Back To The Old School - Derek Avari - Chapter 1 (Vinyl)

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If I was there I would come and see you. This solitary copy survived. Back in I asked if anyone has seen one of these promotional padded sleeve editions. A dealer came forward with a copy of the album in what looked like a padded silk frame. If authentic, it would probably be one of the rarest Stones promos. Starr and designer Robin Cruickshank entered a business partnership to design and market steel and glass furniture. The Bopping Elf won. This price is for either test pressing or the labels — not both together.

This press kit launched the first four Apple singles. This price is for rarer sets in matt plastic boxes rather than the more common card ones. These test pressings have OCTO 1 in the run-out groove. He put in fewer hours without Gibbs around to drive everyone into the ground and Jenny throwing every damn case at the MCRT, but Tony still somehow ended up more exhausted than ever.

Only now the strategy seemed to have backfired on him. When the bell rang again, Tony forced himself to cross the room and check the peephole. Agent Morgan was in his hall. When Tony opened the door, Morgan smiled and held up a sealed envelope. Raising his eyebrows, Tony studied Morgan. His smile grew wider. Yep, he was playing Tony and not even trying to be subtle.

It was enough that Tony was curious. Morgan passed Tony and spent a little time walking the living room and checking out the view. You have to disclose that information, and a lot of people do not want to go to sleep ten feet from where someone bled to death.

Morgan nodded slowly. Good for you. Tony felt that same stab of discomfort that showed up every time someone mentioned his promotion. FBI teams are larger, and I was not ready for that responsibility. He wondered if Morgan was telling the truth or if he was saying what he had to in order to get Tony to feel comfortable enough to open up.

But if it was a lie, it was a dumb one. As a fed, Tony could find that information easy enough. I was Chicago PD, and she says that those of us who used to walk a beat have our feet more firmly on the ground. Corrected him. And then Ziva had accused him of exaggerating because Tony only had four years on the job, as if NCIS were the only place investigations took place.

It could be worse, though. Hotch is a lawyer. Tony laughed dully. It was expected after a line like that. Do you want a beer? Morgan whistled. I did four years in Chicago, but that included eighteen months deep undercover. After that, I started taking psyche classes and applying at federal agencies. I might have sent my resume over to NCIS at one point.

How long have you been with them? Tony leaned back and studied Morgan. Do you need anything else to complete your profile? The team leads are on their own unless they want to take a problem all the way up to the director. For a second, Tony considered bluffing.

If he had one person in his life that had shown a fraction of this concern, he might have, but he felt like he was running on melting ice and about to take one hell of a fall into a freezing water.

The man was definitely a profiler, and he knew how to work the emotional angles. Tony gave a mirthless laugh. Morgan put the envelope on the counter close to him, and leaned his elbows on the granite. She has a thing for people who right all the wrongs in the world, and she has your name on that list. Hell, anything Tony said was probably part of the general scuttlebutt already. The top investigators at any agency tended to keep an eye on each other.

Morgan laughed. I will trust him at my six every time, but do not ask him to make a difficult shot. He stopped laughing. Morgan was laughing fondly, that was obvious. He liked his teammates and the stories were a sort of sibling exasperation.

But Tony found his own laughter had a darker edge the second he brought up McGee. She started in October. Yeah, she does have less experience.

What the hell? You guys are the premier team over there. Garcia told me about your fishing expedition and your gut feeling that he had dropped the ball. He did. And if you had ignored your gut, you would have been just as guilty of negligence. Tony opened it and started reading. Renny was innocent. A high-quality forensics software identified areas where the logs had been altered, and Garcia had simply had to go through the code line by line.

Even Tony could have spotted the mismatched dates once the software had dug the information out of the encrypted program and translated it into useable data. Renny had been in Iraq when the money had vanished. And Tony had signed off on the case.

He had put his name down on a report that condemned an innocent man. And since this is on a military base, I need to check up the chain of command. And did you sign off on it? Tony thought about that. I would have then threatened or bullied McGee into finding the evidence. Tony looked at the Renny file and his gut was so tied in knots that it hurt. Morgan sighed. I can only tell you to follow that gut.

It seems to lead you right. If you trust your team, talk to them. You have a good reputation, DiNozzo. You have a way with investigations. Tony looked up. Trying to get Tony to change agencies was a long leap from one botched case.

However, one piece of information would make that a logical jump. Morgan nodded. It looks like the CIA has an active case and has flagged any activity with Benoit, so your director would be sending you into the crossfire between an arms dealer and the CIA. Garcia is sick over the thought of you taking this assignment. He might not ever be as good as Gibbs. This is exhibit A. Abby refused to run the computer work a second time so I took it to another agency and asked them for help.

For a second he stood there like he was going to say something, but Tony turned to the refrigerator. If you need me to have your six, you let me know. If he tried taking on the terrible duo together, he was going to have a war on his hands. The voice on the other end of the phone was annoyed.

Tony took a deep breath to calm his nerves. I was going to invite you to go for a coffee before work. Pick one. Tony hit the disconnect button and took a deep breath. Had he ever talked to a boss like that? Then again, had he ever had a boss who put up with even a fraction of that disrespect? He knew how to confront bad guys, but confronting good guys who were acting like shits was so much harder, especially when he actually liked the shitheads in question.

And speaking of shitheads, McGee came around the corner. McGee was cutting it close this morning, so the place was fairly quiet. People were checking in with teams and starting work, so the coffee shop would be quiet for a short time. Let people get settled, and a second wave would be down for refills. Tony wanted to be done by then. McGee stopped six feet from the coffee shop door. When you want to talk about a real case, come and get me. Tony had to raise his voice, which unfortunately made them the center for too much attention, but Tony had to take charge quickly.

Tony held up the file folder he held. Two secretaries had heard, and both watched them with open curiosity, but when Tony gave them his best imitation of a Gibbs glare, they both took their coffees and left.

Tony was going to need antacids by the truckload before this was over. He was starting to understand why Gibbs cultivated his second-b reputation. Tony finished order his order for coffee before holding the folder out. You pulled in the FBI? So you can prove that someone else found the damn money you were so hot to find?

Christ, Tony, no one expects you to be Gibbs. McGee slammed the file down on the table. Get over this inferiority complex you have, Tony.

Your supervisor has ordered you to read a file with paperwork relating to a case and you will follow that order or you will suffer a very black and white charge of insubordination. McGee stared at Tony, and there was this huge part of Tony that wanted to smile, to say it had all been a joke.

That way Tony would never need to damage his friendship with Tim. However, the alternative was that more suspects like Renny Grant could end up getting railroaded. And if he found out about Renny by accident, that was just one more reason for him to step up to the leadership plate now before something horrible happened.

McGee reached for the folder, a scowl on his face. Tony considered that the team just might be too broken to put back together. When Gibbs came back, and Tony knew he would, Gibbs was going to head slap Tony into the next century. McGee flipped a page, and sat up a little. His gaze darted across the paper and he flipped faster and faster. I should have followed the money. Director Shepard is going to kill me. And that was the perfect example of what was wrong. Tim still saw them as equals: equally competent, equally culpable.

Tony leaned forward. Because I have ten years of experience to your two, I should have done more. Tony kept his tone neutral. It seemed like overkill. We can talk to the director about this together. Tony grimaced. I am the senior supervisory agent whose name is on that report. But that world was gone. Despite that, Tony had to take charge because Morgan had been right about one thing—a failure to fix this was nothing less than negligence. He wanted that more than he wanted to be friends with Tim, and so he braced himself to dish out ugly truth.

That is my mistake. When McGee looked around the room nervously, Tony braced himself for something truly damning. Tony leaned back. Have you even looked in a mirror lately? Only then did Tony speak. Your criticism is duly noted. Tony let the silence continue. There was more to the story, and Tony had more patience than McGee. McGee started fidgeting after three minutes. At six minutes, his neck was red and the blush was deepening on his face.

At eight minutes, he cracked. I thought you were trying to prove you were as good as Gibbs, and another night I probably would have stayed just to make you happy, but I was cutting it close on an important deadline. Supervisory Special Agent DiNozzo calmly and efficiently got the job done, and Very Special Agent Tony would go home and process the fact that Tim had zero respect for his investigative skills later.

Have you filed the correct paperwork with the personnel department? Tony nodded. Also set aside four hours this afternoon to work on SFA paperwork. As of today, you will do all paperwork related to the SFA position or you will use the four hour window to write Director Shepard a letter resigning your promotion so that you have more time for outside projects.

It goes without saying that you need to make sure to file your paperwork with the personnel office before you give the director anything referencing that work. Those four hours this afternoon are non-negotiable. McGee crossed his arms. McGee started to shake his head. First, I will write you up. Refusing to do a task as directed by a supervisor is over the line. Second, there is every chance that Director Shepard will either fire or transfer me when she sees this report.

Tony still felt guilty that Garcia was involved and texting him every two hours to make sure he was safe and not going after arms dealers by himself. At least that was a start. McGee was beginning to understand the depth of the shit they were all swimming in. Her other option is to put me on probation and transfer me to a team that handles less sensitive caseloads.

He talked like Tony needed a mentor, and while Tony would put his investigative skills up against anyone, he was starting to think he might need more support to develop comparable leadership abilities. One day you are going to be one of the best agents in NCIS.

We have to get you up to speed on as much of this as possible before that happens. Our teamwork resulted in a clusterfuck of epic proportions. Did you tell Abby that she should refuse to check your work?

Tony stood and reclaimed the damning file. Tell her that personnel is all over you about screwing up paperwork. Tony held up a hand. Make sure you take notes so you can complete it all without me next month. Between the Anderson case and this, do you have enough work to keep you busy while I deal with the director?

Tony sighed as he studied his probie. McGee nodded mutely and Tony headed out the door. Pictures of the man were set up on the wall of the lab like a shrine. Tony had seen one or two set ups like this one in the homes of serial killers.

Abby whirled around. What are you doing here? Do you have another case? More evidence? My babies are ready, willing, and able to hunt down all doers of evil. Tony had to fight his own instinct to smile back and pretend that everything was okay. Honestly, he probably would have except he now had evidence of his culpability in nearly convicting an innocent man. She gave him a little frown.

You must have closed the Anderson case by now. Tony crossed the room and caught her by the hands. She pulled away and gave him a suspicious look. Abby planted her hands on her hips, which was never a good sign. Abby went from hands on hips to arms crossed. Now stop being annoying. Sometimes things happen. Then he looked over that the shrine to Gibbs plastered over a good quarter of the lab. She rolled her eyes.

I make mistakes sometimes. He had no idea how to be undercover Supervisory Special Agent DiNozzo with her, and if he tried, he was going to hurt her feelings.

Worse, she would emotionally gut him and leave his body out as a warning to future team leads to not fuck with Abby. The woman was like a big teddy bear stuffed with napalm and shrapnel.

Promise to read the whole report before you say one word. She stood up a little straighter and drew a cross over her heart. She might figure it out, so Tony pulled out his phone and started texting while Abby read. He got back a series of symbols, and it took Tony a second to realize they were a narrowed eyed side look via emoji. Clearly Garcia was not impressed with chagrin. She huffed and went back to reading.

Maybe he played the class clown, but he was a damn good investigator. But every word that came out of Tim or Ziva or Abby made him start to question that. He had actually signed off on the Renny case even though his gut had told him something was off. At least she had respect for his abilities. The jury was still out. Tony felt like he was sitting on a bomb and watching the timer tick down.

When Abby turned over the last page, she looked over at him, horror on her face. What are we going to do? Abby clutched the folder to her chest.

You have to channel your inner Gibbs and protect your team. You have to fix this. Rage was a hot poker sinking into his skin and searing his flesh. Abby punched him in the arm. Tony felt something inside break. She was worried about Tim—she wanted Grant freed—but so far she had shown zero interest in him.

You refused to do this work. Worse, you never went to McGee and said, hey, your team lead really wants this computer work done. Maybe you should take a couple of hours and do it. He took a quick step back and slowed his breathing.

Supervisory Special Agent DiNozzo. He had to channel the part. Angry, not remorseful or regretful or even chagrined. Tony chanted that in his head before he answered. Did you or did you not refuse to complete the computer forensics work I requested? Abby pointed her finger at him. We have to figure out how to talk to him about this. Tony rarely got angry, but right now he was using every bit of self-control and every undercover skill he possessed to avoid doing or saying something completely unprofessional.

Abby was telling him that he had no right to even speak to the agents on his own team. Tony might love Abby, but right now he also hated her a little bit. Tony felt like he was putting his soul out on a table to bleed, but Abby rolled her eyes. Director Shepard very well may suspend or demote me. Now stop being so selfish and focus on protecting your team.

We should have Tim go back and use this information to recreate the decrypting. Then we could say that Tim reconsidered your request and found this on his own. Abby punched his arm again, this time harder. This would be more like a replication study, and in a replication study, both sets of data are equally valid. Tony detoured around Abby and picked up the file.

Tony reached the door and turned around. At this meeting, she will rip me a new asshole for being unable to run my own team. She may or may not demote me. She may or may not suspend me. If you want to help him, stay away from him until Director Shepard decides how angry she is. As he left he heard the common refrain that if Gibbs were here things would be different. Tony headed out the door and checked his watch.

He had twenty minutes before he had to speak to the director. By the time he reached the bullpen, Tim was already on the phone, his face bright red. Common gives a great performance as Cassian, a bodyguard who is the rare man who can go toe-to-toe with John Wick and live to tell the tale.

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  8. Nov 30,  · Old School Vol 1 is exactly what it claims to be; a selection of classic tunes and choice tracks from back in the day. After wearing out the grooves myself I recommend that this compilation is the one you should purchase if you want to remember just how great funk used to be (I mean Double Dutch Bus, Atomic Dog, Flashlight, etc) or want an /5().
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