Medal on account of being deprived of several Good Conduct Badges. Wilson, A. Only 7 clasps for Tofrek issued to the Condor. Minotaur in the Egypt operations of , and again, on transferring to the Condor, with the Naval Brigade in the Suakin and Tofrek operations of Wilson, who was not awarded the L. Medal, was pensioned ashore as an Able Seaman in July Hamer, Armr.

Joining H. Hecta as an Armourer in May , he went on to witness active service in the Egypt operations of , including the bombardment of Alexandria, and afterwards in the Suakin operations of , when he went ashore with the Naval Brigade and was present at the Battles of El-Teb and Tamaai. Returning home to an appointment at Vernon, he was advanced to Torpedo Artificer in May , but in December of the following year obtained a 'free discharge for the purpose of entering the service of the Chinese Government.

Penelope light contact marks, very fine and rare J. Just eight Medals with the above described clasp combination were awarded to the R. He subsequently witnessed active service during his commission aboard H. Penelope from April until January , being present at the bombardment of Alexandria, and again, having transferred to the Sphinx, with the Naval Brigade in the Suakin operations of and Mitchell, who was not awarded the L.

Medal, was pensioned ashore as a Chief Cook in December Streater, Ldg. Stoker, H. Musa Ismail, Interpr. Camilleri, Captns. Miller, Butcher, H. Attrill, S. Williams, Caulker, H. Appointed a Caulker's Mate in H.

London, the harbour store ship at Zanzibar in February , he went on to witness active service in the Egypt operations of , in the Serapis. Williams was pensioned ashore in March Connolly, Actg. Rennolls, Captns. The Nile H. Dimery, Captn. He subsequently witnessed active service in Egypt, having been detached from H. Monarch to the Nile Elotilla for the period , and was awarded the L. Medal in February while serving as a Boatman in H. Coast Guard. Dimery was finally pensioned ashore as a Commissioned Boatman in November and, although briefly recalled in August as a member of the Royal Fleet Resewe, was immediately discharged as medically unfit.

Garner, Lamptr. Humber who were landed for service in the Naval Brigade. Penny, Plumber, H. Kinsman, Sh. Starling for service in the Naval Brigade in the Suakin operations of Gribbell, Bosn's Mte.

Ainscough, Ord. Swallow, and other ships, during the Witu August operations, he became one of 35 men from his ship to earn the appropriate Medal and clasp. He did not, however, witness further active service until ihe Great War - having been pensioned ashore as a Petty Officer 1st Class in March , he was recalled from the Royal Fleet Reserve on the outbreak of hostilities in August - when he joined the newly commissioned battleship Victorious.

Ainscough was once more pensioned ashore in February Lockyer, Bur. Deighton, R. Appointed a Gunner, R. Deighton, who was commissioned as a Lieutenant in April , was jiacetl on the Retired List in August and was promoted to Lieutenant-Commander Retired in April He tiled in Sefjtember , aged 73 years. Woodcock, Lg. Nocentini, Bandmr. Endymion in une , and subsequently witnessed active service off China during the Boxer Rebellion, This would appear to have been his only service and he was discharged ashore from Pembroke I in May Relief of Pekin G.

Allen, Band. Appointed a Band Corporal in February , while serving aboard H. Orlando, he witnessed active service in China in the following year, as part of the Naval Brigade landed for the relief of Pekin operations. Allen, who transferred to the Royal Marine Band in lanuary , is known to have received the L.

Medal in May and would, of course, have qualified fora minimum entitlement of a British War Medal during the Great War. Relief of Pekin J. Crout, Bandn. Pengelly, PIbrs. Milazzo, Sh Philomel good very fine. List, R. In the first week of March , conscious of this shortcoming, the Admiralty approved the appointment of 31 Temporary Surgeon Lieutenants Dental to the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, List among them, and by the end of the War there were around 90 officers serving in a similar capacity.

He subsequently entered private practice in London, being variously based at such well-known "medical addresses" as Portland Place, Cavendish Place and Harley Street, and was still operating in the early s at Charterhouse Square in the city. Martin, TIr. Fisher, R. Gamble, P. Sadler, Wmn. Cook, R. II, R. Layton, Ord. Hoy, Boy Tel. Earl, L. Lydon, M. Wilkinson, DB, H. As the 'sole regular bearer of the White Ensign south of the Ec uator', the Endurance represented the only visible trace of British interests in the Falkland Islands being taken seriously, so when news was received that she was to be withdrawn and scrapped, Captain Barker took up the offensive with Whitehall, Fortuitously for British interests, he won a reprieve, and, as a consequence, his ship and his crew were able to play a crucial part in ihe capture of South Georgia and at the retaking of the outlying dependency of South Thule, and in an associated S.

Barker, 'who harl a swashbuckling disregard of rules and regulations which was bound to annoy bureaucrats', paid a heavy price for his intuitive and d. F:c ually upsetting was the fac:t that his C.

As he later remarked, on hearing that a formal Falklands inquiry was to Ire established, "Most of those who might be found culpable for the invasion having taken placel have been knighted, promoted or decorated - or all three," www.

Leonard, Captain of Forecastle, H. William Leonard a. In his subsequent career of 35 years, he won entitlement to the Naval General Service 1 with clasps for "Java" and "Navarino", the former for services as a Boy 2nd Class in H. Bucephalus and the latter as a Captain's Coxswain in the Cambrian.

However, as verified by extensive accompanying research, one of the most dramatic moments of his career occurred on 23 June , when his ship, the Drake, was shipwrecked off Newfoundland with the loss of one third of her crew. In a letter to the Admiralty, a senior surviving crew member.

Gunner Thomas Elgar, wrote: 'At half past seven o'clock the land was observed with heavy breakers ahead - immediately we hauled our wind, but not being enabled to clear the danger on that tack, attempted to stay the vessel, but from the heavy sea her stern took the breakers, and immediately fell broadside on the rocks, where the sea beat completely over her.

The masts were cut away with a view to lightening the vessel, as well as affording a bridge to save the crew, but without success in either point. In a few moments she bilged and there did not appear the slightest prospect of saving a man. The cutter was launched over the lee gangway but sunk, immediately a man attempted with the deep sea leadline to swim on shore but the current setting so strong to the N.

The only hope remained in the gig the jolly boat having been washed away and she was launched from the forecastle [Leonard's domain with the Boatswain when fortunately a heavy surf washed her upon a rock not communicating with the Main, and she was dashed to pieces but the Boatswain succeeded in scrambling to the top of the rock with about seven fathoms of line, the rest having been carried away with the wreck of the fore and main masts.

The forecastle, hitherto the only sheltered part of the vessel, was now abandoned for the poop, and all hope of saving the vessel being gone it was deemed advisable to quit her.

The people severally stepped from the poop upon the rock except for a few who endeavoured to swim on shore - most of whom perished.

Captain Baker after seeing the whole crew safe on the rock followed himself, but it was now found that the rock was insulated, and the tide making would cover it. The Boatswain observing this swam with a small line and fortunately reached the Main and coming opposite the rock on which we landed, threw the line across, by which the greater part of the people succeeded in crossing, which would otherwise have been impossible.

Captain Baker, not withstanding that he was repeatedly solicited to cross, resolutely refused alledging till every soul was safe he could not think of it. Shortly after, the line, from a heavy sea was washed away, and in consequence of the surf and darkness of the night it was quite impossible to obtain another. Every rnstant the water continued to rise, when the officers and ship's company used every endeavour, by tying their handkerchiefs together, to make another holdfast but that proving too weak it was found impracticable, and we were reluctantly compelled to abandon them to their fate.

At daylight when we visited the beach there was not the slightest trace of these unfortunate sufferers All the survivors were duly acquitted, and Leonard received from the examining o icers great approbation for his zeal and gallantry in saving the lives of his shipmates,' A few days later, on behalf of the Petty Officers and ratings of the Drake, Leonard wrote a letter to an old Lieutenant of the same ship - 'in a truly seamanlike style' - requesting that a memorial be erected to mark the bravery of their late skipper.

Captain Charles Baker, R. And by the end of the same month, Leonard's suggestion had found favour, so much so that today the resultant memorial tablet may be seen at St. Anne's Church in H. William Mandel continues his autobiography. Hosted by John Gullak. Host: Patrice Story. Not a reading, but where else to schedule this fascinating autobiographical conversation by the great actor.

The English stage comes to life in the remembrances and anecdotes of its foremost artist. John's Cafe More eclecticism in this popular summer replacement program with Dr. John Hester. Guests listed in today's Chronicle radio listings. At , KPF B, Who knows what low-down blues and crazy jive lie hidden in the hearts of men, women and their record collections? Your host up to a point the black shadow. This month's 4 am complete albums are not scheduled in advance, leaving still more oppor- tunities for serendipitous interventions from the laws of synchronicity.

Wilderness A play by Eugene O'Neill. That's the way I would have liked my boyhood to have been. Wilderness, which takes place on July 4th and 5th, Nat Miller played by George M.

Each week, storytellers and musicians will come into our studios to entertain children of all ages. This week, we air two highly requested tapes — "Tubby The Tuba" and a segment from Peter Alsop's visit to our studios in February. Executive Producer: Rana Lee. World Beat is a new move- ment in dance music that reflects the diversity of the world's peoples' cultures and joyously celebrates our common ground.

These multi- racial bands ignore the borders on maps, and play music influenced by African JuJu, Salsa, Reggae, Funk, Rap-scratch, rock, you name it. This extended ver- sion includes Bay Area musicians as guests and some of America's favorite music, past and present. Two hours of jazz, blues, rock, and whatever else they feel like. The Weatherman predicts hazy reception with patches.

We'll hear Jay's music, such as Black Shirts are Back and Weekend o' Death, plus his favorite Abba and avant and post- avant twisted eclecticism. Plus singles from Germany. Barnum, Kris notes that there's a lollipop born every min- ute.

Currently he is on the scientific staff of the Institute of Sonology at Utrecht University and guest lecturer at the Amsterdam Film Academy. His works to be played today, based on ambient sounds recorded at the sites in the titles utilize various forms of electronic processing while retaining the imaginary travelogue narrative so appropriate to radio.

The conclusion to this remarkable autobio- graphical discussion by England's foremost actor. Angeles Arrien, teacher of Transpersonal Psychology and an- thropologist specializing in cross-cultural myths, symbols and rituals, is joined by Rachel Margolin, who has integrated her study of spiritual and healing disciplines with a back- ground in myth, ritual and theatre to direct tours to many of the world's sacred sites.

To- gether they explore the enduring capacity Of Egyptian myths, symbols and structures to support us, even in our time, through major life transformations — the universal rites of passage that include birth, initiation, marriage and death. Host: Will N off ke. Engineer: Dr. El programa de comu- nicacion que es un puente de integracion donde el publico se espresa atravez de la via telefonica marcando Producido por Guillenmo Ramiro. Monthly re- view in English of news and events coming directly from Indian sources in South and Central America.

Traditional music, commen- tary on issues, and interviews. In his teens. Smiley ran away to New Orleans where he was raised by a white family. Later Lewis formed a trio with himself on guitar and played the beer joins to Rampart Street. By '43, most of the group was inducted into the army. As sole supporter of a growing family, Lewis found himself exempt from service, so he returned to hustling in the streets.

It was not long before Lewis and "Tuts" had formed a blues trio and were playing all the clubs in the French Quarter. He would sing at these en- gagements without a microphone. The trio's popularity was such that in David Braun signed them to his DeLuxe label. Their first single sold poorly outside of Nola.

As a result, their second was never released. San Francisco. Meet at the Polo Fields. S8-S pre-registered runners. SS20 race day registration. Sliding scale. On race day between 7 00 and AM at the Polo Fields. T-Shlrts: Free to all runners. Prizes to top three winners in each division. Divisions: 12 and under. Wheelchair racers.

Organizations call for more Info , reservation. Souvenir Programs: With results, mailed after race. Legendary Saloon Pianists. Fred Arredondo, M. Patricia Alvarado, F. Earn a B. Degree in Humanities Join us. Herbology, Nutrition.

Physiological Psychology. Acupressure, Hypnosis. Exercised Physical I uncss. It became a strong regional seller. Next came a string of not-so-successful sides for Imperial and the Colony subsidiary. Lewis' first hit of national status was "The Bells are Ringing" issued in Then followed an impressive string of regional hits, culminating in his biggest chart success — " I Hear You Knocking," issued in This idiotic idolatry irradiates its irrevo- cable irreverence irregardless of interference.

Bud gives our usual phone number for call-ins but don't call today. This is a repeat and there will be no one answering your call.

Produced by Susan Elisabeth. Few books published by an alternative press make it into the mainstream bookhouses. Lesbian Nuns broke all sale records for such a book in its first month in the stores. Editors Rosemary Curb and Nancy Manahan join Reyna Cowan for a provocative interview on the Catholic Church, the haven of the Cloister, why women choose to be nuns, how these women re- solved their deep feelings for women and main- tained their religious beliefs, and how feminist women deal or have dealt with this very patriarchal religion.

Like many women workers who have entered previously all-male institutions, women college teachers experience painful isolation. Still rare in academia, women professors must constant- ly defend the study of women's issues, a task further complicated by the pressures of race and class.

Speakers include Dr. Julianne Maxveaux and Valerie Miner. Produced by Corless Smith and Claire Reinelt. Call-ins, interviews, features. British coal miners' leader Arthur Scargill. A look at the coal strike and at Prime Minister Maggie. Thatcher, Sunday, July 7, pm. Thousands of women, most from the Philippines, have gone abroad to marry western men.

They are received with open arms while businesses are sprouting which help nurture these romances. This program explores the controversial issue of Asian mail order brides.

Phone-ins Produced by Maricel Pagulayan. At , Calendar of Upcoming Events. Produced by Doug Edwards. They will endeavor to slip your synapses be- yond the gravity guarded gates of earthbound radio. Sun Ra has intoned. And as should be obvious, the Q-Cats agree. Awake Bach, baroque music and political comments with Bill Sokol. Tech- niques of psychotherapy seem to suffer from an almost deliberate avoidance of metaphysics; that is, consideration of basic problems about the nature of man and the world and of the "good life.

First of four parts. Charter Comments on "No New Genesis. Tom Parkinson, professor of English on the U. John's College at Oxford, where he observed such cul- tural events as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher refused an honorary degree because of her government's non-support of the sci- ences.

And the coal strike. It is a home movie for radio in which the listener moves through an acoustical maze of rooms, guided by an invisi- ble camera offering interior close-ups of an unusual assortment of inhabitants. The House is constructed from the dreams, confessions, lullabies and most intimate monologues of the various residents. Here, Home is where the photograph of a dead sweetheart sits on a bureau, her story told in a collage of memories; where the bathroom mirror, smeared by red slashes of lipstick, is but one of the windows with a view.

A concert of Renais- sance music and songs including three short early American pieces. The Singers are directed by Doris Egg. Also, selected discs from the archives of KFCF to complete the program.

Hosted by Alexander. The 85th anniversary of the birth of com- poser George Antheil is celebrated on 'Ode to Gravity' Monday July 8, pm. Do you know where the D. If we're lucky, she's not oversleeping, like the rest of you. Hosted by Monet Holmquist. Ok, Marci? Now can you tell me where you've hidden my mother? Parisian compo- ser Mark Battier brings his historical collection of electronic, electro-acoustic and musique con- crete pieces. This program focuses on the output of the Paris Radio Studio, which began in and continues on today.

Many of these pieces are unavailable commercially, and have never been heard on North American radio, though they represent the work of some of Europe's foremost composers. Hosted by Russ Jennings.

Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid, author of the recently acclaimed collection of stories. At The Bottom of the River. The writer tells, with compelling beauty, humor and poignancy, of Annie John's rebellious passage from childhood to adolescence on the island of Antigua in the West Indies.

First of three readings by Henrietta Harris. Dope, sex, and rock-and-roll not necessarily in that or- der would produce the new person. Instant change: a 'parallel universe' of free newspapers, free music, free dope sprang into existence al- most over night, centering at first in San Fran- cisco's Haight Ashbury district.

Not everything was mindless hippism, however. San Francisco Good Times chronicles the growing pains of one counter-cultural institu- tion, an alternative newspaper. Across the continent, East Coast Flower Children faced a harder-edged reality on their concrete streets. Headlines at ; Radio Venceremos at Short features: The Movies with Michael Goodwin. The Theatre with Robert Hurwitt. Mark Gibson: "How to give presentations.

For the second year the main offices in Building A will house one of the many juried exhibits thai comprise the satellite portion of this showcase of the arts. This year the jury was composed of representatives from the resi- dent galleries, museums, and art schools at the Center. The fifteen paintings and mixed-media pieces, which were selected from a total of submissions, will be on display Monday through Saturday, from 9am to 5pm, beginning July 15 and ending August 2.

A Vietnamese journey to the U. NO: magazines or phone books please. Mason Downtown Info. Must pre-reg. Editors and art directors will be on hand to meet freelance writers and photog- raphers. Style sheets and sample copies of publications will be available, as well as refreshments. There will be a panel presenta- tion featuring editors and freelancers from 8 to 9pm. The first hour of the Fair will be a preview for members of Media Alliance and Friends of the Fort you may join at the door.

For information, call Ushar- budh Arya, Ph. Open to the public. Titles include everything from Art to Zoology. Panel presentation. Ramps and elevators are available. Offices are open Monday-Saturday from 9am-5pm. Call Song evaluation workshop. Sample of games, exercises, theater games. Beginners or review. Scenes I. Some scholarships available. Students will have the opportunity to view videotapes of their movement exercises.

Individual attention to each child's develop- ment, ages Herbert Hoover Middle School We invite you to bring your conferences, classes, performances, meetings or benefits to Fort Mason. Space for suitable activities is available for a nominal daily or hourly fee.

En oy the pleasure of teaching, working, or performing in this unusual national park location. Call for booking appointments and information. A meteor strike leaves a spaceship with little oxygen. Aging outlaws become involved with Mexican revolutionaries. An attorney sets up shop in the back of a topless bar. Homesick Heidi longs to be reunited with her grandfather. An account of the training of America's first astronauts. The Cleveland Indians return for another pennant race. An evil 12th-century wizard is freed in modern Chicago.

The mercury is rising. The Tigers may even win a game. As usual, there are lots of things to do and lots of places to go. Keep this list around, and pull it out when the options seem particularly over whelming. Ellen Barkin also stars. This so-called Galapalooza showcases some of the finest female voices in pop music today. More acts are being added as you read this.

Ticket sales TBA. Our own backwoods, foot-stomping, international garage band, the pride of Flint, kicks off their newly minted reunion with a brief tour this summer followed New Center Area Council The Michigan TasteFest brings hot food and cool music to the New Center July Your mission, filmgoer - should you choose to believe the hype - is to head to a movie mall and enjoy this throwback thriller that stars Tom Cruise as the team leader.

Harmonie Garden Cafe, the restaurant in the squatty building on Woodward dwarfed by its flashy neighbors, the Gem, State and Fox theatres, seats just a few more than It simply proves people prefer good food to silly gimmicks.

Proprietor Taher Jaber toned down the decor and tuned up the menu when he took over the spot three months ago. The plates and utensils are throwaways, the ambiance is strictly diner style, the service as much self as otherwise. In fact, it pays to take the initiative during a busy lunch hour by doing as much for yourself as possible, starting with putting in your order at the counter even before sitting down. Hardly anyone complains about such lapses, though, because not only is the food very good, it is very cheap - not inexpensive, cheap.

Harmonie Garden Cafe opens at 7 a. There are, of course, more mainstream selections, including omelets, bacon and eggs, and pancakes, all in that same lovably low price range. Harmonie Garden Cafe, Woodward, Detroit, is open 7 a. Monday-Thursday, 7 a. Closed Sunday. Phone: Enough already What a terrific opportunity for people who love to learn more about food and wine from professionals.

The event, on the grounds of the Orchard Ridge cam pus, goes from champagne brunch at 9 a. Tickets: Over perfor mances and events are slated this year, including shows by Stanley Turrentine, the Carla Bley Big Band, Jimmy Witherspoon and more national headliners. Free, but you must call for tickets; The world literally comes to the Detroit water front for this annual fete. Six per formances at two houses of worship in Bloomfield Hills and a special fam ily concert at the Detroit Zoo.

Fashion judges will decide if Bob Costas tops the succession of suits Bryant Gumbel trotted out in Seoul. Cablecast from p. June 3, 10 and 17, respec tively, and aired in its entirety from p. June A wickedly entertain ing Stephen Sondheim musical about Continued on next page.

There is something that happens when you put on a mask. Everything just changes physically when you put them on. The issues are real in their lives but the play is still fun.

Music: Madball with DFL, p. Spacehog, 8 p. Cracker with Sparklehorse, 8 p. That Jive, 9 p. Boy Racer, Chore and Monophonic , 9 p. Eddie Money, 7 p. Stephen Grant Wood, 9 p. Mark Whitfield, 8 p. May 26, Detroit Institute of Arts, free Tim McGraw with Faith Hill, 7 p.

May 31, Pine Knob. Art: Greektown Art Fair, noon-5 today Civil War Remembrance, Sat. Gospel Music New Artist Inc. On sale at noon today Smashing Pumpkins and Garbage, June 29 at the Palace. Dick Dale, May 31 at the Majestic. Stir, June 8 at the Shelter. Hayden, June 8 at 7th House. Hepcat and Mustard Plug, June 10 at the Shelter. Life of Agony, June 14 at St. Moxy Fruvous, June 17 at 7th House. Jars of Clay, July 3 at St. White Zombie, Pantera and the Deftones, Aug.

Everclear, July 11 at Pine Knob. Ticket sales TBA Specials, June 17 at the Palladium. Jeff Foxworthy, July 26 at Pine Knob. Lynyrd Skynyrd, July 28 at Pine Knob. Robert Cray, July 13 at Meadow Brook. On sale Monday Tickets also available through Ticketmaster, , unless otherwise noted. Jefferson, Detroit Presented by the Heartlande Theatre Co. For buffs, the audi ence can chat over some of the plays with the writer and actors.

The annual orgy of crafts promises to be predictably stupdendous and crowded, with three distinct sections around downtown Ann Arbor and the U-M campus. The trav eling tent, in-your-face circus experience moves to a new location this year. The fare blends down-home fried green tomatoes and chicken and dumplings with sophisticated house-cured gravlax and vegetable strudel.

PG- It takes place in the Mississippi Delta just before the Civil Rights era began. The film mutes the harsher aspects of segregation; it assumes we know that history and wants to show us instead the family ties and community bonds that helped blacks survive. Mostly he addresses the audience through a voice-over narration and hangs around with the more compelling adult characters. Of those, A1 Freeman Jr. This film is so decent-minded that one is tempted to rate it higher than it deserves.

Nevertheless, the story of a large, extended community carrying on down through the years provides an inspirational antidote to the mind less portrayal of African Americans in so many other movies.

Rated PG- Johnny Depp, a misunderstood outsider with a funny hat yet again, plays a meek Cleveland accountant who heads west to take a job offered to him by the Dickinson Metal works. He arrives at the strange and inhuman factory the name should have tipped him off only to find that his job has been taken by somebody else. Spiritual and prac tical assistance are provided to him by a Native-American loner named Nobody, played wonderfully by Gary Farmer.

The film is slow-moving and never really finds a rhythm. The wordplay, though, somehow gets lost amid the blood and cold. Rated R. Alec Baldwin is a hard-nosed - what else? The reasonably good plot takes a boneheaded and bad turn midway through when a central character takes a bloody early exit, and the movie never recovers.

A onetime prosti tute, Solanas saw herself as a radi cal feminist. Her fixation on Warhol stemmed from his failure to take her seriously as a writer. Director Mary Harron wants us to take Solanas more seriously than Warhol did. This movie thus becomes very earnest, tracing Solanas back through her childhood to find the roots of her actions; but the pathetic nature of Solanas over whelms the serious point of view. Elijah Wood makes the initially surly kid easy to take, and Paul Hogan is disarming as his beach bum uncle.

The Sunday Journal brings you the best in Detroit entertainment. It is a plain and sometimes fatal fact that very often food is not found where it is most needed. There is no shortage of whole some and nourishing food in the world. But there is starvation, and while the reasons for that are compli cated and sometimes political, the fundamental truth is that people starve because they need food that is too far away to help them. Moreover, starvation has often been and no doubt will again be used as a tool in warfare.

Recall various sieges - Leningrad in World War II, Vicksburg in the Civil War, as two examples - where the goal of the attacking army was to starve out the resistors. I have been blessed in my life with a world of plenty, and have never once known hunger - the hope less and killing kind. At 52, he is a robust and giant man with ruddy cheeks and kind gray eyes, surpassing six feet and stout about the middle.

Just at the moment, he is on a leave of absence from the company, else I would never have met him. You might have seen Jim Carothers. A good film — and a great price. A commando's guide to success Robin Mather Food to collect gifts of frozen catfish and fresh chicken. He expects soon to head west, to Texas and Arizona, for paper goods like diapers and for fresh produce.

I rode with him on one of those trips. Leaving early enough in the morning that the mists still shrouded the low spots outside the city, and returning well after lunch time, we had lots of time to talk. We both had a pretty good idea who had done that, and why: This strike is, after all, war. We spoke of the good work that Gleaners does, making clean and healthful food available to food banks around the state, and why the Teamsters are glad to be able to assist by trucking supplies for Gleaners.

We talked about all manner of other things, too. Perhaps he sees himself simply as a large man in a big truck, glad to do a job that needs doing. Yet I see that big blue Teamsters semi as a mighty battle charger, fierce and fearless. And Jim Carothers looks like a knight in shining armor to me. Often he combined his love of wine with his love of travel by visiting vineyards throughout Europe.

The page tome was selected in April as the winner of the Veuve Clicquot Wine Book of the Year Competition, edging out 16 other nominated wine books published last year. A panel of seven wine writers from across the country, including this writer, reviewed and voted on the books. Jefferson, of course, was president himself from to and wrote most of the Declaration of Independence.

He had lots of favorite wines, many of which are held in high esteem today. She finds the inherent and contex tual meaning in specific lives and uses it to create fine fiction of lyrical lushness and economy of word. Shifting from first- person reminiscence to third-person narrative, Erdrich ties Mauser and his five wives together in sometimes tragic, sometimes comic, and occasionally highly sensual ways. Amid the dark comedy of the set ting, the four surviving wives develop a common concern for one another, the camaraderie of strangers who discover - despite wide differences in style, class and self-perception - they have the same hobby.

As the women talk, their rancor recedes. In the ebb, Erdrich expands each of the characters while simulta neously fleshing out the image of Mauser.

That is that we are all amalgamations of one sort or another, walking collages in which those we encounter find different aspects on which to focus. And that we, like Mauser, are all capable of endless redemptions and multiple resurrections.

Buy a hiking book or other guide to help move your interest along. Taurus April 21 - May 20 Advice from a loved one is well meant, but it may not be what you need. This is one time when you will have to make your own decision. Gemini May 21 - June 20 Continuing education is important.

Cancer June 21 - July 20 Be sure to check the fine details on an important project. You must present a formida ble front when stating your case. Leo July 21 - Aug. Take some time off. Virgo Aug. Immerse yourself in a new hobby or project. Virgoes must stay busy. Libra Sept. Scorpio Oct 23 - Nov. Cheering up your work place could also help inspire creative thoughts. Sagittarius Nov. Capricorn Dec. You will find it enjoyable learning new and exciting things.

Aquarius Jan. Pisces Feb. It is time to sit down and sort through the muck to find what is most important. Stolnicki, Born July 7, Passed on May 13, Stolnicki was preceded in death by his wife Stephanie. Stolnicki was a District Manager for the Detroit News, retiring after 51 years. He was a Trustee for Teamster local , and a member of the negotiating team.

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האתר מאגד בתוכו מתכונים לכל סוגי המנות הנדרשות בארוחה. ניתן להרכיב ארוחה של מספר מנות או להתייחס לכל מתכון כארוחה בפני עצמה.

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  1. S.R. Woodward - Home Demonstration by Ice Cream For Crow, released 11 November 1. Baby's Got a (Red & Gold) Bag 2. Chowsker 3. Thanks 4 Telling Me The Truth 4. Feeling useless 5. Chitta-Chatta 6. Supersonic Love 7. Colleen the Crow 8. Hide the Fruit 9. Secondary Colors when the bunny chompz Babel Carver Sings! (We Like it)
  2. S. R. Woodward - Home Demonstrations - Cassette Tape - New Album NHC MUSIC supports local musicians, artists, crafty folk, and more, Feed The Music - Not The Corporations / .
  3. Explore releases from the Chit Chat Records label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Chit Chat Records releases.
  4. About. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquipex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.
  5. Comments Admin on September 30th at Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut.
  6. Chitta in Yoga Meditation QUICK EXPLANATION ON CHITTA. Chitta = unconscious storehouse or reservoir of all impressions. It is the function or ability of the mind to store. Chitta = one of the four functions of mind: manas, chitta, ahamkara and buddhi Chitta = sometimes also used as Consciousness, for example in the Yoga Sutras Sat, Chit, Ananda = The realization of the true Self is actually.

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